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									                                                                            C&C Final Draft– 04/04/12



                     Annual Operating Plan

                                 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY

     The gross controllable expenditure for the services included in this business plan is:
                                £16.771m (£14.598m net)

                                          Which will deliver:
                services from 100 static service points, 11 mobile libraries, and via any computer
                 that has access to the Internet and the Kent County Council website.
                books, e-books, and other materials for loan
                public access computers including broadband Internet and wifi
                access to archive and local history material spanning 14 centuries including
                 interpretation to allow the public to learn about their history
                access to information and enquiry services both face to face and remotely via
                 telephone, email, SMS text messaging and 24/7 webchat
                specialist library services to customers who are homebound or live in residential
                 and nursing homes
                audio books via the post to blind and visually impaired customers
                the promotion of reading, learning and digital literacy for all ages
                engagement with the public; listening to their views and involving them in
                 developing, delivering and promoting services
                birth and death registrations in 24 library locations

                                      and will be staffed by
                                          461.64 FTE

Head of Service – Cath Anley
Portfolio Holder – Mike Hill
Director – Des Crilley

                                                                          C&C Final Draft– 04/04/12

Briefly set out the key responsibilities and objectives of the service, including the
legislative/statutory context, preferably in succinct bullet points.

The mission of the service is to work with all the people of Kent to deliver library and archive
services that support them throughout their lives. Our services are open to everyone, but are
especially important to those who are disadvantaged. Through our services people improve
their literacy and foster a lifelong love of reading; are supported in developing skills to find
information, especially through online channels; and come together to form stronger
community ties.

The service’s objectives are to work with all the people of Kent and other partners in order to
develop and promote:

      A network of welcoming and attractive libraries and mobiles which are centres for local
       communities, open at convenient times, and where everyone can share and enjoy
       books and other creative works, use computers and the Internet, find information,
       explore local history, meet people and join in events and activities.
      The enjoyment of reading for people of all ages, especially the young.
      Opportunities for learning, especially in digital skills, as a gateway to personal success.
       This includes services for those who need special help to achieve independence.
      World-wide links to information and services, which are relevant to the needs of local
       businesses and people and support active citizenship.
      Access to Kent's rich culture and heritage in order to foster a sense of place and
       community identity.

We will achieve this by focussing on the three following areas:

      Reading and literacy
      Information and digital inclusion, and
      Bringing people together.

The primary legislative framework for the service is the Public Libraries and Museums Act
(1964) which requires local authorities to deliver a comprehensive and efficient public library
service. The Local Government Act (1972) also requires local authorities to take proper care of
their records and archives.


Make a distinction between priorities that the service leads on and those it supports. This
should only be at headline level as specific actions will feature later in the plan.

This Annual Operating Plan supports the ambitions of Priority 6 of Bold Steps for Kent; to
promote Kent and enhance its cultural and sporting offer for residents by:

      Promoting literacy and encouraging reading to help local people develop vital skills for
       work; enjoying life; and being engaged with their communities..

                                                                       C&C Final Draft– 04/04/12
      Providing supported access to accurate and up-to-date information, eg. business and
       employment information; and helping local people improve their digital skills and
       confidence in accessing information online.
      Providing stimulating opportunities for learning and exploration.
      Supporting social entrepreneurs through access to shared resources and information.
      Providing a wide range of supported volunteering opportunities, to help people increase
       their personal confidence, their feeling of wellbeing and their level of aspiration.
      Helping people to develop a sense of belonging, including shared pride in, and
       aspiration for, their communities through access to Kent’s rich archives and their own
       historic collections.
      Bringing together people of different cultures, backgrounds and ages in safe and
       comfortable spaces to form strong ties with their neighbours and their area, and building
       stronger, safer and more sustainable communities.
      Enhancing wellbeing, including physical and mental health, through activity of mind and
       body, and the provision of alternative therapies such as reading and volunteering.
      Encouraging community participation in the design and delivery of library and archive
       services tailored to local need.
      Firing people’s imagination and inspiring them to get involved in a range of projects and
       activities to enhance the enjoyment of many lives.
      Advocating equality, community cohesion and social justice.

Underpinning our work is the use of Customer Profiling tools to ensure that we deliver a high
quality customer service and improve customer journeys. We are actively engaged with the
Customer Service Strategy.

