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Globally Energy drinks will
           $10BN l 2010!
double toG l o b aby E n er g y D r in k s - $ M M
                               Global Energy Drinks- $MM
                 $9,000,000                                +233%
                 $2,000,000 $0
                 $1,000,000          FY 06    FY 10
                                   FY 06
Source: Goldman Sachs/Mintel                  FY 10
Energy is a concern for the majority of the population!

                                     75% of consumers
                            have issues related to energy and vitality.

      Specifically… “FATIGUE”

 Source: Natural Marketing Institute, January 2007
Energy concerns all age groups, even the young:

  21% of all consumers are trying to manage “tiredness”
  38% admit that fatigue is their biggest fear of aging
  60% of all adults eat or drink specific foods for ‘energy

  Even young people (Gen Y) are concerned – they choose foods
  and beverages daily to improve:
     28% energy
     24% activity level
     15% mental performance

 Source: Natural Marketing Institute 2006, Hartman 2005, HealthFocus 2005
Yet, most Consumers have not tried Energy Drinks!
  • Despite most drinks being marketed to teens, adults 35+
    drive usage.
  • Red Bull sells almost 1BN cans per year in the U.S. alone!
 AGE                MM People               % of Population   # Use energy
 Teens:                21MM                        7.3%            7MM
 Adults 35-59          96MM                       34.2%            34MM
 Total                 117MM                      41.6%            41MM

                     If the products were marketed as ‘healthy,’
                      they could attract another 76MM PEOPLE

   At 1.5 drinks per person per day… the market potential is $260MM PER DAY

  Source: US 2000 Census data, Beverage Marketing, NMI.
The majority of competitors rely on heavy levels of
caffeine & sugar for energy:
                                                                   Grams of
             Drink                                    Caffeine     Sugar    Size

            Coca Cola                                 34 mg        39 g     12 oz.
            Mountain Dew Livewire                     92.5 mg      77.5 g   12 oz.
            Sunkist Orange soda                       40 mg        52 g     12 oz.

            Coffee brewed                             135-180 mg            8oz
            Coffee, instant                           71-111 mg             8 oz.
            Espresso                                  36-102 mg             2 oz.
            Tea                                       40-50 mg              8 oz.

            Red Bull                                  80 mg        27 g     8.3 oz
            Cocaine                                   280 mg       18 g     8.4 oz
            Monster                                   70 mg        52 g     8 0Z
            Rock Star                                 150.08 mg    42 g     16 oz
            Full Throttle                             144 mg       58 g     16 oz
            Sobe No Fear                              158 mg       66 g     16 oz
            AMP                                       71 mg        30 g     8 oz

 Source: Nutrition fact panels of leading beverages
The opportunity is for a healthier, low calorie drink:

 • 69% of Consumers prefer low sugar products…

 • 66% of the U.S. Population prefers using sugar free food/beverages

 • 57% of all consumers are interested in using herbs to support their

 Source: Various internet/industry newsletters
Get your “Vi-Q” with ViSalus NEURO!

      Replenish your Genius/Fuel your day with healthy energy.

          Adults lacking the energy and mental focus to perform at
          their best.

      Energy drinks that leave you jittery, not refreshed.
Get your “Vi-Q” with ViSalus NEURO!

  Points of Difference:
      1. Mental energy: Proprietary patent-pending blend to boost
         mental acuity

      2. Physical energy without heavy caffeine: Less caffeine than a
         half cup of coffee. Vitamins for enhanced energy.

      3. Portable & Convenient: Mildly effervescent powder in small,
         portable packets that you can add anytime, anywhere to
         water, iced tea, or juice.
Our Formula is based on strong science:

• DMAE – Naturally found in fish, known as “brain food.”

• Rhodiola – An herb from Siberia, Russia for “Mental Acuity and performance.”

• Arginine – Nobel prize-winning research on the effects in stimulating increased
oxygen/vein and brain support.

• B & C Vitamin Blend – For sustained energy support/fuel.

• Low levels of Natural Caffeine – Well controlled laboratory studies involving running or
cycling shows that caffeine improves endurance/staves off exhaustion.

• ViSalus NEURO has less caffeine than a half cup of coffee… more consistent with the
amount found in tea.
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  for the mind as well as the body.
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