Welcome to 7 th Grade Science by k8326xD


									Welcome to Mrs. Hillyer’s 7th Grade Science!
       We have an exciting year ahead of us! As a 6th grader, your child explored
the world of science from the insides of the Earth as well as studying the layers
and the plants and some of the Kingdoms that cover the Earth. As a 7th
grader, your child will explore the animal kingdom and the physical world
of science. We will begin by learning Science Skills, Ecology,
Electricity, Cells, Genes and Heredity, Animals from simple to most
complex, and Forces and Motion. By the end of the year, your child
will be more than ready for the challenges of 8th grade science.

What supplies do I need for science class each day?

         ISN/Interactive Student Notebook- Marble composition 100 pages
         Pens (all different colors) or Colored Pencils
         # 2 Pencils
         Highlighters
         Tape (to adhere papers into your notebook)
         Science Textbook (Forces and Motion, Cells and Heredity and Animals)
         Agenda (provided by the school)

Classroom Wish List: Rolls of cellophane tape, baby wipes, antibacterial wipes, facial tissues, baggies (sandwich, quart &
gallon), & liquid soap. I do give Patriot Points for each item received. Patriot Points are used toward our auctions.

Contact Information:
Email: phillyer@marsd.k12.nj.us *best way to contact me
Blog: www.iHillyer.com Did you read about my trip this summer on the Vomit Comet?
(Did you know you could get blog alerts by text?)
Twitter: iHillyer
Facebook page: mrs hillyer’s science class

Enclosed you will find my homework, absentee, and class participation policies as
well as a science safety contract. Please read them over with your child and sign
the page at the end. Just return that last page signed.

Patricia J. Hillyer, BS, MAT
2012 NASA Summer of Innovation Grant Recipient
2011 NASA’s Microgravity University
US DOE/PPPL 2010 ACTS Intern
     Room 104 Academic Information, Classroom
    Procedures, Expectations and Safety Policies

                                                            Academic Information

                                                   OLGT Our Learning Goal for Today
                                             You learn something everyday. What did you learn today?

                                    INTERACTIVE SCIENCE NOTEBOOK (ISN)
What is the purpose of Interactive Student/Science Notebooks?
To transform students' notebooks into portfolios of individual learning
To make note taking an engaging, creative, & active process
To provide the opportunity to process what is learned in creative & individual ways

The Students' Perspective
Claim ownership & responsibility for their notebooks
Choose the way to learn based on their learning style and multiple intelligence strengths
Organize as they learn Do not lose work Are allowed to be creative without "messing up" their notes

The Teachers' Perspective
Motivates participation
Enables critical self-evaluation of curriculum
Monitor student progress easily
Parent-teacher communication tool –what exactly is my kid learning in Science
Reduce time spent evaluating work

                                                                                                             “TEACHER INPUT PAGE”                   3       Page
                             “STUDENT OUTPUT PAGE”                                                                     I nt r oducing
                                                                                     that may
                                                                                     come up go          I nt er a ct ive Science Not ebooks            9/2-3/10
                                                                                     here…. Or
                   To compare observations and inferences    Objective
                                                                                     make up                                                              Date
    Daily Do Now   DO NOW:                                                           questions                          Title
                                                                                     that you

                                                                                                                                                                   General consensus from
                                                                                     would put
                                                                                     on a test!                 Teacher Given Notes or
                                                                                                                                                                   students regarding ISN:
                            ON THIS SIDE
                                                                                                            !   Information given in class
                              Lots of Color                                                                 !   Lecture Notes
                                                                                                            !   Lab Activities
                                                                                                            !   Video Notes
                                                                                                                                                                   Love the organization of the ISN,
                                Concept Maps
                                 Warm Ups                                                                   !   Summaries
                                  Drawings                                                                  !   Textbook Notes
                              Reflective Writing                                                            !   Data from Experiments/Field
                                  Questions                              Left Side   Right Side             !   Classroom Specific Information
                               Data and Graphs
                                                                                                                                                                   Happy they were taught how to take

                                                            Sample ISN page                                                                                        Had everything they needed at
                                                                   Cornell Style Note Taking
                                                                                                                                                                   his/her own fingertips!

