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									                  Saint Thomas More Parish & Academy
                                               4275 Fourth Street, Southeast
                                                 Washington, D.C. 20032
                                 Telephone: 202-562-0431 Fax: 202-563-7347
                     E-mail:     Website:
                                            School: 202-561-1189

                                                     June 17, 2012

Pastoral Staff:
                                                                           Mass Schedule
    Rev. Raymond Moore, Pastor, x12                                            Saturday               5:00 pm (Rectory Chapel)
    Rev. John Kinter, In residence, x16                                        Sunday                 8:45 am Youth Choir
    Deacon Richard L. Walker, x30                                                                    11:30 am Gospel Choir
    Ms. Patricia Hamilton, Pastoral Administrator, x11                         Weekdays               8:00 am (Rectory Chapel)
    Mrs. Mary Waters, Office Assistant & Rectory Cook, x10                 Novena:
    Ms. Bridget Coates, Academy Principal                                      Monday                  7:00 pm   (Rectory Chapel)
    Ms. Wanda Brooks, Coordinator of Religious Education, x31
    Mr. Henry Herrera, Gospel Choir Director                               Bulletin Deadline:     Items for Sunday’s Bulletin must be
    Mrs. Charnetta Dobbins, Youth Choir Director                           received via email by 5:00pm Monday in order to have them
    Mrs. Barbara Elliott, Parish Council Chair                             included in Sunday’s publication. Thank you for honoring this
    Ms. Diana Brown, Finance Council Chair                                 important timeline.

Baptism: Please call the Parish Office to register for classes.
Confession: After Sunday Masses or by appointment, or on Wednesday Evenings, 6:30-8:00 pm in the Church.
Marriage: Diocesan policy requires notification to the priest at least six months in advance. Attendance at pre-Cana classes is also
required. Contact the Parish Office for more information.

Pastoral Care of the Sick: Please notify the Parish Office when a member of the parish is in the hospital, nursing home, or is otherwise
unable to come to Mass and wishes to receive any of the sacraments.

