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     Our future barista challenges are at the following restaurant/foodservice/culinary
                                    shows in the USA:

International Restaurant and Foodservice Show of New York - March of
every year at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, New York, NY

      Southwest Foodservice Expo in Houston or Dallas, TX in June of
                             every year

Western Foodservice and Hospitality Expo - August of every year in Los
Angeles Convention Center, L.A. Convention Center or at the San Diego,
CA Convention Center

Florida Restaurant & Lodging Show. Orange County Convention Center,
Orlando, Florida every September.

      There will be separate days for each challenge: Latte Art, Espresso Cocktails,
     Espresso Frappe and Best of Brew Challenges. There will occasionally be only 3
                        events depending on the location & time.

. If accepted there is a $25 registration fee. Please make checks out to WholeCup Coffee
         Consulting, LLC and mail to: 1342 SE 30th Avenue, Portland, OR 97214

  We will then send all UBC Rules Booklets, Score Sheets and Event Schedules to you.

     Sign up for one or all 4 events! The Registration Fee covers one or all four events!

Have fun with this professional “alternative” barist event and compete to meet The
                              Ultimate Barista USA!

Space is limited to 10 -16 baristi. Baristi prechallenge meeting/practice will be held each
                   morning prior to the day’s challenges at booth/stage.

Contact Danny or Sherri at: danny@ultimatebaristachallenge.com / Tel: 503.232.1016 for
                   more show and UBC barista event information.

            UBC Challenger Application and Registration Form

                  Email your completed registration and other information to
                 danny@ultimatebaristachallenge.com or fax to 503.232.1016.

1. Latte Art 2. Espresso Cocktails 3. Espresso Frappe 4. Best of Brew
 (Circle or Mark events that you wish to compete in the Qualifying Rounds)
1. New York City, NY / 2. Houston/Dallas TX / 3. Los Angeles/San Diego, CA /
 4. Orlando, FL
(Circle or Mark the locations that you wish to compete as a barista challenger))

Barista Name:
Company or Café Name:
City:                                     State:                          Zip:
Phone:                                    Fax:

 UBC Challenger CV/Biography: (50 Words):

 UBC Challenger Photos:

 UBC Challenger’s Statement as to Why they want to challenge the Ultimate
  Barista in this one-on-one contest:


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