                                                                                                                                      C&C Final Draft– 04/04/12


Theme 1
Transforming Kent Libraries: working with other service providers to promote Kent and enhance its cultural and sporting offer for residents.
Supports Bold Steps Priority 6

                       Key Actions                               Deliverables or Outcomes              Accountable      Start Date           End Date
                                                                    planned for 2012/13                  Officer       (month/year)          (month/
Underpin the promotion of Kent and enhance the cultural offer   1.1 Deliver sustainable library       Cath Anley/Sue
by Transforming Kent’s libraries, informed by the use of        services for the future:              Sparks
customer profiling tools to improve customer journeys .          Support the Locality Boards                          Jan 2012        1 phase of
                                                                    in initiating debates and                                          discussions
                                                                    discussions in each District                                       completed by
                                                                    to inform their                                                    end May 2012
                                                                    recommendations for the
                                                                    shape of the service for the
                                                                 Initial proposals for each                           Mar 2012        Jun 2012
                                                                    District produced with
                                                                    estimated savings and
                                                                 Develop appropriate decision
                                                                    making processes and                               Jun 2012        Mar 2013 and
                                                                    implementation plans                                               beyond

                                                                1.2 Continue to evaluate
                                                                modernisation programmes to
                                                                ensure best practice for our

                                                                1.3 Using intelligence gained to
                                                                continue to modernise the
                                                                network of libraries, archive
                                                                centre and mobile libraries to be
                                                                fit for the future:
                                                                 Kent History and Library
                                                                      Centre open to the public       Lesley Spencer                   Spring 2012
                                                                 Beaney Canterbury open to
                                                                      the public following complete   Lesley Spencer                   Sep 2012

                                                                                                                       C&C Final Draft– 04/04/12
                                                        Broadstairs Library
                                                         refurbishment completed
                                                         (incorporating new CLS            Lynn Catt                    Aug 2012
                                                        Jubilee Centre Edenbridge                                      Aug 2012
                                                         completed and new library         Lynn Catt
                                                         open to the public
                                                        Further modernisation                                          Mar 2012
                                                         projects scoped and next          Lynn Catt
                                                         steps agreed (eg. Herne Bay

                                                     1.4 Retain Customer Service                                        May 2012
                                                     Excellence standard and               Diane Chilmaid
                                                     increase Compliance and
                                                     Compliance Plus criteria from 55
                                                     to 57.
Deliver efficiencies through new service delivery.   1.5 Review management and             Cath Anley       Apr 2012    Nov 2012
                                                     operational staffing structures in
                                                     light of the bringing together of
                                                     Libraries, Archives and
                                                     Registration into a single group,
                                                     so as to exploit synergies in roles
                                                     while ensuring appropriate
                                                     expertise available to support all
                                                     service offers.

                                                     1.6 Evaluate rollout of self-         Diane Chilmaid               Nov 2012
                                                     service to libraries, and develop
                                                     and implement proposals for
                                                     further rollout and efficiencies
                                                     where appropriate.

                                                     1.7 Progress the archives             Gill Bromley                 ongoing
                                                     digitisation programme.

                                                     1.8 Implement the 5th generation      Ken Jarvis                   Jul 2012
                                                     Central Buying Consortium
                                                     (CBC) contract for books and AV
                                                     materials, including opportunities
                                                     for further efficiencies through
                                                     increased supplier selection of

                                                     C&C Final Draft– 04/04/12

1.9 Complete the programme of       Ken Jarvis        Mar 2013
full e-procurement of stock
(ordering to invoicing) with all
suppliers able to do so.

1.10 Review the current Archives    Diane Chilmaid    Dec 2012
management system and source
the most efficient and effective

1.11 Prepare for the procurement    Diane Chilmaid    Mar 2013
of Library Management System

1.12 Work with ICT to deliver the   Diane Chilmaid    Mar 2012
TR Programme throughout
libraries and archives

                                                                                                                                             C&C Final Draft– 04/04/12

Theme 2

Reading and Literacy: helping people improve their literacy and enjoy a wide range of reading experiences . Supports Bold
Steps Priority 6

