Class Guide Keys to Success by 4a2HKg


                      Tukes Valley Middle School
                          Grade 5 Room 271
                          Mrs. Charbonneau

                    Class Guide: Keys to Success

This years Class:
   Justine Buma      Trevor Geiger         Katy Montanye      Dwayne Steward
   Rachel Buma         Brandon Henifin    Ryan RedThunder      Heather Tapani
  Shane Dallum           Megan Hess         Nolan Ritola      Rachel Venturella
 Zachary DeLano         Nicole Kehoe         Micah Sena           Ty Wisti
 Peyton Downing        Spencer Kraisler    Dawson Shoup         Hana Wyles
   Pamela Elise        Stefani Levanen    Elizabeth Skelton   Dillon Zacharias
  Justin Fletcher        Arthur Lipe        Chris Spencer
                                 Your Child’s Teacher: Who is she?
                                         Mrs. Charbonneau

Dear Families,

         I just wanted to take moment to tell you about myself. I was born and raised near Spokane,
Washington and I graduated from Eastern Washington University. My husband and I moved to the area 2
years ago and we love it here! I previously taught fifth grade at Lewisville Middle School, and last year
at Tukes. When I am not at school I love to scrapbook, bake, work in my garden, read, go to church, and
fly up to Spokane to see my family.

        I have been spending my summer making improvements to my new house and taking classes for
my Professional Certification. I am so excited to be at Tukes Valley Middle School again. I love being a
teacher and dedicate a lot of time to preparing and teaching. I am privileged to have your children in my
class and I cherish each child!

                                            Teaching Philosophy
        My philosophy of teaching is to set up every student for success in their life-long journey of
learning. I set out to accomplish this through developing their character, self-assessment skills, critical
thinking skills, content area skills and knowledge, and explicitly incorporating reading into all curriculum.
By applying and practicing these skills, learners become capable of doing. It is my belief that every child
can learn and my role as a teacher is to provide learning opportunities.

         The focus of my classroom is about choices and options that guide students to becoming
independent thinkers. I will be challenging your child to extend his/her thinking, go deeper, and ask
questions thoughtfully this year. I want students and parents alike to know that fairness is not sameness.
I will be differentiating learning based upon individual students and tailoring teaching to the needs of my

                                       Tukes Valley Campus Expectations
        It is the expectation of Tukes Valley Middle School that students are Respectful, Responsible,
and Safe.

                             Intelligent Classroom Behavioral Expectations
Students are expected to:
                     Listen Actively
                     Demonstrate Respect
                     Ask Questions Thoughtfully
                     Practice Self-Discipline
                     Be Trustworthy
                     Strive to Do Their Personal Best
                     Acknowledge Their Limitations

                  Self-Monitoring Behavioral Expectations – The Glance Back Form

        Each week your child will have a Glance Back Form in his/her notebook. At the end of each day,
students will glance back at their learning behaviors for that day and I will briefly check to make sure I
agree with their choices. The Glance Back Form is used as a tool to help students reflect on their learning
and readiness to learn. Students can graduate from using the form when they prove that they are capable
of being self-monitors of their behavior and learning.

                                         Glance Back Form
 I was prepared for learning                    Y N       Y          N      Y   N      Y   N     Y   N
 I followed my work/plan goal                   Y N       Y          N      Y   N      Y   N     Y   N
 I listened attentively during lessons          Y N       Y          N      Y   N      Y   N     Y   N
 I practiced respectful behaviors               Y N       Y          N      Y   N      Y   N     Y   N
 I have organized my materials                  Y N       Y          N      Y   N      Y   N     Y   N
 I asked good thoughtful questions today        Y N       Y          N      Y   N      Y   N     Y   N

Name __________________________________________ Week ___________________
Take a few minutes to reflect on your behavior and learning today. Complete the chart and check in with
Mrs. Charbonneau.

Talk-Out Count

Goal for this week:

                                    Classroom Discipline Procedures
        If students chose not to practice Tukes Valley Campus Expectations or Classroom Intelligent
Behavior Expectations, there are procedures and interventions in place. I reserve the right to help
students solve problems on an individual basis, when needs arise, and therefore, do not have a list of
consequences for misbehavior.

        I believe in students learning to solve their problems by working with an adult to generate
possible solutions and to implement a solution. I work with students individually to solve the real issues
behind classroom disruptions.

         If behaviors escalate further, I may send home a Phone Conference Request form with your
child. I will call that evening after a parent has had the opportunity to discuss with their child the choices
made in class and possible behaviors that would work better next time. I want students to take
responsibility for their actions and learn to solve problems in a healthy manner.

        The Tukes Valley Campus has a problem solving form, as well, to aid students in finding
appropriate solutions to being safe, respectful and responsible.

