Thinkers keys by 5EPZGb


									Apanui School Inquiry Model 1
                         Explore                     Ask                Organise                  Apply                   Action

Explanation       Authentic and relevant     Wonderings             Answering subsidiary    Creating, presenting,   Action - there needs
                  topic for study            Deciding on the big    questions.              producing reporting     to be some action
                  Exposing children to       question which will    Identify and locating                           resulting from this
                  topic                      drive the inquiry.     necessary recourses     (find answer to big     learning
                  Muddy in muck              Subsidiary questions   Shows what the          question)               Now that children
                  Information saturation     (look up-able          children will do                                have the information,
                  Hooking children to        information)           Interpreting, using                             what can they do
                  inquiry                                           Sift and sort                                   with it to share with
                  Formulation of questions                                                                          other children to
                  and answers                                                                                       make a difference?
                  Getting children                                                                                  To celebrate what
                  interested in topic                                                                               has been achieved
                  Widening horizon                                                                                  Evaluating what has
                  So what?                                                                                          been achieved learnt
                  Why should we learn                                                                               and critically
                  this?                                                                                             reflecting on it.

Teaching          H.O.M                      Rich questioning       Timeline, deadlines,    HOM                     Self /peer
                  Thinkers keys              HOM                    time management         Hats                    assessment
thinking          Hats –red white            Thinkers keys          7 servants,             Interviewing
toolbox           Graphic    organisers      De Bono hats           How what?,              Forming opinions        De Bono hats
                  t - chart                  Using Multiple         Graphic organiser-      ICT                     inviting parents,
Skills            Mind map                   Intelligences          Venn diagram                                    sharing to class
                  PMI                                               Information web                                 parents, team,
                                                                                                                    school, others.

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