                         Key Actions                                 Deliverables or Outcomes               Accountable        Start Date       End Date
                                                                     planned for 2012/13                    Officer           (month/year)    (month/
                                                                     2.1 Develop a ‘Get Kent Reading        Lindsay           Apr 2012        Mar 2013
Support economic recovery by helping people develop a key
                                                                     Campaign’ working with partners        Prestage/Sheila
life skill that employers describe as essential for employees in
                                                                     in the ‘Kent Forum’ to raise           Golden
95% of UK based jobs.
                                                                     awareness of services for literacy
                                                                     and reading. Develop
                                                                     programmes for the target
                                                                     groups in the Kent Approach to
                                                                     literacy and reading (KALR):
                                                                      extend Six Book Challenge
                                                                      support new reading groups
                                                                      roll out the Passport to the
                                                                          Library initiative to Tunbridge
                                                                          Wells and Ashford districts.

                                                                     2.2 Engage with Kent’s Cultural
                                                                     Strategy to promote Kent as a
                                                                     literary destination and attract
                                                                     new users to Kent L&A eg:
                                                                      connect with cultural festivals
                                                                          in Kent
                                                                      devise strategy to develop
                                                                          links with literary festivals
                                                                      deliver programme of
                                                                          activities to celebrate
                                                                          Dickens 2012
                                                                     2.3 Roll out good practice that        Lindsay           Apr 2012        Mar 2013
Give children the best possible start in life by helping to tackle
                                                                     supports educational attainment        Prestage/Sheila
low literacy (which is a significant factor that prevents people
                                                                     and enhances children’s and            Golden
from helping themselves out of disadvantage). By supporting
                                                                     young people’s enjoyment of
increased literacy levels, help to raise their skills, confidence
and aspirations.
                                                                      increase engagement with

                                                                                                                                 C&C Final Draft– 04/04/12
                                                                   families with babies via
                                                                   Bookstart gifting - target
                                                                   75% of babies becoming
                                                                   active members of the library
                                                                   from library registrations
                                                                  work in partnership with
                                                                   Children’s Centres to
                                                                   promote the Bookstart Book
                                                                   Corner programme for
                                                                   targeted families and to
                                                                   promote library and archive
                                                                  work in partnership with KEY
                                                                   training to support young
                                                                   people’s literacy
                                                                  target the Summer Reading
                                                                   Challenge at children in most
                                                                   need of support, as identified
                                                                   in KALR
                                                                  Develop the MyVoice project
                                                                   in partnership with
                                                                   FutureCreative/News for

                                                               2.4 Develop a ‘Children’s
                                                               Reading Champion’ programme

                                                               2.5 Develop and deliver a new
                                                               and improved range of charged
                                                               for services to schools in
                                                               response to the delegation of the
                                                               Dedicated Schools Grant
                                                               2.6 Create new volunteering          Lindsay           Apr 2012    Mar 2013
Putting people in control of their own lives by helping them
                                                               opportunities under the ‘Kent        Prestage/Sheila
make links in their communities through shared reading
                                                               Community Reading Champions’         Golden
experiences; helping them broaden their knowledge base
through reading; and supporting their learning.
                                                               2.7 Engage new readers and
                                                               support existing ones in the
                                                               enjoyment of reading through
                                                               delivery of the SCL/Reading
                                                               Agency universal reading offer

                              C&C Final Draft– 04/04/12
   World book Night
   Reading Groups for
   National Bookstart Week
   World Mental Health day

                                                                                                                                           C&C Final Draft– 04/04/12

Theme 3
Information and digital inclusion: ensuring people have the information they need to live full and active lives; helping people
develop skills and become confident using the Internet; and providing access to broadband connectivity and computer hardware
for those who do not have access elsewhere. Supports Bold Steps Priority 6

                         Key Actions                                 Deliverables or Outcomes             Accountable        Start Date       End Date
                                                                     planned for 2012/13                  Officer           (month/year)    (month/
                                                                     3.1. Improve the chances of          Christel Pobgee   Apr 2012        Mar 2013
Supporting economic recovery by helping people develop
                                                                     unemployed people in Kent
digital literacy skills, essential in virtually all working lives;
                                                                     gaining employment by
giving wide access to accurate, neutral and timely information
                                                                     increasing the number of library
to individuals and businesses; and supporting channel shift to
                                                                     Work Clubs sessions by 20%.
enable public agencies and others deliver efficiencies by
dealing with more transactions online.
                                                                     3.2. Enable more Kent SMEs to
                                                                     benefit from our free business
                                                                     information service through
                                                                     promotion at libraries and
                                                                     external business events.