                                            Weekly Academic Planner
         Each Monday, as a classroom, we will have a short meeting to discuss the academic week, due
dates, and deadlines. There will be a short description of our schedule, a list of reminders, and a list of
Must Do’s to complete. I will post the Weekly Academic Planner on my SchoolNotes webpage, instead
of printing copies. I encourage you to go over the Weekly Academic Planner with your child each
Monday. This will give both of you the opportunity to discuss what assignments need to be completed
during the week and to plan the family’s week outside of school. In addition, students will also have an
Agenda Book, to purchase at school. Students will use this to keep track of due dates, assignments, and
homework. I offer WOW! Ticket punches, a reward, for students who get their agenda book initialed by
a parent each night.

        The research on homework indicates that during middle school, academic performance increases
with an increase in homework, up to one hour. In fifth grade, it is generally accepted that students will
spend about fifty minutes a night doing homework. In my classroom, I want to give students academic
freedom and allow them to plan their week to coordinate with their family’s schedule. I realize that many
families have church, sports, scouts, and other extra-curricular activities, as well as family
responsibilities. I encourage these activities to develop well-rounded students.

         I will give four nights worth of homework, in a packet, on Monday. I EXPECT that all students
will have their homework completed by Friday. Homework is not a choice, but students have a choice as
to when during the week they complete their homework. Each evening there will usually be a math
practice sheet. Homework is a practice opportunity for students to review the standards and concepts we
are learning in school. Students who complete their homework will have an easier time mastering grade-
level standards. We will practice math frequently as homework, but I know that math can be challenging
for many students. I encourage students to do their best and get as far on the math practice as they can.
We will review the math homework the following day in class and students will have an opportunity to
practice skills they may have had difficulty with at home. Homework should never be a cause of

         Occasionally, students will have tests to study for or projects to complete. In addition, we will
have multiplication and division drill practices on Tuesdays and spelling tests on Friday. Math facts and
spelling can be studied for short time periods throughout the week. I encourage students to spend thirty
minutes a night reading with a sibling, parent, or independently.

        In summary, students can complete their homework, on any night, and it is due on Friday.
Students can earn WOW! punches by coming to class each day with homework done and for turning it in,
completed, on Friday.

        Fifth grade is the big year for letter grades. Battle Ground School District has a unique system of
online grading, called Skyward. Teacher’s grade-books are posted on the internet and students and
parents have access to grades at any time. I encourage your family to sign up for Family Access, so you
can view your child’s grades online. A password will be given to you in the office that allows you to
check your child’s grades at any time throughout the school year.

        There is a national move towards Standards Based Grading. In Washington State, we have Grade
Level Expectations for students to master at each grade level. Mastery implies that students have learned
a concept or a skill and can apply the skill or concept to a new situation. This goes beyond learning
remote knowledge that is easily forgotten. Standards Based Grading allows students, teachers, and
parents to know where a child is at any time and what skills they still need to practice. Students are given
the opportunity to make learning meaningful. While Skyward is not yet a Standards Based Grading
program, I will be incorporating Standards Based Grading into the grading procedures for this classroom.

         In each subject fifth graders study, there are grade level expectations or standards. These will be
visible and students will know which standard we are learning each day. I encourage your child to
discuss with you which standard he/she is learning each day. Assignments will be graded on a 6 point
scale that will determine how much of a particular standard your child has mastered. Since Skyward is a
percent based grading system, I will attach a percentage score/letter grade to each level of mastery.

6    Advanced       96-100% mastery        Exceeds the Standard – independent                 A+
                                           achievements meets and goes beyond grade
                                           level standards
5    Mastery        90-95% mastery         Meets Standard – independent achievements          A
                                           consistently meets standards
4    Proficient     80-89% mastery          Nearly Meets Standard – some inconsistent         B
                                           application of skills, but progressing towards
                                           meeting standards
3    Basic          70-79% mastery         Meeting Some of Standard – very inconsistent       C
                                           application of skills
2    Below          60-69 % mastery        Below Standard – needs continual support on        D
     Basic                                 grade level standards
1    Far Below      59% or below           Little Evidence of Standard – Little evidence      F
     Basic          mastery                of meeting grade level standards

        The emphasis in my grading system is on what is learned! There will be multiple opportunities to
master each standard. For example, one math standard is the long division algorithm. This could be
measured on homework, during class work, solving a problem individually for me, on a quiz, or a formal
test. The emphasis is on learning the process and applying it, rather than simply on formative tests.