Religious Education:
 Interested in becoming a Catholic? Please contact Fr. Raymond Moore at the Rectory.
 CCD Classes: Every Sunday at 10:30am                                     Bible Study: Every Tuesday at 7:30pm
 Adult Education Catholic Inquiry Classes: Every Sunday at 10:30am
         Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary Time                                                      STEWARDSHIP REPORT
                Preparing to Hear God’s Word                                           EFFECTIVE SUPPORT OF YOUR CHURCH
Reading I: Ez 17:22-24 – The prophet describes all the work                                   IS WISE STEWARDSHIP
God does to bring forth life.
Responsorial Psalm 92: Lord, it is good to give thanks to                              The children of Israel brought a willing offering unto the Lord,
you.                                                                                   every man and woman, whose heart made them willing to bring
Reading II: 2 Cor 5:6-10 – We walk by faith and not by                                  for all manner of work, which the Lord had commanded to be
                                                                                                 made by the hand of Moses. (Exodus 35:29)
Gospel: Mk 4:26-34 – The kingdom of God is like a farmer                              Lord, we give today because we have first committed our lives to
who scatters seed. The kingdom of God is like a tiny mustard                          you. Take what we bring and use it to anchor others in the faith and
seed. Whether scattered seed or a tiny seed, an abundant                              joy of our Lord, Jesus Christ. May these gifts exemplify our
                                                                                      steadfastness in following Christ, our determination to serve him, and
harvest and largeness of life will spring up
                                                                                      our loyalty to good stewardship. Amen.
                    Readings for Next Sunday
                                                                                      Your offerings at last weekend’s Masses amounted to
        Is 49:1-6           Acts 13:22-26             Lk 1:57-66, 80
                                                                                      $6,544.40 for the support of our Church. This includes
       MASS INTENTIONS FOR THE WEEK:                                                  $15.00 from Youth Envelopes.
Sunday   8:45am Fathers and Father Figures, Living & Deceased                                                5:00 pm                    10
         11:30am Theresa Singleton and Family                                                                8:45 am                   160
Monday           Lucille Rivas and Family                                                                   11:30 am                   152
Tuesday          Jean Stewart and Family                                                                                               322
Wednesday        Health of Mack Kennedy                                                Thank you for continuing to be as generous as possible!
Thursday         Health of James Hilton
Friday           Don, Flo & Bruce Bertman                                             PASTOR’S BIBLE STUDY: Tuesday night Bible study will
Saturday         Laurel Bertman Larison                                               resume on Tuesday, July 10th at 7:30 in the Red Room. All are
              CALENDAR FOR THE WEEK:                                                  welcome.
Sunday           Adult Faith Sharing Group (10:30am-Red Rm)                           ADULT DISCUSSION & FAITH SHARING GROUP:
                 CCD Classes – Summer Break                                           The STM Faith Discussion Group will meet today at 10:30am in
                 Second Chance (3:30pm-Old Library)                                   the Red Room. We welcome all adult Catholics, ages 19 and up,
Monday           Youth Choir Rehearsal (7:00pm-Church)                                to join us to enjoy good conversation, sharing and fellowship on
Tuesday          NCW 2nd Community (8:00pm-Cedar Rm)                                  many faith-based topics. For more info, please see Faye Powell.
                (Hearts Aflame Course: Tues/Wed/Thurs-7:00pm-Red Rm)
Wednesday        NCW 1st Community (8:00pm-Cedar Rm)                                  RELIGIOUS EDUCATION PROGRAM: CCD is now on
Thursday         Adult Choir Rehearsal-Summer Break                                   break for the summer. For more information please speak to
Friday           AA (8:00pm-Old Library)                                              Ms. Wanda Brooks, Coordinator of Religious Education.
Saturday         NCW Communities (8:00pm)
                                                                                      CARDINAL’S APPEAL UPDATE: During the month of
                                                                                      May, we added only $700 toward reaching our goal of $34,570.
                  DAILY MASS READING                                                  That means that we have pledged 23,797. If you have already
  Monday:              1 Kgs 21:1-16                       Mt 5:38-42                 made your pledge: a huge thank you. If you have yet to pledge:
  Tuesday:             1 Kgs 21:17-29                      Mt 5:43-48                 please consider making your pledge this week and help us to meet
                                                                                      our goal for the year. We are determined to meet our goal!
  Wednesday:           2 Kgs 2:1, 6-14                     Mt 6:1-6, 16-18
  Thursday:            Sir 48:1-14                         Mt 6:7-15                  SHARE: No SHARE Registration today, Father’s Day.
  Friday:              2 Kgs 11:1-4, 9-18, 20              Mt 6:19-23                 Pick-Up will take place on Saturday, June 23rd, 11am-1pm.
  Saturday:            2 Chr 24:17-25                      Mt 6:24-34                 Please be on time! Please see Mrs. Mary Bush for more info.