                                                                     3.3. Enable channel shift by
                                                                     delivery of 50 IT support and
                                                                     digital literacy sessions to the
                                                                     people of Kent in libraries and/or
                                                                     remotely via webinar (in addition
                                                                     to those provided by our
                                                                     volunteer computer buddies).

                                                                     3.4. Enable channel shift by
                                                                     working with partners, in
                                                                     particular Gateways, to develop
                                                                     an enhanced public interface to
                                                                     local and national information
                                                                     sources for example by using
                                                                     Taktix software.

                                                                     3.5. Implement the new approach                        Apr 2012        May 2012
                                                                     to reference service provision
                                                                     3.6. Improve home library service    Christel Pobgee   Apr 2012        Mar 2013
Ensuring that the disadvantaged in society have equal access
                                                                     and residential homes’ users
to information; and the opportunities to develop digital skills
                                                                     access to our online services and

                                                                                                                                    C&C Final Draft– 04/04/12
and bridge the digital divide.                                    the Internet generally by
                                                                  exploring and implementing
                                                                  where feasible a range of options
                                                                   lending or hiring of web-
                                                                      enabled devices
                                                                   the delivery of IT support
                                                                      sessions by volunteers in
                                                                      their home
                                                                   remote support/ tutoring for
                                                                      those with existing Internet
                                                                      access (see 3.3).
                                                                   pilot the provision of basic IT
                                                                      support to residents in 2 care
                                                                      homes in Kent

                                                                  3.7. Improve, expand and
                                                                  promote our eBooks and               Christel Pobgee   Apr 2012    Mar 2013
                                                                  eAudiobooks offer.                   and Ken Jarvis
                                                                  3.8. Take advantage of national      Christel Pobgee   Apr 2012    Mar 2013
Putting people in control of their own lives; enabling them and
                                                                  procurement initiatives to review
supporting them in engaging fully with public agencies
                                                                  and enhance our online
through online channels; and giving them supported access to
                                                                  resources provision.
the world of information and learning.
                                                                  3.9 Review L&A’s web presence
                                                                  in line with the needs of new
                                                                  service structure/ delivery model.
                                                                  Also see other Theme 3

                                                                                                                                       C&C Final Draft– 04/04/12

Theme 4

Bringing People Together: giving people opportunities to engage in shared experiences. Through such experiences communities
raise awareness of their shared history; develop community ties; and build the skills and capacity to take control their own lives.
Supports Bold Steps Priority 6
                                                                   Deliverables or Outcomes             Accountable      Start Date        End Date
                        Key Actions
                                                                       planned for 2012/13                Officer       (month/year)     (month/year)
                                                                4.1 Maximise CSV contract             Diane Chilmaid   Apr 2012         Mar 2013
Supporting economic recovery by encouraging volunteering,
                                                                outputs to ensure that Time2Give
and the development of new models of public service delivery
                                                                volunteers’ contribution helps
in partnership with local people.
                                                                KL&A reach every part of the
                                                                community. Target to increase
                                                                number of volunteers by at least
                                                                4.2 Put Kent’s rich history at the    Gill Bromley     Apr 2012         Mar 2013
Tackling disadvantage by bringing people together; helping
                                                                heart of community cohesion by
them develop a sense of pride in their community through
                                                                delivering Understanding our
access to their shared history; and giving them opportunities
                                                                Past, Changing our Future;
to support each other.
                                                                Kent’s Archive and Local History
                                                                Services Development Plan
                                                                2011-15 including:
                                                                 celebrating the opening of
                                                                     the new Kent History and
                                                                     Library Centre including
                                                                     programme of events and
                                                                     activities, e.g. What Kent
                                                                     Means to Me?
                                                                 establishing the Kent
                                                                     Community History Network
                                                                 actively supporting
                                                                     community history groups
                                                                     and other organisations to
                                                                     care for and provide access
                                                                     to their archives and
                                                                     museum collections
                                                                 exploiting the power of our
                                                                     historic collections to impact
                                                                     positively on people’s lives
                                                                     through activities, events and