         Some assignments will measure only one standard, and I will grade the assignment for that
particular standard alone. Not all assignments in class will be entered into the grade book, because
practice is essential! We will have many assessments for learning, to determine where a student is,
before we take an assessment of learning, to determine what the student has learned overall.
         Students will keep an Achievement Portfolio in class. Under each subject there will be a
Standards Mastery Chart for the grade level standards. Students will assess where they are in meeting the
standard and place evidence of this in their portfolio. If students have not yet met the standard, each
student will individually set a goal and make a plan for meeting the standard. I encourage you to come
into the classroom often and review the portfolio with your child. This will tell you exactly where your
child is in regards to meeting the standards, what he/she is doing well, and plans he/she has made for
improving. These achievement portfolios will be used to guide students in Student-Led-Conferences for
the fall and spring.

                            Re-do Assignments, Late Work, Missing Assignments
        Because students are learning to mastery, I will accept re-do assignments and test retakes so that
students have another opportunity to master the standard. If your child earns a 70% or below on any
assignment, they can re-do the assignment and I highly encourage this! I will take re-do assignments for
up to one week. If students need an opportunity to retake a test, I will give a specific date the retake test
needs to be completed.

       If your child chooses to turn in an assignment late, he/she will need to explain to me on a Late
Work Explanation Form, why the assignment is late and when he/she will have it completed. If your
child misses important tests or is not completing assignments, I cannot assign a grade. I will not
know what standards your child has mastered. This could result in an incomplete instead of a

        Each Monday, I will give out a Missing Work Report or a slip stating that all assignments were
completed. I will accept late assignments until Friday of that same week as I give out the Missing Work
Report. For each subject area that students have no missing assignments, they will receive a WOW!
punch. Students also receive a WOW! punch for showing a parent the Missing Work Report, having it
signed, and returning it to school. WOW! punches can be redeemed for classroom privileges.

                                             Quality of Work Standards
        In the fifth grade, students are given ample opportunities to demonstrate quality in both written
and oral assignments. I expect each student to make their first attempt their best attempt. The following
are guidelines students need to follow when they are in the process of giving “their best”:
              Responses should be thoughtful and elaborated with examples
              All assignments should be in neatly written or typed with grade appropriate mechanics
              Take your time and fill in all of the lines
              Double-check or verify your work
              Respect the work you are going to hand in – papers should be free of crumples and rips
              Double check that your heading is complete and you have completed all directions
              Add drawings or diagrams when needed
              Be creative and make connections!

        Although some absences are unavoidable, I would ask that you consider when your family
schedules planned absences so that learning opportunities are not lost. Upon returning from an absence
your child will have a sheet detailing assignments that need to be made up. We will discuss a reasonable
time frame for making up missed assignments.

                                          Routines and Procedures
        At the beginning of the school year I will teach classroom routines and procedures. I will post
this document on my School Notes webpage for further use. If there are questions about classroom
routines or procedures check with the classroom handbook on my School Notes page. If there are still
questions, please feel free to call and ask!

                              Parent-Student-Teacher Communication
        Communication is vital between families and teachers. Please feel free to call or email me at any
time. My email address is: . My school phone number is 885-6250
ext. 8171 and my home phone is 723-0541. You are welcome to call me at home until 9:00 pm if I
cannot be reached at school.

        We will have fall and spring conferences, but if at any time you feel it would be beneficial to
meet for a conference, please do not hesitate to call or send a note. I am happy to meet with parents at
any time.

         As a parent, feel free to come and visit our class throughout the day. There are visitor’s passes at
the office. In addition, I would love to have parent volunteers! Volunteer Forms are available at the
office and parental support and help is greatly appreciated!

         Your child will have a folder for mail, (notes from school, newsletters and corrected
assignments), and a place to put his/her homework. Some assignments we will be collecting at school in
portfolios to demonstrate mastery of standards. Don’t worry if your child’s mail folder is thin! At the
end of each trimester we will be inviting family members to view student work and mastery of standards!
Please keep finished papers; at home in a folder, until the end of the trimester, in case there are is
discrepancy in the grade book. Feel free to send notes to school to communicate with me as needed.

                                          Skyward and School Notes
         A great way to keep track of student progress is through Skyward Family Access. I will be
teaching students how to use Skyward in class. Parents need to stop by the office to get a password
for Family Access. You will then receive a sheet detailing instructions on how to log on to your
account. Through Skyward, you can also view what students purchase for school lunches, check grades
for all subjects and classes, and have a direct link to teacher’s email addresses.
         School Notes is my personal webpage. I will post learning standards, links to websites safe for
kids and later in the year, electronic flashcards. I will also post homework assignments and files like the
Weekly Academic Planner and classroom Routines and Procedures. There is a link for my email address
and a calendar. In addition, if you sign up, you will be emailed each time I update the site. I encourage
you and your family to use my site at You can
also Google School Notes and search for my name or Tukes Valley Middle School.

        I am looking forward to a great 2009-2010 school year!


                                            Mrs. Charbonneau


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