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You are responsible for all equipment (the “Unit”), service, and parts beyond
manufacturer’s warranty. Superior Coffee shall not be responsible for any losses,
costs, damages, or claims of any kind relating to your purchase, lease, operation,
maintenance, repair, or other use of such Unit, service, or parts.

Several elements of the Unit prominently display the Intellectual Property
(trademarks, service marks, logos, trade names, trade dress, etc.) of Superior
Coffee. Your display of Superior Coffee’s Intellectual Property is your guarantee
to your customers and Superior Coffee that all food products served from the
Unit are Superior Coffee products.

Because the products served from the Unit are prominently associated with our
Intellectual Property, we require that you immediately remove our intellectual
Property in the event that you are no longer selling our products exclusively

The address of the site(s) and the actual location where the Unit will be placed
are listed on Exhibit A. Any changes to the address or location must be
submitted for, and are subject to, our prior written approval.

Superior Coffee specifically reserves the right to pursue any and all legal
remedies in the event any of its intellectual Property rights are violated.

You agree to indemnify and hold Superior Coffee harmless from and against any
and all claims for injury or damage resulting from the installation, use, or
removal of the Unit.

You agree to:

   Ensure that the Unit is operated in accordance with all applicable laws, rules
    and regulations, and that standards and commitments set forth in this
    Agreement are upheld in order to promote and preserve the equality and
    integrity of Superior’s brands.

   Review this Agreement with the individual responsible for overseeing the
    day-to-day operation of the Unit and all employees responsible for operating
    the Unit.

   Allow us to review Unit operations on a monthly basis, such review to
    include, without limitation: inspection of the Unit, interviews with the
    individuals operating the Unit, evaluation of product handling and rotation,

   Correct any problems identified during such evaluations.

   Not disclose to any third party any of Superior Coffee confidential
    information, and to return such information to us upon the termination of
    this Agreement.

   Only use Superior Coffee products in the Unit dispensers.

You agree to adhere, and to require the adherence of your employees and others
operating the Unit on your behalf, to our policies and procedures, including
those set forth in the Agreement.

Superior Coffee reserves the right to evaluate your performance to insure you
compliance with this Agreement.

This Agreement shall commence on the date set forth below, and shall continue
to effect until terminated by either party, such termination to take effect five days
following the date when the termination party provides written notice to the
other party. You may not assign it or your rights and obligations under it to any
third party without our written consent, and attempted assignment in violation
of this provision shall be null and void.

By signing this agreement, you warrant that (i) you have the necessary power
and authority to enter into the Agreement and to perform the obligations
required of you, and (ii) that your execution and delivery of this Agreement and
performance hereunder will not violate any other agreements to which you are a

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                              EXIBIT A

                         Unit Locations

Account             Address              Location of Unit   Model
Installation Date

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