                                                                Daily Summary        Summary:
                                                                                                  Reflection or Summary of today’s lesson, to be done

                CHALLENGES aka work to be done at home HOMEWORK

     Challenge assignments are used to reinforce concepts taught in class, and to help teach
      responsibility. Students are given a small amount of written homework. HOWEVER,
      they are required to STUDY notes and key terms every night and fill out their class
      daily summary for each class. Please complete the daily summary and review for 15
     Students are to hand in homework at the beginning of class. If it was done in your
      ISN, I will check it. If it was on a separate piece of paper, please hand it in at the
      beginning of class in your class’s basket.
     Remember you are on A day/B day schedule. It is strongly suggested you do your
      Science Challenge/HW on the night it is given- not the night before it is due.

                                        Late Class Work/Projects

     Students are required to do their work, homework and class work, in their ISN.
      Therefore, if they miss a homework or class work assignment it will still count in their
      ISN. If they do not make up missing work, the student will not receive full credit on
      his/her ISN.
     Class work will receive a lower grade if handed in late.
     Projects will lose points for each day late. No Homework Passes are used for credit on
      a Project or for credit on a class work assignment. Minimum grade if handed in late
      (within 1 week) but fully completed = 50%, Not turned in at all = 0%.

                                             I do not give extra credit

    1. TESTS (ALL tests, regardless of grade, will be signed.)
    2. QUIZZES (You will have notebook quizzes and pop quizzes. I will collect your notebook for a
       quiz grade. ) NOTEBOOK CHECK includes the complete INTERACTIVE SCIENCE
       NOTEBOOK. PROJECTS (ISN, or special assignments that may be done at home)
    3. CLASSWORK (Lab reports, or other work done in class) + = 95%,                 =80%, - =65%
    4. HOMEWORK/CHALLENGE (you either have it or it is a zero)

                                               TESTS 40%
                                     QUIZZES/ Projects/ISN check 25%
                                         Challenge/HW/ CW 35%
                                           100% Science Grade

                                               Parent Portal

Please make sure you have your child’s parent portal information. You should also share it with your child so
he/she may check his/her progress. Call or email your child’s guidance counselor for the information.
* If there is a blank for an assignment grade, it means either I didn’t enter a grade yet or your child was
absent. It does not mean a zero.
If there is any question as to a grade, please email me.

                               Classroom Procedures
Come into class. Sit down. Begin setting up ISN: do now; write down OLGT (left
side), date (right side), topic (right side). DAILY REMINDERS ARE WRITTEN
given at least a week’s notice and are written on the white board and on the
class calendar.
Get out Challenge if one was given, or other work/notes/etc to be presented to
teacher. Open agenda, copy down challenge if there is one, if not write “ISN
Summary”. Leave out for me to sign.

ONLY ONE PERSON OUT AT THE BATHROOM AT A TIME. You are asked to sign out and in of the
classroom. The sign out sheet is located near the door. You must have a pass to leave the room.
Nurse’s passes are on top of the filling cabinet. Hallway passes maybe written on the yellow pass
paper or you may use a “Mrs. Hillyer’s Pass”.
Reasons for passes: Nurse, Office, Bathroom, got to another Team Teacher (not visiting last year’s
teachers!!!!) to get work or information – reserved for Advisory time, guidance counselor etc.
ANOTHER TEAM TEACHER. With out one, it is an unexcused late. 4 unexcused lasts warrant a
‘write-up”. See Agenda.


I only allow one student to go to the bathroom at a time. Please sign in AND out of the room. Please
only ask if you have to go. Otherwise, students who have to go may have to wait unnecessarily. Your
cooperation is greatly appreciated! You are usually not turned down to go to the bathroom UNLESS
someone is at the bathroom OR there is something I don’t want you to miss.

