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					Tips To Find the Ideal Hotel in New York

You’ve finally got the vacation you deserve after slaving on a desk for
half a decade. You saw fit to reward yourself with a trip to the Big
Apple; New York, New York, here you come…you’ve got the brochures ready,
the traveling checks are in your hand bag and you’re wearing your best
Gucci shades to keep you from the harsh glare of the sun. But haven’t you
forgotten something?
Like..maybe knowing what New York hotel you’re going to stay?

Touring New York would no doubt be something akin to paradise with all of
the tourist spots it can boast of but no doubt at first glance, New York
prices would make your eyebrows raise and possibly, gulp at the
exorbitance of it. But remember, everything comes with a price and rent
or living space is usually the hardest to tackle when it comes to New
York. When choosing a hotel to stay in New York then, it’s imperative
that you ask yourself the following questions so you can determine what
place is ideal.

1.) What part of New York do you plan to stay in?
New York can divided into several districts and these districts usually
determine the range of hotel fees you’re going to encounter. Do you want
your hotel to be situated in Manhattan, where most New York attractions
can be found? If you want, however, to stay in a funky upbeat district
then the hotels in Soho and Greenwich and the likes are probably what
you’re looking for.

2.) How much can you afford?
Now that we’ve got a specific location in mind, the next step to take is
to count our available dollars. Hotels in New York range from the
exorbitant to the wonderfully cheap. Naturally, the features are somewhat
dependent on the price.

3.) Who are you with?
If you’re bringing kids, then not all hotels in New York can of course,
open their doors to welcome you. With children in tow, we can suggest
hotels like the Doubletree Guest Suites and the Hilton Time Square,
hotels that are both famous for reliable, warm and efficient service. And
then there are the pets. If you’re the type to bring around your
Dalmatian or Siamese with you wherever you go then the lists of
prospective hotels in New York that you can stay on would narrow further.
For travelers accompanied by their furry friends, try checking out hotels
like 70 Park Avenue Hotel and Carlyle Hotel, which even offers dog-
walking services just in case you find yourself busy touring New York

4.) What features / services do you need?
If you’re on some sort of business trip, then definitely you’d prefer a
hotel with Internet access. If you’re planning to host some sort of
gathering then you’ll also be interested to check out hotel facilities
and see what best suits the event you have in mind. Also, not all hotels
in New York come with Olympic sized pools, Grade A spas and fitness
centers so you must take all these things in consideration as you try hit
upon the best place to stay in New York.
If and when you do find a hotel to stay in New York then we will leave
you with just one more tip: be wary of pickpockets, have fun and don’t
forget to take a picture of the Empire State Building!

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