                                                                                                                                           C&C Final Draft– 04/04/12
                                                                      displays eg Queen’s Jubilee
                                                                  developing an Ask a Kent
                                                                      Historian offer
Putting people in control of their own lives by supporting the   4.3 Involve local people more in     Sue Sparks          Apr 2012          Mar 2013 and
development of community ties through a range of                 the design and delivery of L&A                                             ongoing
opportunities and experiences; helping communities develop       services tailored to local need
skills and capacity to take community action; and acting as a    (see 1.1).
hub for the dissemination of local information.
                                                                 4.4 Harness the unique               Gill Bromley        Apr 2012          Mar 2013
                                                                 opportunity of 2012 to engage
                                                                 with and support the Olympics,
                                                                 Paralympics and Cultural
                                                                 Olympiad and Kent Year of Sport
                                                                  Cultural Baton Kent Map of
                                                                  Archives Awareness
                                                                      Campaign ‘Olympics, Games
                                                                      and Sports’

                                                                 4.5 Develop and promote the
                                                                 positive contribution of Libraries
                                                                 and Archives services to health,
                                                                 wellbeing and social inclusion
                                                                 through new and innovative
                                                                 partnerships eg expansion of
                                                                 work to support dementia
                                                                 patients and their carers

*If the action directly supports Bold Steps for Kent, the Delivering Bold Steps priority number should be given (i.e. 1-16) where known.
More internal, operational actions can be listed as “management priority”

      Medium Term Financial Plan – list changes to MTFP monies in 2012-13 and main
       impact or changes to service as a result.
There are again significant savings be delivered in 2012-13 which have been achieved through
the roll-out of RFID self-issue and staffing restructures in senior management grades, Stock
Services, Project Management and the Archives service.
Self issue has been rolled-out to 34 service points throughout the county and the associated
reduction of 81.77FTE and a minor reduction in Sunday staff front of hours has delivered net
savings of £950K (£500k in 11/12 and £450k in 12/13).
Stock Services, senior management and Archives reviews have delivered a further £600K of
savings in 12/13.

Budget Profile Summary 2012-13

                                    Portfolio Revenue Budget
   Net                                             Gross    Service        Net         Govt.     Net
   Cost  Portfolio             Service              Exp.    Income      Expenditure    Grants    Cost
  £000s                                            £000s     £000s        £000s        £000s    £000s
                         Library & Archive Inc
 15,202        CMY                                 16,771    -2,173          14,598         0 14,598

Staffing Profile: please complete table below
                                                         (match up to       2012/13
                                                           2011/12        as at 1st April
                                                             plan)            2012
 Grade KR 13 (or equivalent) and above                         6                4
 Grade KR 12 (or equivalent) and below                      592.33           457.64
 TOTAL                                                      598.33           461.64
 Of the above total, the estimated FTE which are
 externally funded                                           14.02            10.82
 Number of volunteers (where known)                          1,078            1,185

NB: Staffing figures should include any vacancies and exclude sessional / casual staff.

Structure Chart – as at time of drafting

                                                                   Head of
                                                                 Libraries &
                                                                 Cath Anley

                      Strategic                               Strategic           Strategic                        Business
                      Manager,                                Manager,            Manager,                          Support
                    Modernisation -                          Projects -          Operations -                      Manager -
                     Sue Sparks                            Lesley Spencer         Lynn Catt                     Diane Chilmaid

Information &         Community             Reading &         Project              Lead District       Stock Services      Resource
                                                                                 Manager - Shirley
    Digital           Cohesion &              Literacy       Managers -                                  Manager -        Development
  Inclusion             Heritage             Manager -
                                                           James Pearson       5 x District Managers     Ken Jarvis        Manager -
  Manager -            Manager -                            Guy Gardner            Open Access
                                                                                                                           Fran Link
   Christel           Gill Bromley                         Anne Atkinson              Manager
                                           Sheila Golden


Short text summarising significant business risks the services faces in 2012-13, outlining the
likelihood of them occurring, potential impact, and what is being done to mitigate them and
safeguard business continuity.

The business objectives set out in this plan are monitored to ensure that they will be delivered.
Risks associated with potential non-delivery, and the controls in place to mitigate those risks,
have been assessed and documented as part of the annual operating plan process.

