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									                    Association of Yukon Communities
                              December Board of Directors Meeting
                                    Westmark Whitehorse
                                     Whitehorse, Yukon
                                     December 6th, 2008

In Attendance:                                      Staff

Executive and Directors                             Tom Paterson, Executive Director
                                                    Lindsay Agar, Training Coordinator
Mayor Bev Buckway – President                       Susan Gleason, Office Manager
Mayor John Steins – 1st Vice President
Mayor George Nassiopoulos – 2nd Vice-               Absent:
Mayor Michelle Vainio – Past President
Mayor Elaine Wyatt – Carmacks                       Executive and Directors
Mayor Scott Bolton – Mayo
Councillor Val Benoit – Faro                        Mayor Nancy Moore – Watson Lake
Councillor Sandy Smarch – Teslin
Councillor Jan Stick – Whitehorse                   Members
Councillor Dave Stockdale - Whitehorse
Councillor Geoff Scherer – Haines Junction          Mark Stephen – Mt. Lorne LAC
                                                    Martin Allen – Tagish LAC
Associate Members
Deryck Hockley – Ibex Valley LAC
Perry Savoie – Marsh Lake LAC
                                                   Tony Palmer – TransCanada Corporation
Linda Pringle – South Klondike LAC
                                                   Desiree Jones – Denali
                                                   Doug Reti - Denali

CAO Cory Bellmore – Carmacks
CAO Colin Dean – Haines Junction
CAO Rose Price – Faro
CAO Eldo Enns – Dawson City
City Manager – Dennis Shewfelt - Whitehorse
CAO Colum McCready - Watson Lake
CAO Margrit Wozniak – Mayo
CAO Wes Wirth – Teslin
1.   Call to Order – Bev Buckway
     The meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m.

2. Adoption of Agenda – Bev Buckway

     Motion BD08-028 That the Agenda be adopted with the following addition: CTTS report- Michelle Vainio

     Moved by: Jan Stick
     Seconded by: John Steins                                           Carried

3. Adoption of the Minutes from the September 13th, 2008 Board Meeting – Bev Buckway (attachment)

     Motion BD08-029 That the Minutes of the September 13, 2008 Board Meeting be adopted as

     Moved by: John Steins
     Seconded by: Elaine Wyatt                                                  Carried

4. President’s Report – Bev Buckway (attachment)

     In addition to her written report, President Buckway reported on the highlights of the FCM Board
     meeting held in Ottawa in November.

     Motion BD08-030 That the President’s report be adopted as presented.

     Moved by: Geoff Scherer
     Seconded by: Val Benoit                                            Carried

5. Executive Director’s Report – Tom Paterson (attachment)

     In addition to the Executive Director’s report there are reports for MRIF and the Gas Tax Review
     Committee and the Provincial/Territorial Symposium on Strengthening the Rural Sector

     Motion BD08-031 That the Executive Director's report be adopted as presented.

     Moved by: Geoff Scherer
     Seconded by: Val Benoit                                            Carried

Presentation by Denali

6. Committee Reports

     6.1. Standing Committees

         6.1.1. Standing Committee on Finance

December Board of Director’s Meeting – Whitehorse, Yukon, December 6, 2008                  Page 2 of 9
  Income/Expenses 2008 to November – Tom Paterson (attachment)

                  As pointed out at the September Board meeting, we continue to work at converting
                  the bookkeeping system to a new chart of accounts. Mr. Paterson also explained some
                  of the accounts and why some of the income accounts are significantly higher than
                  budgeted such as interest from ING and the IMBL account. Total budget surplus of
                  approximately $50,000.00 is expected as we have under spent in several areas.

                  He also explained that the Profit and Loss statement for the Northern Strategy
                  Training Project shows that we are under-spent overall due to the interruption
                  between training coordinators.

                  Motion BD08-032 That the Income/Expense report January – November 2008 be
                  adopted as presented.

                  Moved by: Geoff Scherer
                  Seconded by: Val Benoit                                      Carried

  Budget 2009– Tom Paterson (attachment)

                  Mr. Paterson explained that the biggest change from the 09 budget presented at the
                  September Board Meeting is the $8750 increase in honouraria due to our policy
                  change approved at the September meeting to become effective January 1, 2009 and
                  that expenses are up 2.4%.
                  The Training Project remains revenue neutral to the AYC budget.

                  Motion BD08-033 That the Budget 2009 be adopted as presented.