KEEP THE SICK IN YOUR PRAYERS:                                   Veronica Apiafi,     STM JUNE WEDDING ANNIVERSARIES:                        Couples
Florence Askew, Monique Bailey, Viola Barnes, Linda Black, Blondinia Brown,           who will observe their Wedding Anniversary in the month of
Deacon James Brown, Alvin & Shirley Brown, Cynthia Bruce, Felicia V. Bush,            May are asked to notify Ms. Mary Waters in the Church Office no
John Bush, Mary Agnes Bush, Jane Butorac, Gwen Cannon, Dixie Clark, Andrea
Cole (niece of Sandra Proctor), Susie Curtis, Francess Davies, Barbara Deale, Edith   later than Wednesday, June 20th. Special Blessings will be
Ellis, Renee Feliu, Mary E. Ford, Eric Fuller, Tasha Gant, Tyrone Garrison, Brenda    shared with our celebrants on Sunday, June 24th.
Green, Natalie Green, Emmanuel Greene (uncle of Christina Tilghman), William
Gunn (Brother of Elnora Jackson), Earl Hamilton, Andre Harris, Margaret Harris,                ***SPECIAL PRAYER REQUESTS***
Claudine Hawkins, Shant’e Hawkins, Joe Hill, James Hilton, Darryl Jackson, Gail
Jackson, Jimmie Jackson, Ronald Johnson, Sarah Jones, Mack Kennedy, Dennis            Please pray for the repose of the souls of William Alexander
Lucas, Andre Lyles, Doris Martin, Gloria & William McCaskill, Emma McEntyre,          brother of Lucille Rivas; and Chris Jones, brother of Jean
Betty Moeller, Gloria Morgan, Dorothy Myrtle (Aunt of Christina Tilghman),
Angela Neal (daughter-in-law of Mrs. Neal), Margarita Perez, Tom Propes, James
                                                                                      Stewart. We assure our devoted parishioners, Mrs. Rivas and
Roberts, Arthur Robinson, Leroy Robinson, Robert Robinson, Ciara Shields,             Mrs. Stewart, and their families, of our prayers!
Pauline Shorter, Brenda Smith, Joe Stewart, Edsel Swann, Jane Thomas, Estelle
Thompson, Kristine Vivican, Paul Waters, Mary Webster, Marilyn Denise
                                                                                      Let us pray for the safety of our children during the summer!
Whetstone (Richardson’s daughter), Kobe M. Williams, David Wilson, Orlando            We pray that all children remain safe in God’s loving arms, free
Witherspoon, Jean Wright (sister of Pat Wright), Marianne Young, and all who are      from summer accidents and any form of violence in their lives.
Sick and Shut-In.                                                                                            God bless you!
            PASTOR’S PEN
Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,
    As we begin the summer and vacation season I would
like to share with you on the topic of Stewardship and
Discipleship. I would begin by thanking you for your
generous support of our parish. I am sure that you have
noticed that after sixty years our buildings are beginning
to show the signs of age. And there are a number of
major renovation and repair projects that need to be
addressed. During the spring, we were able to make
                                                                           St. Thomas More Church
some major repairs to the plumbing in the rectory, Cedar                        60th Anniversary Gala
Room and church. The wood retaining wall (the
retaining wall is critical in controlling erosion behind the
                                                                          Saturday, September 8, 2012
building) and dumpster enclosure in the back of the                            La Fontaine Bleu
Cedar Room were replaced. Your generous support                               Lanham, Maryland
enabled us to pay for these repairs.
   After consultation with the Finance Council and                             8:00pm~Midnight
Parish Council, we want to compile a comprehensive list
of future projects. In part, some major concerns include:
                                                                        Semi-Formal Gala ~~ Adults Only
                                                                              (Must be at least 21 years of age)
         -Replacing the heating system in the church.
         -Replanting the grass on the hills to control                               Price: $65.00
          runoff and erosion.                                            Purchase tickets from Ticket Captains:
         -Paint and repair the windows in the church.             Laura Brown & Margaret Butler ~8:45am Mass
         -Renovate the restrooms in the Cedar Room lobby
                                                                  Sharie Wood &Viola Davies ~11:30am Mass
         These are all important and expensive projects.
But with your continued support we will be able to meet           Seeking Table Captains to sell tickets for a table. If
these needs, and secure our future.                               interested, please contact one of the Ticket Captains,
         Some other items to bring to your attention:             any Anniversary Committee member, or Liz Berry.
       1. Please notify the church office of any changes
in address or telephone numbers. This will insure that                     All monies due by August 5th!
you continue to receive your tithing envelopes and avoid                         Lay-Away Plans available ~
costly return postage charges from the Post Office.                      purchase your tickets now and pay as you go!!
       2. Continue to make your tithes while you are on
vacation. Remember, God does not take a vacation from              ***ADDITIONAL SPECIAL EVENTS***
blessing us!                                                            *Church Picnic ~July 8th~Ft. Washington
       3. Continue to evangelize by inviting someone to
worship with us on Sunday. Many do a good job at this.
                                                                                *Youth Event~August 5th
You only have to ask. The Lord will do the rest!                         *Jubilee Mass~September 23rd~10:00am
Have a great Father’s Day weekend and thanks to all for                       *Choir Concert~November 4th
your continued generous support. I will be sharing with
you on the repair and renovation projects in the future.                Please see special insert in today’s Sunday Bulletin for