There are still significant risks for the service in delivering savings while retaining the capacity
to deliver a transformational change programme including:
         The Future Library Services programme (see target 1.1 above) involves 12 Locality
           Boards or equivalents in independent local discussions about future library service
           provision. Significant risks exist that this process will not generate recommendations
           that deliver the savings required, and/or that are consistent with KCC fulfilling its
           statutory obligations under the Public Libraries and Museums Act. There are also
           reputation and PR risks that could emerge from the communication and community
           engagement activity that will support these discussions. To mitigate these risks, the
           project is being overseen by a Steering Group composed of senior KCC managers
           and members, and advice is being regularly sought from colleagues in CCE, HR,
           Legal and Property Services.
         There are clear risks associated with the management of a range of major capital
           projects to conclusion. The governance model of each project includes a robust risk
           management process overseen by a Project Board, with regular briefings to senior
           managers and the Cabinet Member.
         The risks associated with managing customer-facing services through a period of
           rapid change including managing public expectation and community engagement
           through difficult times. Effective communications will ensure everyone is kept
           informed at an appropriate time and in an appropriate manner and that opportunities
           for public involvement continue to grow.
         The reduction in income from other sources like AV loans is being mitigated through
           reduced purchasing of AV materials.

                                                                        C&C Final Draft– 04/04/12

    Performance Indicator       Actual    Statistical   Estimate      Target         Floor
                               2010/11    Neighbour     Outturn      2012/13*    Performance
                                           Outturn       2011/12                 Standard in

Total Issues                                 n/a
Books                            6.47m                    6.61m        6.9m        6.615m
                               combined                  140,000     combined      135,000
Audio Visual
Annual virtual visits to the    1.5m         n/a          753,813     850,000      750,000
Libraries    and    Archives                               (lower
website                                                 than 10/11
                                                           due to
                                                         change in
Annual physical visits to       6.75m        n/a            6.7m        7m          6.5m
Use of Netloan (Library and      53%         n/a          47%          50%           45%
Archives computers) as %
of available time
Archives documents              8,050        n/a          8,000       13,300        12,000
produced for researchers
Average number of books         19,178     Locally       19,230      Q1=19,650      19,230
issued per day (including                 agreed PI                  Q2=21,210
mobiles)                                                             Q4=19,070
Average number of visits to     21,795     Locally       21,800      Q1=23,290      21,000
libraries per day (excluding              agreed PI                  Q2=24,720
mobiles)                                                             Q4=23,000
Average daily ebook issues       43        Locally         115        Q1=110         115
                                          agreed PI                   Q2=130
Average number of people         423       Locally         330        Q1=330         300
contacting us by phone                    agreed PI                   Q2=330
(24/7) per day                                                        Q4=330
Average number of people        4,563      Locally          2,100    Q1=1,900       2,100
contacting us online (24/7)               agreed PI        (lower    Q2=2,400
                                                           outturn   Q3=2,450
per day                                                 than 10/11   Q4=2,400
                                                           due to     Yr=2,287
                                                         change in
Average number of people        1,187      Locally          1,300    Q1=1,300       1,200
attending children’s                      agreed PI                  Q2=1,300
storytimes and other similar                                         Q4=1,300
events per week                                                      Yr=1,300

                                                                        C&C Final Draft– 04/04/12
Average number of people              161       Locally     260       Q1=280           250
attending Talk Time per            (launched   agreed PI              Q2=290
                                   Dec 2010)                          Q3=290
week (drop in “coffee and                                             Q4=280
chat” sessions for the 50+)                                           Yr=285
Weekly number of                     399        Locally     447       Q1=256            230
documents provided by                          agreed PI              Q2=256     (target and floor
                                                                      Q3=256        perf. figure
Archive centres                                                       Q4=256       reduced from
                                                                      Yr=256      11/12 because
                                                                                  KCC no longer
                                                                                  responsible for
Annual no of business                286        Locally     258       Q1=85             250
enquiries answered                             agreed PI              Q2=65
Number of reading groups             482        Locally     550       Q1=550           500
supported                                      agreed PI              Q2=560
Free hours of public computer      637,915      Locally    650,000   Q1=660k         630,000
use in previous 12 months                      agreed PI             Q2=670k
Number of housebound library         1,334      Locally     1,600    Q1=1,640         1,500
customers who have received                    agreed PI             Q2=1,680
our service in the last year                                         Q3=1,720
Number of spoken word postal         1,285      Locally     1,100    Q1=1,200         1,100
loan customers who have                        agreed PI             Q2=1,300
received our service in the last                                     Q3=1,400
year                                                                 Q4=1,500
Number of hours volunteers          38,593      Locally    41,000    Q1=42,000       38,000
contributed in the previous 12                 agreed PI             Q2=43,000
months                                                               Q3=44,000

