High Risk Communities HIV Awareness Project by k8326xD


									ROUND 5 - 2007
Name of Organization                      Name of project/Thematic area             Region
Tanzania Network of People Living         HIV Stops with Me                         National
Radio Tumaini                             Strengthening community-based             Coast, Dar es Salaam,
                                          response to HIV and AIDS                  Tanga, Zanzibar
National Network of Tanzanian             Improving community ART and               Dar es Salaam, Iringa,
Women with HIV/AIDS (NETWO+)              treatment expectations                    Morogoro
Evangelical Lutheran Church in            Scalling up onsite counseling and         Arusha, Mbeya,
Tanznaia (ELCT)                           testing                                   Kagera
Dalai Islamic Cebtre (DIC)                AIDS orphans basic education initiative   Dodoma
Tanzania Civil Engineering Contractors    HIV project for roadwork II               Dar es Salaam,
Association (TACECA)                                                                Dodoma
White Orange Youth (WOY)                  High Risk Communities HIV Awareness       Kilimanjaro
Anglican Diocese of Dar es Salaam         Community based voluntary                 Dar es Salaam
                                          counseling and testing and engage
                                          CSW in Buguruni Dar es salaam
CARITAS                                   Joint Community response strategy in      Kigoma
                                          mitigating the impact of HIV and AIDS
                                          in Kibondo and Kasulu districts
Lindi Women Paralegal AID Centre          Training community theatre for            Lindi
(LIWOPAC)                                 development performance to enhance
                                          skills of stimulating debate on
                                          HIV/AIDS issues
Students partnership Worldwide            HIV and AIDS Risk Reduction               Dar es Salaam
Tanzania (SPW)                            Campaign at institutes of Higher
                                          learning in Dar es Salaam
Disabled Organization for Legal Affairs   HIV/AIDS Awareness, Prevention and        Dar es Salaam,
and Social Economic Development           Education to Disabled Persons in          Tabora, Pwani,
(DOLASED)                                 Tanzania                                  Dodoma, Shinyanga
Disabled Organization for Legal Affairs   HIV/AIDS Awareness prevention and         Dar es Salaam
and                                       education to Disabled Persons
Youth Development Partnership             Sensitization and Dissemination of        Dar es Salaam
                                          SRH Information to Female and Male
                                          salons in DSM region
Anglican Diocese of Tanga St Raphael’s    Home Based care in 22 parishes            Tanga
BAKWATA-National HIV/AIDS Office          HIV stigma reduction                      Lindi
FEMINA HIP                                Scalling up IEC materials to support      Dar es Salaam
                                          District HIV plans
Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA)       Integration of Women Rights and           Arusha
                                          Youth Behaviour Change in Fighting
                                          HIV and AIDS
Anglican Diocese of Ruvuma                Integrate HIV/AIDS prevention with       Ruvuma
                                          reproductive health and STI among
                                          youths in Anglican diocese of Ruvuma
UHAI centre                               Scalling up Home Based Care              Arusha
                                          Volunteer Training
Kilimanjaro NGO Cluster on STI,           Scalling up HIV/AIDS awareness           Kilimanjaro
HIV/AIDS and Reproductive Health          among elderly men and women in
Interventions (KINSHAI)                   Kilimanjaro region
Centre for Counseling, Nutrition and      Nutrition Care and Support to PLHIV      Dar es Salaam
Health care (COUNSENUTH)                  and OVCs
ENVIROCARE                                Vocational Training for HIV/AIDS/OVC     Iringa
                                          in Mufindi
ELCT Kagera Zone AIDS Control Project     Scaling up HIV/AIDS activities to        Kagera
(KZACP)                                   fishing communities in the Western
                                          part of Lake Victoria
Anglican Diocese of Mara                  Mara community mobile VCT                Mara
Adventist Development & Relief            Lake Victoria Fishing Community HIV      Mwanza
Agency (ADRA) Tanzania                    Risk Reduction Project
Relief to Development Society             Jali Afya-Food Security and HIV/AIDS     Kagera
(REDESO)                                  Care & Support for PLHIV Project
Care for the Needy (COTN)                 Scaling up accelerated prevention,       Ruvuma
                                          VCT and avert to alternative economic
                                          gain to prostitute in Songea urban and
                                          rural districts
Self Help Development Community           Scaling up on region wide HIV/AIDS       Ruvuma
)SEDECO)                                  prevention on youth people fun and
                                          educational football program