                  Moved by: Val Benoit
                  Seconded by: Geoff Scherer                                   Carried

       6.1.2. Community Training Trust Society – Michelle Vainio
   Appointment to the CTTS Board

                  Motion BD08-034 That the AYC Board appoint Linda Pringle as a member of the
                  CTTS Board.

                  Moved by: Geoff Scherer
                  Seconded by: George Nassiopoulos                             Carried

  CTTS Report – Michelle Vainio

                  Mayor Vainio announced that Barb Barchen has agreed to be the Treasurer of the
                  CTTS Board to replace position vacated by Paul Moore. She also explained that the
                  Board was in the process of revising the policies, constitution and contribution
                  agreements and these will be presented for approval at the next AYC Board Meeting.
                  A copy of the draft policy changes was distributed at the meeting which provided an
                  overview of some of the changes such as the ‘tiered’ approach to funding as well as a
                  decrease in the maximum amount of funding for CTTS training and a shorter length

December Board of Director’s Meeting – Whitehorse, Yukon, December 6, 2008                  Page 3 of 9
                  of time for communities to submit their applications for reconciliations from six
                  months to two months.

       6.1.3. Resolutions Committee – Geoff Scherer

  Responses to resolutions (Attachments)
       07-AT-02 OH&S Regulations
       08-AT-05 PSAB Compliance

               Councillor Scherer reported that there is movement on these resolutions and reminded
               members to work on new resolutions for the AGM in April.

   6.2. Ad hoc Committees

       6.2.1. Municipal Act Review Committee – Tom Paterson
              Mr. Paterson posed the question as to whether the committee should be dissolved. The
              discussion of process and efficiency and

       6.2.2. Constitution and By-Law Committee – Bev Buckway
              President Buckway reported that as a result of the Special General Meeting held in Faro in
              September the Association is now in compliance with Societies.

       6.2.3. Appointment of Members to an AGM 2009 Working Group and report of the 2nd
              December meeting.

             The first meeting was held on December 2, 2008 and there is a report included in the Board
             package. Highlights of the meeting included raising registration fees by $5.00, send the
             packages out for printing and binding, swag, advertising, sponsors and keynote speaker.

             Next meeting to be held at the end of January.

             Motion BD08-035 That the AYC Board appoint the following people as members of
             the AGM 2009 Working Group.

             AYC Staff
             Town of Watson Lake Staff
             Cory Bellmore
             Doris Hansen
             Val Benoit
             Michelle Vainio
             Mike Crawshay

             Moved by: Geoff Scherer
             Seconded by: Jan Stick                                     Carried

             AYC does invite the President of FCM to the AGM and we are considering the type of
             keynote speaker we would
   6.3. Outside Committee Representation

  Gas Tax Agreement (GTA) Oversight Committee – Nothing to Report
  Gas Tax Agreement (GTA) Review Committee – Tom Paterson

December Board of Director’s Meeting – Whitehorse, Yukon, December 6, 2008                   Page 4 of 9
  MRIF – Tom Paterson
  Yukon Regional Round Table – Nancy Moore/Elaine Wyatt
  UBCM AGM – Michelle Vainio
  AUMA AGM – Lindsay Agar
  AAMD&C AGM – Jan Stick
  Yukon Chamber of Commerce – Jan Stick
  AML – Lindsay Agar
  LGANT – Rose Price

           Councillor Stick thanked AYC for the opportunity for members to attend these conferences
           outside of the territory and reiterated how important it is for elected officials of governments
           attend the AYC AGM. The Provincial Ministers hosted a roundtable as well as staying for
           most of the meeting and presenting community awards. Councillor Stick also talked about
           the announcement of the closing of the Edmonton Municipal Airport.

           All of the reports were included in the board package as well as posted on the AYC website.

           Motion BD08-036 That the reports submitted for Outside Committee Representation
           be accepted as presented.

           Moved by: Geoff Scherer
           Seconded by: George Nassiopoulos                                       Carried

Presentation by Tony Palmer, TransCanada

7. Old Business

   7.1. Strategic Plan Update – Bev Buckway
         We will be posting the new business ie pre and post training for elected officials and non-
         resident use of municipal facilities – some of the items are listed here under new business and
         some are due to start and some are in progress. We will be posting any new items or updates on
         the website.

   7.2. AYC Scholarship (attachment) – John Steins

        Mayor Steins announced that we had 4 applicants for our first year and the recipients of the
        Municipal Scholarship are Brandon Pike and Nataschaa Chatterton (letter of gratitude
        included). The AYC Board approved the applicants at the September meeting.

