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									A03                 Rebecca Tomlin

  In this section of my course I and my fellow pupils will be separated into
            groups and each group will be carrying out a campaign.

Before I start my presentation I need to think about the research behind it.
There are two types of research primary and secondary.

According to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Primary_research primary
research is this.

According to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Secondary_research primary
research is this.

Primary data is collected for a particular purpose and is new information. This
is conducted using some means of questioning usually via a

    survey

      interviews

    Observation

Observation meaning the witness testimony which is carried out by the
teacher, on this will be a bunch of questions asking how well we did, how well
we communicated, if we interacted well with the children, what skills we had
an so on. The reason for this is because it will help us assess ourselves and
think about if we could have improved the campaign if possible and things we
could have changed. It is typically more time-consuming and expensive to
collect than secondary data, and is often the second stage in a research
project, following secondary research.

My primary data is going to be when I give out the Pre-questionnaires and post
questionnaires because these will lead on the give out the secondary data. The
reason for using these is because it is an easy and a quick task to do, with
accurate results if put as anonymous.

Secondary research is using all the primary data and analysing it, so when I get
the results for the questionnaires I am going to comprehensively write about
them and find more out about young people and smoking today within the
A03               Rebecca Tomlin

Smoking campaign

    The aim of our smoking campaign is to educate all different years about
     smoking and the effects on health. Prevent people from starting to
     smoke and Persuade smokers to give up. We are using form groups
     because there is a range of ages and religions. Our aim is persuade
     people either not to start smoking or to stop.
    Encourage a healthy lifestyle so that people will see that smoking is a
     bad habit.
    Give information about the affects of smoking and where they can get
     help from.
    Fear approach shocking people into giving up or refusing to start with
     pictures and information about the horrible things that can happen to
     you if you smoke.
    How will we do this? - Posters and leaflets


      6 posters should be made in bright colours to promote no smoking.
      A power point should be produced on smoking and the effects.
      Doctors view on smoking and the effects, get an interview if possible
      Make sure questionnaires are produced
      Also activity sheets e.g. puzzles, crosswords
      5 main things we need to achieve – Measurable, Clear, Achievable,
       Relevant and Timed.

       Time to take:

       A day to make posters and make copies of them.
       A day to make the PowerPoint and animation should be added to
        make the PowerPoint more interesting.
       Questionnaires will take two – three days to make, because we all
        need to meet up to put our inputs into it.
A03                Rebecca Tomlin
                         Planning of Campaign
My target audience
My target audience is all years. I think that this is a good idea because it helps
all ages and not just a specific age, its better to do all years because peer
pressure is a big aspect of life and people can be very easy influenced.

Peer pressure is when Peers influence your life, even if you don't realize it, just
by spending time with you. You learn from them, and they learn from you. It's
only human nature to listen to and learn from other people in your age group.

Peers can have a positive influence on each other. Maybe another student in
your science class taught you an easy way to remember the planets in the solar
system, or someone on the football team taught you a cool trick with the ball.
You might admire a friend who is always a good sport and try to be more like
him or her. Maybe you got others excited about your new favorite book, and
now everyone's reading it. These are examples of how peers positively
influence each other every day.

Sometimes peers influence each other in negative ways. For example, a few
kids in school might try to get you to skip class with them, your football friend
might try to convince you to be mean to another player and never pass him the
ball, or a kid in the neighborhood might want you to shoplift with him.

All of these things influence a child’s life and how they make decisions so for
e.g. if people in his/hers peer group smoking and they say “have a fag” they
may feel obliged to do it just to fit in.

Within my form group there are a mixture of cultures and races, so therefore
when I’m designing posters, leaflets and so on I must make sure I cater for
every race and culture by putting translations. This then gave me the idea of
the poster which features 6 different languages of “smoking kills”.