Save Children of Tarime (SACHITA)         HIV/AIDS and traditional circumcision    Mara
                                          for in and out of school youths in
Pastoralist Activities and Services for   Developing and empowering                Dar es Salaam
People with AIDS Dar es Salaam            vulnerable groups as agents of change
Archdiocese (PASADA)                      in the fight against HIV and AIDS
Women Entrepreneurship                    Building Capacity in handling HIV/AIDS   Zanzibar
Development Fund                          Patients
Zanzibar Children’s Fund (ZCF)            The Youth Action for Behaviour           Zanzibar
                                          Change Based on Spiritual Values
Zanzibar Association of Medical           Strengthening standard and quality of    Zanzibar
Laboratory Scientific Officers            HIV Diagnoses and other related tests
(ZEMELSO)                                 in all testing and lab supporting care
                                          and treatment programs

ROUND 6 - 2008
Tanzania Network of Women Living          Raising Community Awareness on           Coast
with HIV/AIDS (TNW+)                      propoer use of ART Drugs and
                                          Promotes its use to People Living with
                                          HIV/AIDS in three districts in Coast
Adventist Development and Relief         Kilosa HIV/AIDS Prevention, Care,            Morogoro
Agency (ADRA)                            Support to Youth & Affected
Tandabui Health Access Tanzania          Decentralization of HIV/AIDS Care and        Mwanza
                                         Treatment Services from Hospitals to
                                         Health Centres and Dispensaries levels
Help Age International Tanzania (HAIT)   Improving quality of Community               Coast, Iringa, Dar es
                                         Home based care to PLHIV under the           Salaam, Arusha and
                                         care of older people in Tanzania             Rivima
Tanzania Women of Impact                 Comprehensive Prevention of                  Dar es Salaam
Foundation (TAWIF)                       HIV/AIDS among Commercial Sex
                                         Workers and Drug Abusers in
                                         Kinondoni Municipality
Maasai Women Development                 HIV/AIDS Prevention, Care and                Arusha
Organization (MWEDO)                     Nutrition through Social-Economic
                                         empowerment of Maasai Women and
National Youth Information Trust Fund    Understanding and Challenging                Mbeya
                                         HIV/AIDS Stigma in Secondary Schools
Good Samaritan Mission (GSM)             Community Counseling, Mobile VCT,            Ruvuma
                                         HIV/AIDS & its co-infections
                                         Prevention Control in rural areas in
                                         Mbinga district
Mbozi, Ileje, Isangati Consortium        Impact mitigation of the effect of the       Mbeya
(MICO)                                   HIV/AIDS epidemic including OVC
Misali Island Conservation Association   Pemba Coastal Community                      Pemba
                                         Sensitization on HIV/AIDS
Muheza Designated District Hospital      Strengthening the Family Based Care          Tanga
                                         for PLHIV and promoting ARV
                                         adherence in Muheza district
ELCT-Mara                                Youth Against HIV/AIDS Campaign in           Mara
                                         Mara Region
Association for Development of           HIV/AIDS Prevention and Impact               Ruvuma
Protected Areas (ADAP)                   mitigation including OVC and
Endulen Hospital                         Overcoming cultural barriers and             Arusha
                                         traditional practices that facilitate HIV
                                         spreading in the community
Midmay Tanzania                          Wezesha-Enhancing the capacity of            Kilimanjaro
                                         PLHIV to live life in its fullness in Same
                                         and Rombo districts
Africa Inland Church, Diocese of         Sustainable Care and Support for             Shinyanga
Shinyanga (ACT)                          PLHIV and Orphans project
AFYA BORA-Arusha                         Simanjiro Community Based HIV/AIDS           Manyara
Shirika la Kuwaendeleza Walemavu Na      Scaling up HIV and AIDS intervention         Ruvuma
yatima wa Tanzania (SHIKUWATA)           (Advocacy, Prevention, Care and
                                        Support) among People with Disability
                                        in Ruvuma
Tabora Development Foundation Trust     Tabora Free of HIV/AIDS                  Tabora
ACT-Zanzibar                            HIV prevention Services to Heifer        Zanzibar
                                        Project Farmers in Unguja Rural
White Star Society                      Prevention of HIV infection among        Zanzibar
                                        Fishermen, school and after school
                                        youth in Tumbatu islands
Zanzibar Association of Information     Scaling up Youth Uniting Against         Zanzibar
Against Drug Abuse and Alcohol          Substance Abuse and HIV/AIDS
Pemba Press Club (PPC)                  Community Awareness and Behaviour        Pemba