                                                                       important information regarding our Souvenir Booklet.
                      In His Love,
          Fr. Raymond Moore                                       KC ‘WHITE NIGHT OUT’: The Knights of Columbus will
                                                                  sponsor their fundraising ‘White Night Out’ Dance (All White
                 Profound Thanks                                  Attire) on Saturday, June 23, 2012, from 9:00pm to 1:00am, in
     From Father Moore and Father Tom Gibbons                     the STM Cedar Room. Music by “DJ Pop”! Tickets in
Father Tom extends his sincere thanks for your generosity and     Advance: $20 per person/$30 per couple; OR at the Door: $25
love as he celebrated his Mass of Thanksgiving on Sunday.         per person/$35 per couple. (No refunds!) Proceeds will benefit
Father Moore extends his sincere gratitude and love for the       STM Church. You may purchase tickets from any KC member,
“surprise” celebration of his 31st Anniversary of Ordination to   or call Kenneth Berry on 240-351-8875, or Freddie Colston on
the Priesthood.                                                   301-821-2343. Please plan to join us for a fun evening out!
                                                                                NOTES FOR TODAY…
             New Students Welcome!                                 ____________________________________
          Enrollment is underway for the                           ____________________________________
             2012-2013 School Year!                                ____________________________________
      We are accepting students in ALL Grades                      ____________________________________
               ~ Pre-K3 through 8th!                               ____________________________________
             (3-year-olds accepted into Pre-K3!)
               **Catholic Environment**                            ____________________________________
               Tuition Assistance Available                        ____________________________________
                    – so Register Early!                           ____________________________________
       FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE CALL                           ____________________________________
          THE SCHOOL OFFICE ON 202-561-1189                        ____________________________________
              DON BOSCO CRISTCO REY                                ____________________________________
              CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL                                 ____________________________________
    ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FOR 2012-2013                           ____________________________________
Think you cannot afford a private Catholic school, think
again! We are looking for students who display the following       ____________________________________
characteristics:                                                   ____________________________________
 Cannot otherwise afford Catholic education
 Are open to Catholic religious values
 Have successfully finished 8th grade                             ____________________________________
 Are employable and hardworking                                   ____________________________________
 Are at least 14 years old by the start of the school year
 Are highly motivated and mature
 Would like to work for a Corporation one day a week              ____________________________________
       For more information on applying please contact:            ____________________________________
                     1010 Larch Avenue                             ____________________________________
                   Takoma Park, MD 20912                           ____________________________________
               Phone: 301-891-4750 Ext. 114
We continue to experience a need for donations
and appeal to your generous spirit of giving for
           Our STM Food Pantry.                                    ____________________________________
       We continue to have a particular need for:
    STAPLES: Hot and cold cereals, peanut butter, jelly, rice,
      pasta, instant potatoes, beans, tomato paste/sauce; and
                                                                   VISIT OUR STM WEBSITE: Would you like to listen to a
NUTRITIOUS CANNED ITEMS: Stews with meat,                          recent Homily, read the Sunday Bulletin or check for updates to
chicken, hash, spaghetti with meat balls, tuna, salmon, fruits &   the Parish Calendar on-line? You may access these items, and
vegetables.                                                        much more, at*
                     Thank You! God Bless!                         *The STM Website is “under construction” at this time. Thank
                                                                   you for bearing with us during this “remodeling” process!

     Advertisement Package:                    More ways to Participate!

Inside Front Cover              $300.00
Inside Back Cover               $300.00          Become a Sponsor,
                                              Donor or Patron and have
                                               your name listed on our
Full Page                        $150.00
                                                  60th Anniversary
Half Page                        $ 80.00
                                              Signature Journal Insert.
Quarter Page                     $ 50.00
Business Card                    $ 35.00      Sponsor             $60.00
                                              Donor               $30.00
Like to add a color photo?                    Patron     (Any amount will be
No problem! Just add $15.00 to your
bill and consider it done! (photo should        Call 240.351.8869 if you
be submitted electronically)
                                                 have any questions
**Full pages are 8 x 11. All Artwork
should be camera-ready and submitted          Please encourage the businesses
electronically, no later than July 17, 2012   you support…to support you!

60th Anniversary Souvenir Journal
Advertisement Sale
Ad space available on a first come-first
served basis!

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