                                   Absences/Make-Up Work

Whenever you are absent, a classmate will be asked to fill out a “While You Were Out” form, and
place it in the class folder. If a classmate does not fill out a form, it is your responsibility to find
out what was missed including class notes.
All missed handouts and “While You Were Out” forms will be kept in the front of the room in a file.


Please make sure you are look at the due dates of projects and when tests will be given. Quizzes
are not announced. If you know that you will be absent, please see me, so we can arrange for you to
keep up with your studies while you are out.

Name of Absent Student: _______Stu Dent___ Date Absent _______9/1/11_

OLGT: _________To understand the rules of the class__________

Challenge: ________Summarize OLGT__________________________________

What we did in class today:

___________Took notes, read and highlighted hand out (welcome to science rules)________________

Returned Papers Attached ____Welcome to Science_ No returned papers attached ______

   1.   Bring your own composition notebook (ISN), pencils, pens, agenda and textbook to every
   2.   Start your Do Now as soon as you get in the room. Copy down the OLGT in your notebook
        and copy down the day’s challenge if there is one or write none in your and keep out the
        agenda for me to sign.
   3.   Eating or drinking in the science lab is not permitted due to the nature of a science lab.
        With teacher permission, you may be allowed to have a drink. You need to ask.
   4.   Raise hand in order to get teacher’s attention.
   5.   Use soft voices when having group discussions.
   6.   Other rules that are listed in your agenda apply as well as the discipline policy of the school.
        Read your agenda.
   7.   Do NOT enter the classroom until YOUR teacher gives you permission to enter. Please wait
        outside (lined up) room 104 until an adult is there to let you in.

                                  Labs/Class Participation

Labs are a major component of our science class, as they allow you to apply what you have learned to
real-life situations and simulations. We will have many opportunities for hands-on exploration
throughout the course of the year.

You will be expected to follow all Class and Lab Safety Rules. We will be discussing Class
Rules and Lab Safety Rules over the course of the next few weeks, as well as leading into each lab.

Class Participation means taking an active role in your learning, and the learning of your fellow
classmates. You must pay attention and be involved in class at all times. I determine your class
participation grade by looking for some key indicators:

•Are you making eye contact with me or the members of your group?
•Is your body language positive?
•Are you involved in the discussion or activity?
•Do you stay on task?
•Are you making positive contributions to our learning environment?

                                      SAFETY POLICY
To prepare you to work safely in the laboratory, read over the following safety rules. Then read
them a second time. Make sure you understand and follow each rule. Ask your teacher to explain any
rules you do not understand.

    Dress Code
    1.   To protect yourself from injuring your eyes, wear safety goggles whenever you work with chemicals,
         flames, glassware, or any substance that might get into your eyes. If you wear contact lenses, notify
         your teacher.
    2.   Tie back long hair to keep it away from any chemicals, flames, or equipment.
    3.   Remove or tie back any article of clothing or jewelry that can hang down and touch chemicals, flames,
         or equipment. Roll up or secure long sleeves.
    4.   Never wear open shoes or sandals during labs.

    General Precautions
    5.  Read all directions for an experiment several times before beginning the activity. Carefully follow all
        written and oral instructions. If you are in doubt about any part of the experiment, ask your teacher
        for assistance.
    6. Never perform activities that are not assigned or authorized by your teacher.
    7. Obtain permission before “experimenting” on your own. Never handle any equipment unless you have
        specific permission.
    8. Never perform lab activities without direct supervision.
    9. Never eat or drink in the laboratory.
    10. Keep work areas clean and tidy at all times. Bring only notebooks and lab manuals or written lab
        procedures to the work area. All other items, such as purses and backpacks, should be left in a
        designated area.
    11. Do not engage in horseplay.

