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									    CFUW West Vancouver                              Executive & Committee Chairs
                                                        CFUW West Vancouver
      Supports Scholarships                                                                                 INTEREST GROUPS
                                                             2012– 2012
                                                        PROGRAM 2013 - 2013                             Chair:                     Marilyn Adams
The West Vancouver Club has presented a                                                                                             604-913-0055
                                                   President                Margaret Stedman
number of September 17,the years. In
              scholarships over 2012              Celebration of our 55th Anniversary
                    West Vancouver
1989 the CFUW 7 - 9:00 pm                                                                                  Group                           Leader
                                                   Past President           Louise Adams
Educational Trust was established, an                                                                ANTIQUE STUDIES                  Robyn Smith
                                                         Dr. Strong-Boag, Professor
endowment fund from which scholarships                                                                                               604-922-4714
               October 15, 2012                       Women’s Gender Studies, June Coe
                                                    Vice Presidents              UBC
and bursaries are provided from earned                                       604-926-6716                 Celebrating 55 years
                                                “Lady Aberdeen: Why it is useful in the 21st
interest. It is7pm refreshments
                registered with Revenue                                 and Ieva Cornford                         1957 - 2012 BOOK GROUPS
Canada so that7:30 speaker
                   income tax receipts can be     century to remember a British aristocrat,             Morning Books
                                                                             604-922-1658                   Canadian Federation of Diane Reid
given for donations. Monies from fund                  wife of
                                                    Secretary a Governor General?”
                                                                              Nancy Smith                       University Women604-921-9111
raising are also deposited into the fund.                                    604-926-9039               ‘4 Books‘ West VancouverJean Johnston
Two bursaries are endowed, the CFUW
           November 19, 2012                                         * Kennedy,
                                                             Dr. JamesOccasional Secretary                                       604-986-1317
West Vancouver Mary Neil Bursary and
            7pm refreshments                         Specialist in Internal Medicine and                  Box 27067, 1395          Dr.
                                                                                                        Hot-off-the-Press MarineGillian Taylor
                                                   Treasurer                  Linda Arnold                      West Vancouver,
the CFUW West Vancouver Memorial
               7:30 speaker                         Pharmacology “Drug Interactions”
                                                                              604-921-9675                       B.C. V7T 1H0
Bursary both for mature women students                                                                  Bodacious Bibliophiles with Bonbons
                                                   Membership                Eleanor Scarth                       Web Site:
at Capilano University. Created in memory
                                                            Christmas Festive Party
of a formerDecember 10, 2012
           Club President and of deceased                                                                                        604-913-1685
                                                                     * Membership Assistant                      2012 – 2013
members, these7 – 9:00 pm now
                bursaries are
                                                                                                            Monthly Meetings
Endowment Funds, which benefit from                                                                   BRIDGE GROUPrd
                                                                                                                                  Robyn Smith
                                                   Member Support         Sharon Tokarchuk                 every 3 Monday
matching funds by the university.
            January 21, 2013                        Cathie Borrie,   author and speaker
                                                                               604-926-6461                                      Church
                                                                                                          St. Stephen’s Anglican 604-922-4714
            7pm refreshments
For several years the BC Gaming Policy                 Shining a Positive Light on                       885 22        Street, West Vancouver
               7:30 speaker
and Enforcement Branch has been granting              the Alzheimer’s Experience. Chair
                                                               * Program Committee                       COMMUNITY STUDIES                 contact:
                                                                                                        Coffee & Tea Social: 7:00pm
our Club funds for Gaming Education                                                                                             Eleanor Scarth
                                                   Social                Chair: Olive Kloepfer          Guest Speaker: 7:30pm
Awards, administered through the Gaming
            February 18, 2013                          Technology in the Third World                                             604-925-8445
                                                                              604-926-2256              Business Meeting: follows speaker,
Education Award Committee. Awards have
            7pm refreshments
been made to post-secondary students at
                                                   Interest Groups to be confirmed Adams
                                                                            Marilyn                     concludes approximately 9:00pm
                                                                                                    FINANCIAL LITERACY              Louise Adams
BCIT, Douglas 7:30 speaker UBC in
               College, SFU and                                             604-913-0055
                                                                                                           GOALS of CFUW          604-926-6249
fields where women are under-represented           Beacon Publications  Glenys Galloway
                                                                            604-925-7547                    o To encourage advanced study
and to secondary students 2013
             March 18, graduating from              Pot Luck and Resolutions Meeting               INTERNATIONAL STUDIES Phyllis Scott
                                                                                                                and research by women
Pemberton, Howe – 9:00 Rockridge,                                       and Jan Harvey
                6 Sound, pm                                                 604-926-1048                    o To cultivate excellence in
Sentinel and West Vancouver Secondary                                                                           education
Schools.                                                                 * Monthly Editor
              April 15, 2013                                  Ethics in Journalism                          o To participate in public affairs
                                                                                                        TECHNOLOGY                    Helen Dye
                                                                                                                to benefit the community
West Vancouver CFUW also supports the
            7pm refreshments                                       Gaming Education
                                                            Speaker to be confirmed Awards                                        604-929-3386
                                                                                                            o To advance human rights
                Charitable Trust, which
national CFUW7:30 speaker                                              Chair: Eleanor Scarth
                                                                                                            o   To improve the status of
gives scholarships to women for graduate                                        604-925-8445        LUNCHING JAUNTERS leader needed
studies.                                           Telephone             Selma Jo Richards
              May 13, 2013                         Annual General     Meeting and Dinner                     CFUW West Vancouver
Annual Membership Fees:                                                         604-925-2632
                                                    Speaker and location to be announced             Provides members opportunities for personal
                     - pm
$110 - Regular, $50 6 Dual Members                                                                                  Please note:
                                                                                                     and professional contacts and fellowship;
Payable to CFUW West Vancouver
                                                * Volunteers needed to fill positions in italics
                                                                                                     holds monthly CFUW at which guest
                                                                                                     Only paid upmeetingsWest Vancouver
Mail cheques to:
                                                                                                     speakers address educational, cultural and
                                                                                                         members may participate in
CFUW West Vancouver,
                                                                                                            issues; and Study Groups.
                                                                                                     socialInterestsponsors fund-raising events
Box 27067, 1395 Marine Drive,
                                                                                                     and projects to provide scholarships; and
West Vancouver, BC V7T 1H0
                                                                                                     hosts special interest and study groups.

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