                                                                                C&C Final Draft– 04/04/12

Key Activity Data & other Management Information
Key activity data that gives an indication of the size and scope of the service – “bang for the buck”,
which aren’t direct measures of performance, but need to be monitored for cost or other reasons. E.g.
client numbers, transactions, etc. (They used to feature in the ‘core services and forecast activity levels’
section). This information is also used to populate the Budget Book each year.

                          Service Area                                2010/11      2011/12       2012/13
                                                                      Outturn      Estimate      Forecast


Hours of free public pc use                                          637,915       667k         700k

Income from the hire of AV materials, fines and other £1.14m                       £987k        £972k
charges and merchandising activities

Clients within the Prison Library service                            6,000         6,000        6,000

Bookstart delivered to eligible pre-school children                  52,372        34,900 *     90%      of

Young people engaged with the MyVoice project – acting n/a                         60           60
as media promoters, digital mentors and editors

Number of children taking up in the Summer Reading 16,455                          13,600       17,000


New books added to stock                                             220,295       200,000      220,000

Items lent/borrowed through inter-library loans beyond 6,471                       5,300        5,000

   * “Bookstart Plus” packs now withdrawn

                                                                               C&C Final Draft– 04/04/12

Equality and Diversity

A new Equality Policy and objectives are being produced by April 2012. Services will be
expected to contribute to the achievement of those objectives. More details will follow in early

Sustainability and Climate Change
Services are asked to list actions due to take place in 2012/13 where relevant. (NB: Some may already
be featured to within ‘Key Actions, Projects and Milestones section . If so, please cross-refer).
Key corporate priorities again relate to reducing energy use, particularly from staff; reducing business
miles driven by car; utilising tele and video conferencing; car sharing.
Managing Climate Risks - ensuring all teams have utilised the online tools to review risks and
opportunities and plan actions.

       KCC Environmental                        Actions in 2012/13                   Target Date
          Policy area

    1. Decision making (i.e.      Environmental impact underpins all targets in     March 2013
    integrating environmental     AOP and actions taken to minimise negative
    considerations into day-to-   impact where possible.
    day decision-making)          Climate change and severe weather continue
                                  to be appropriately addressed within risk
                                  management and business continuity
    2. Estate Management          New Strategic Property Board will have a new      March 2013
    (e.g. energy / water use,     building strategy and continue investment into
    waste generation)             energy efficient technology and waste
                                  Continue with a programme of waste
                                  reduction, including confidential waste by
                                  Monitor buildings energy and water use from
                                  reports supplied by S&CC team to reduce
                                  wasted energy usage- Green Guardians to
                                  carry out local spot checks.
    3. Travel and Transport       Increase use of video conferencing and BT         March 2013
    (e.g. reduction in business   meet me, by identifying 4 Champions, to
    mileage)                      reduce travel mileage to meetings by 10%.
    4. Procurement (e.g.          Use suppliers who source locally produced,        March 2013
    ensure suppliers are          environmentally friendly or products made
    taking action to reduce       from recycled materials and ensure package
    their environmental           disposal is part of supply contracts.
    5. Construction (e.g.         All new projects to meet standard if buildings    March 2013
    BREEAM standards for          are suitable.
    6. Workforce (e.g. raising    All staff to complete online training for         Sept 2012
    awareness, environmental      ISO14001 compliance and feedback/show
    training)                     evidence of new information learnt.
                                  All staff to support SMART behaviours
                                                                         C&C Final Draft– 04/04/12
                          Energy Smart
                          Travel Smart
                          Print Smart
                          New Green Guardians to complete IEMA
                          Further training for buildings/facilities
7. Climate Change         Climate Risk Profiles to be updated, results       Oct 2012
Adaptation (how is your   collated and sent to S&CC team.
Service preparing for
impact on business
operations / service
delivery caused by the
changing Kent climate)


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