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									          Kohawk Softball                                     Clinic Schedule
                                                                                           Coe College Coaching Staff
    2009 Advanced Pitching Clinic
    Coe College - Eby Fieldhouse                       12:30 Registration & warm up
      February 28th 1pm – 4pm
                                                       1:00   Increasing speed
                                                               Mechanics
SITE: Eby Fieldhouse on the campus of Coe                      Drills
College                                                        Speed Evaluation

CONTENT: The clinic will feature demonstrations,       1:30   Mini Sessions
analysis and evaluation of movement pitches, drills            Drop
for movement and increasing speed as well as a                 Rise
chance to be clocked on the radar gun. There will              Curve
also be classroom discussion on strategy, setting up           Screw
batters and the mental side of pitching.                       Change up                 Diane Meyer – Infielders
Each pitcher will receive a t-shirt (catchers may      3:30   Class Room Session
preorder for $10).                                             Pitching philosophy       Dale Lassen – Catchers
                                                               Pitching strategy
Participants: Experienced high school aged                     Mental side of pitching   Bob Timmons – Head Coach
pitchers. Space is limited and all participants must
be pre-registered before February 23rd. Each           4:00   Clinic Concludes
pitcher is required to bring their own:                                                   Ben Sorden - Pitchers
      Glove
      Appropriate gym clothes
      Non-marking gym shoes                                                              Jodi Stepanek – Outfielders
      Catcher*
*All non-adult catchers are required to bring and
wear a mask and are encouraged to wear full gear.

                   CLINIC FEE:
                  $100 per pitcher
                 *FEBRUARY 23RD*

                                                                                              REGISTRATION FORM
NAME ________________________________                                                                                                                   Pitching
ADDRESS_____________________________                                                                                                                     Clinic





SHIRT SIZE            S M L XL
CATCHER’S Shirt ($10) S M L XL

Waiver & Release: In consideration of being permitted to participate in the Coe                        Please direct inquiries to:
College Advanced Pitching Clinic, I hereby assume the risks for personal injury that may result
from program activities. I am knowledgeable about the sport, have previously participated in the               Ben Sorden, Asst. Coach
sport and am aware of the potential for injury while participating. As a parent or guardian of, I do
hereby release Coe College, the Board of Trustees and all of their officers, employees and agents
from liability for personal injury or property damage which result from causes beyond the control
of, and without the fault or negligence of, Coe College, its employees, agents or officers.

________________________________________________________                                                                                               February 28
                                                                                                                                                        1pm - 4pm
Parent/Guardian Signature                      Date
                                                                                                       Return registration form and full payment to:
Make checks payable to: Coe College Softball                                                                   Bob Timmons
                                                                                                               Head Softball Coach
*You will receive email confirmation of your registration                                                      Coe College
                                                                                                               1220 First Avenue, NE
                                                                                                               Cedar Rapids, IA 52402

                                                                                                               Kohawk Softball

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