    First Aid
    12. Always report all accidents or injuries to your teacher, no matter how minor. Notify your teacher
        immediately about any fires.
    13. Learn what to do in case of specific accidents, such as getting acid in your eyes or on your skin. (Rinse
        acids from your body with plenty of water.)
    14. In case of injury our teacher will send you to the school nurse or call a physician.
    15. Know the location of the emergency equipment such as fire extinguisher.
    16. Know the location of the nearest telephone and whom to contact in an emergency.
    Using Chemicals Safely
    17. Never mix chemicals “for the fun of it.” You might produce a dangerous, possibly explosive substance.

18. Never put your face near the mouth of a container that holds chemicals. Never touch, taste, or smell a
    chemical unless you are instructed by your teacher to do so. Many chemicals are poisonous.
19. Use only those chemicals needed in the activity. Read and double-check labels on supply bottles before
    removing any chemicals. Take only as much as you need. Keep all containers closed when chemicals are
    not being used.
20. Dispose of all chemicals as instructed by your teacher. To avoid contamination, never return chemicals
    to their original containers. Never pour untreated chemicals or other substances into the sink or trash
21. If you are instructed to test for odors, use a wafting motion to direct the odors to your nose. Do not
    inhale the fumes directly from the container.
22. Take extreme care not to spill any material in the laboratory. Wash chemical spills and splashes
    immediately with plenty of water. Immediately begin rinsing with water any acids that get on your skin
    or clothing, and notify your teacher of any acid spill at the same time.

Using Glassware Safely
23. Never use broken or chipped glassware. If glassware breaks, notify your teacher and dispose of the
    glassware in the proper broken-glassware container.
24. Never eat or drink from glassware.
25. Thoroughly clean glassware before putting it away.

Using Sharp instruments
26. Handle scalpels or other sharp instruments with extreme care. Never cut material toward you; cut
    away from you.
27. Immediately notify your teacher if you cut your skin when working in the laboratory.

Animal and Plant Safety
28. Never perform experiments that cause pain, discomfort, or harm to mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, or
    amphibians. This rule applies at home as well as in the classroom.
29. Animals should be handled only if absolutely necessary. Your teacher will instruct you as to how to
    handle each animal species brought into the classroom.
30. If you know that you are allergic to certain plants, molds, or animals, tell your teacher before doing an
    activity in which these are used.
31. During fieldwork, protect your skin by wearing long pants, long sleeves, socks, and closed shoes. Know
    how to recognize the poisonous plants and fungi in your area, as well as plants with thorns, and avoid
    contact with them.
32. Never eat any part of an unidentified plant or fungus.
33. Wash your hands thoroughly after handling animals or a cage containing animals. Wash your hands
    when you are finished with any activity involving animal parts, plants, or soil.

End-of-Experiment Rules
34. After an experiment has been completed, clean up your work area and return all equipment to its
    proper place.
35. Dispose of waste materials as instructed by your teacher.
36. Wash your hands after every experiment.
37. Wash down the table with soap and water. Wet the table, use a wet paper towel and add soap to that
    or use a wet sponge. Do not add soap directly to a dry table. Then dry with a paper towel. Wash down
    sink, dry with a paper towel. Put away all materials then wash your hands.
38. Make sure all lab partners have all the data he/she needs to finish the lab if time is running out.

                                    Student Name; ________________________

                                    Circle One                 A or B day                  Block _______

I have read Mrs. Hillyer’s Welcome
to 7th Grade Science Packet (rules,
homework/challenge, absence, lab
rules and grading policies) and
discussed it with my child/parent:
Parent Signature: ___________________________________ date: __________

Student Signature: __________________________________ date: __________

Failure to bring this back signed will result in a zero for a quiz grade. Bringing it
back will result in a 100 for a quiz grade. This is the only assignment that when
late does not get points penalty.

Please feel free to write any comments here if you wish:

The best way to contact me is via email. Please give me your email address so I may add it to my contacts list:
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