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					Canteen Assistant (Barista)

Location: 393 Mentmore Terrace, London, E8 3PH

Department: The Happy Kitchen Canteen

Rate: £6.50 - £7.00 per hour (negotiable)

Hours: Part-time

Happy Kitchen:

       Happy Kitchen is passionate about delivering natural and organic, tasty food and drink that is free
        from animal products, wheat/gluten and sugar
       A growing business we encourage and support all of our staff via an appraisal system that gives you
        the opportunity to progress as the business does

The Role:

       Exhibiting a genuine concern for the needs of the customer; our Canteen Assistants deliver our
        drink, breakfast and lunch menu’s in a manner that meets customer expectations
       Customer service is a must, but so is the ability to make great coffee. Providing you have a real
        interest in coffee and can exhibit some expertise when interacting with our customers we can train
        you to do the rest
       We like to serve our beans 6-9 days after roasting and keeping track of the dates on our bean stock
        can be a complex task and will require an analytical mind, communication and (yes we admit it) a
        little bit of guessing


       We are looking for outwardly friendly individuals with experience of delivering high standards in a
        customer centred environment
       You will be reliable and trustworthy, as well as exhibiting the ability to work cooperatively in a team
       You will also be able to exhibit your expertise when talking about and making coffee, have a keen
        interest in the ethos of Happy Kitchen, and be prepared to learn and advise about our unique
                               Staff Application Form
            Please return with a copy of your CV to

Position applied for
First Name

Employment/Work Experience (please start with most recent)
Name of employer               Position held                                       Dates

Higher Education
Name of establishment                Qualifications obtained                       Dates

Secondary Education
Name of establishment                Qualifications obtained                       Dates
Please provide the details of two referees.

Explain in no more than 100 words why you want to work for Happy Kitchen.

Please give 3 ways you will deliver exceptional customer service.

Please give 3 qualities that will make you a great team member.

How would you engage customers in the values of the Happy Kitchen brand?
Please use this space to describe your previous employment/educational/volunteering
experience and how you feel it will be useful in the advertised position. [Tip: please
consider the job description when writing your answer].

NB: please leave the document in its current format and ensure you do not exceed the given
space when answering questions.

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