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									                           BDL Appointment Confirmation Form (CDL)
                           If you have any questions, please feel free to call our office at (989) 435-8280
                                             Please email or fax this form to BDL at:
                                                        fax: (989) 435-2164

Test Date:

Test Time:

Location of your test:

Full Name:

Contact phone number:

Driver License number (found on permit):

Expiration date of Permit:

Pre-test Checklist
Please bring a copy of the following documents which will stay with the examiner:

        Driver’s license
        TIP (temporary instruction permit)
        Registration for the truck
        Registration for the trailer (only if testing for a group A)

Vehicle being used for testing (if information available)
Make of vehicle:

Model of vehicle:

Year of vehicle:

Plate number of vehicle:

Weight of vehicle:

Plate number of trailer:

Weight of trailer:

Do you have current insurance and registration (proof to be presented to examiner at test):

Please indicate which license you will be testing for:
         Class A _____
         Class B _____
         Class C _____

Please indicate which endorsements you will be testing for (check all that apply):
         N _____
         P _____
         S _____
         T _____
                                    BDL TESTING & DRIVING SCHOOL
                                     3210 Lang Road P.O. Box 81 Beaverton, MI 48612
                                     989-435-8280   989-386-6550     877-BDL-TEST

                                   AUTO - CDL - CYCLE SKILLS TESTING
Thank you for choosing BDL TESTING

Please read the following information regarding your upcoming Driving Skills Test. If you have any questions or concerns,
please call our office at any of the numbers above.

Test Date: _______________________________                    Your Examiner will be: Bruce / Sue

Test Time: ___________ A.M. ______________ P.M.             *Cancellations MUST be made 24 hrs. in advance
(Please arrive a few minutes prior to your appointment)      to avoid a $50.00 rescheduling fee.

Clare - 750 Industrial Drive. Behind Heintzs Propane.

Midland - 1485 Wackerly (Old 84 Lumber Yard -Next to Hang Time Sports)

Pre-Payment of $120.00 (Class A) $100.00 (Class B) for your test MUST be received a minimum of 2 working days prior to
your test. Payment may be made by check or money order. Make check or money order payable to BDL Testing and send to
the above address. For Credit Card Payments - VISA or MASTERCARD please call our office. If your payment is not
received 2 working days before your test date your test will be cancelled and you will need to reschedule.

1. You must bring a copy of your Driver’s license
2. A copy of your TIP (temporary instruction permit)
3. A copy of your medical form
4. A copy of the registration for the truck
5. A copy of the registration for the trailer (only if you are testing for Class A)
6. Current Proof of Insurance for the vehicle must be available to the examiner.
7. Horn, lights, wipers, washers, mirrors and seatbelts must be in working order.

***Study your Driving Skills Test Study Guide. This guide will answer many questions that you may have regarding what to
expect on the test.

   ________________________________CUT AND SEND WITH PAYMENT__________________________________

I understand and agree that the fee of $120.00 (Class A) or $100.00 (Class B or C) for the Road Skills Test is non-refundable
once the test has begun. Failure of any part of the test, due to equipment or incomplete documents will require a $50.00
rescheduling fee. Failure once the skills test has begun will require a $100.00 (Class A) or $75.00 (Class B or C) retest fee.

Applicants Signature            (Please give to examiner at test)

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