                                        Change Communication
ROUND 7 - 2009
Tanzania youth New Fashion (TYNF)       Engaging Communication, Behaviour        Tabora
                                        change and advocacy strategy Mobile
                                        VCT and Community Counseling to
                                        Prevent HIV/AIDS New infection in
                                        Sikonge and Uyui districts
Health Action Promotion Association     Promotion of HIV/AIDS Risk               Singida
(HAPA)                                  Perception to Community and Truck
                                        drivers along stop over towns in
                                        Singida region
Vijana Vision Tanzania (VVT)            Youth Against HIV/AIDS Competence        Coast
Women Wake Up (WOWAP)                   Dairy Cow Assistance to caregivers of    Dodoma
Ulanga Kilombero Diocese (UKD)          Emergency plan for HIV/AIDS              Morogoro
Tanzania Network of Religious Leaders   Disclosure of HIV positive status by     Kilimanjaro
Living with or Personally Affected by   Religious leaders as a Strategy for
HIV and AIDS (TANERELA)                 reducing HIV transmission
Share and Care Foundation               Care and Vocational Education            Tanga
                                        Support to HIV/AIDS OVC
New Light Children Centre               OVC Support Project                      Mwanza
Organization (NELICO)
Sustainable Environment and             Support OVCs with life &                 Coast
Livelihood Limited (SELL)               entrepreneurship skills in the fishing
                                        communities of Rufiji district to
                                        Mitigate impact
Care for People Initiative Project      Enhancing the capacity of PLHIV in       Rukwa
(CAPIP))                                Mpanda
Centre for Widows and Children          Women rights in the fight against        Mara
Assistance (CWCA)                       HIV/AIDS among agro-pastoralist
                                        societies in Musoma rural
ACT-Kagera                              Parental participation in HIV            Kagera
BAKWATA-Mtwara                           Scaling up integrate HIV/AIDS            Mtwara
                                         prevention interventions with
                                         reproductive health and advocacy
                                         among youth, Madrass teachers and
                                         community leaders in BAKWATA
Doctors with Africa-CUAMM                Scaling up CTC services utilization in   Iringa/Njombe (now)
                                         Makete district
Family Planning Association of           HIV/AIDS awareness raising to youth      Zanzibar
Tanzania (UMATI) Zanzibar                through Parent child communication
ACT-Mara                                 Mara Community mobile extension          Mara
Zanzibar NGOs Cluster (ZANGOC)           Reduction of stigma and                  Zanzibar
                                         discrimination to the PLHIV through
                                         behavior change communication
Right to Play                            HIV/AIDS Prevention Educataion           Mara
                                         through Sports and Play Modules in
                                         Pastoralist Communities in Serengeti
Ilula Orphan Program (IOP)               HIV/AIDS prevention education and        Iringa
                                         communication among youth at risk
                                         parents and read construction along
                                         Mazombe & Mahenge Divisions
Life Skills Association of Tanzania      To raise community awareness on the      Manyara
                                         proper use of ARV drugs targeting
                                         PLHIV in three districts in Manyara
Namanyere Hospital                       Prevention of HIV/AIDS from mother       Rukwa
                                         to child
Tanzania League of the Blind (TBL)       HIV/AIDS Education, Information and      Tabora
                                         Communication (IEC) materials for
                                         blind people through Braille and
                                         condom promotion
Diocese of Morogor Amani Centre          Awareness raising to the disabled        Morogoro
                                         communities on how to avoud
                                         contracting HIV/AIDS and taking care
                                         to those infected and affected
Aga Khan Foundation-Tanzania             To test is best campaign                 Zanzibar
National Council of People Living with   Strengthening the institutional          Tanzania
HIV/AIDS (NACOPHA)                       capacity of NACOPHA to Coordinate
                                         PLHIV Organizations in Tanzania
Baraza la Kuratibu na Kukuza             HIV/AIDS prevention to youth             Kigoma
maendeleo ya Jamii Kijinsia (WEGCC)      engaged in commercial sex work and
                                         drug abuse in Kigoma
Matumaini Mapya                          HIV/AIDS Effect mitigation Project       Kagera
Igongwe Hospital                         Prevention of HIV/AIDS from Mother       Mbeya
                                         to Child (PMTCT)

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