We need to use bright colours and interesting pictures, this then brings
attention to the information and then the children will want to read on further.
A03            Rebecca Tomlin
Request for permission
First of all we needed to ask Miss Birch from my form (L1) if we are able to
present our campaign. Because the presentation is time consuming and we
need to know if using her own time is ok. So I wrote a letter up from the three
of us asking for permission to allow my form to participate and listen to our
smoking presentation. Miss birch agreed to it straight away and thought it was
a great idea to help the children understand about the effects and dangers of
A03                Rebecca Tomlin

We will make 6 posters which will have “smoking kills” in 6 different languages.
This is the poster, brightly coloured, attractive and people will look at it twice.
Using 6 different languages it allows us to not discriminate towards different
cultures. When doing the presentation these posters are going to be stuck on
the walls around my form room so as soon as they come in that will be the first
thing they spot because its bright and in your face. I will make this poster on a
simple word document using different fonts and colours to make it look

                                           I used different colours and fonts to
                                           make the poster stand out.

                                           A picture which represents exactly
                                           what the campaign is about.
A03           Rebecca Tomlin
PowerPoint Presentation
I have also put together a PowerPoint of pictures linked with smoking; the first
slide is about the hazards of smoking, the second slide is the effects of
smoking, the third slide was a before and after picture of smoking effecting
the lungs and the last slide is information about the different smoking bans.

With using PowerPoint I hope that the children will not get bored and loose
interest, I hope they will pay attention because there are only 4 slides and it is
bright, quick and enough information but not too much.

   Hazards         Effects          Pictures

Then I found a crossword on the internet about smoking and I printed off 20
copies for each person to do as a starter quiz, after the presentation I went
through the answers with the children and we compared answers. This gives
them to chance to show how much they actually do know about smoking and if
they didn’t know a lot at the start they might do at the end of the
 A03               Rebecca Tomlin

 I also sent off for packs of kits from the NHS, which included how to quit
 smoking packs, about smoking, nicotine patches and so fourth. All this I will use
 in my presentation, these are needed to help my form be aware of all the risks
 and not just coming from me and my colleagues but from the national health
 service., hopefully these leaflets, DVD’s and posters will help people to think
 about the effects and risks of smoking.

All leaflets are too be handed out and given to the pupils to look at
information and to help them understand about smoking, the effects, how to
stop, how to stand up for your rights.

The leaflets are more informative than the posters; you can take them away
with you and read over and over again.
A03               Rebecca Tomlin
   What I will do within the presentation
Now that I have everything planned, posters, leaflets, handouts done I am
ready to present my campaign.

Myself and my other peers have chosen to do it on a Monday morning in form,
we chose this because everyones fresh on a Monday they have had a break at
the weekend and should be ready to listen and learn.

Before the children arrive im going to stick the posters up all around the form
room and im going to lay the crossword on every childs seat. The leaflets are
going to be spread around equally on each table.

As the children arrive I will ask them to complete the crossword to the best of
their ability and also I will make a pre questionnaire and a post questionnaire.
The reason for a pre and post questionnaire is at the beginning they can take
the pre one and see how much they acctually know about smoking and then at
the end take the post one to see how much they have learn during that short
space of time.
A03                Rebecca Tomlin

Here are two screen shots of my pre-questionnaire. Within this I have asked
questions to smokers and none smokers, trying to find out basic facts of why
they smoke, how much they smoke and so on. Do young people really know
the risks of smoking? My aim is to make the younger generation aware of
what could happen if you smoke and to stop it whilst they are young enough

The children will complete the pre questionnaire at the start. Then I will show
them the PowerPoint presentation, getting the children involved by reading
out the different slides, letting them learn by working together.

Then I will let the children take a look at the different posters, NHS leaflets I
also got sent through. I also have inhalers, patches and nicotine gum sent
through, I will say to the children that if they do smoke and they want to quit
they can come to one of us privately and we will help them by giving them
advice. Telephone numbers, websites and so on to help them quit. If they do
not feel the can tell us if they smoke then in the NHS packs are private ways
that they can talk to somebody professionally.
A03   Rebecca Tomlin
A03               Rebecca Tomlin

Once we have given out all the relevant information I will then hand out the
post questionnaire, this is a questionnaire to see how much they have actually
learnt and if now they understand the risks of smoking. By doing this I can see
if the presentation had a positive impact on the children and if it was

I predict that the children will learn something from the presentation because
when I was researching smoking there was things that I didn’t know, which
now I have found out. It’s easy to say smoking kills, but there is much more to
smoking than people think. I hope that the children take a long learnt lesson
from our presentation and it will prevent them from smoking and maybe even
stop them from smoking if they do already.

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