   7.3. Proposed Energy Audit – Tom Paterson

       Mr. Paterson reported that the Energy Solutions Centre will organize the energy audit. We have
       6 of our 8 communities signed up. Yesterday we found how many of the buildings in those six
       communities will need to be audited. AYC will give those numbers to the Energy Solutions
       Centre and they will provide a price with a local consulting company they have an RFP (Request
       for Proposal) ready to go out and we expect to do those audits by the 31st of March, 2009.

   7.4. Employees’ Group Insurance Plan – Tom Paterson

December Board of Director’s Meeting – Whitehorse, Yukon, December 6, 2008                    Page 5 of 9
        Mr. Paterson explained that this has been an ongoing process and that the current plan was
        compared to that of the City of Whitehorse. The consensus among members was not to join the
        City of Whitehorse plan, but to upgrade our plan. A decision to leave the long term disability at
        $2,000.00 per month maximum as opposed to raising that amount which would have increased
        premiums for employees, and also to trade in the current $700.00 provided by the Health
        Spending Account and increase other benefits thereby not raising the costs to employers.
        There is a need to define the proposed package that we would like Hewitt to price for us and
        then come forward to each municipality for approval.

   7.5. Northern Strategy Project Update – Lindsay Agar
        Lindsay Agar reported that the needs assessment was almost completed with two communities
        remaining. Since we have completed –some of the highlights of the analysis of the needs
        assessment are that most people want to be trained in their home community, trained in the
        morning, in the winter 2-4 times per year. The plan called ‘Build Your Skills,’ I’ve talked to some
        of the communities about it and I will be bringing the plan to the CTTS Board in January 2009
        for approval.

   7.6. Landlord and Tennant Act – Bev Buckway
         There is a letter in the package dated September 19. We had asked for some attention to the
         Landlord and Tennant Act. Since that time we have spoken with Minister Lang and he has had
         firsthand knowledge of some of the problems and he indicated that he was going to get things
         moving on this issue. AYC has not received anything back on this issue other than the verbal
         indication from Minister Lang. AYC will continue to follow up.

   7.7. MOU AYC/YG (attachment) – Tom Paterson
        A copy of the MOU was included in the package as an update to the draft proposed at the
        September board meeting that we submitted to the Yukon Government for their consideration.

   7.8. Protocol for consultations with FNs
         President Buckway pointed out that when we had discussions at our last Board Meeting, the
         Board was not able to come to consensus as to what we would like to see but we did realize that
         in some cases there seems to be a situation where Municipalities are expected to consult with
         First Nations on things but that First Nations were not required to consult with municipalities.
         She explained that what has been taken forward to the Minister is that we would like to see
         some clarity around this and the Minister understands the issue and what they would like to do
         at YTG is involve the Land Claims Secretariate and have a brainstorming session and discuss to
         see if there is something they could come up with. The regular meetings with the Minister have
         really helped and the exchange of information is good.

        A point was raised by Colum McCready, CAO, Watson Lake that the First Nations have been
        approaching the Town of Watson Lake to go into business with them in a couple of ventures.
        The Town is having difficulty getting franchise approval from the Yukon commission, for
        example the department is not returning calls or replying to correspondence. A franchise is
        allowed under the Municipal Act. Goes through the Utilities Board first and it has been stuck at
        that level for approximately 3 months. AYC will write a letter to YTG re Utilities Board
        requesting a prompt response and copy the letter to Paul Moore and the Minister. Colum
        McCready will provide copies of the correspondence to date to AYC for reference.

   7.9. YCIA Liability Reciprocal

December Board of Director’s Meeting – Whitehorse, Yukon, December 6, 2008                    Page 6 of 9
        Wes Wirth provided information on the status to the Liability reciprocal. At this point there
        would need to be a yearly investment of $150,000.00 from members into the reciprocal in the
        first he first year would have a savings of approximately $8,000.00 (includes setup) and the
        next years would be approximately $29,000.00 thereon.

        Mr. Wirth asked AYC if they would be agreeable in requesting a loan of $500,000.00 to get this
        Reciprocal going. Because of the amount of money we are saving, it will take a long time to build
        it up.

        Currently the Property Reciprocal is at $475,000 and in 2009 will be over $500,000 which is
        where we really want to be as that covers 2 years worth of losses and ongoing expenses.
        To get to that level on the Liability reciprocal it’s going to be difficult on our own.

        Questions were asked if this reciprocal was still worth pursuing considering the long payback
        and the answer provided was that given the global economy and in particular a large insurance
        company like AIG, we don’t know what the insurance market is going to be doing and that the
        reciprocal would generate savings over the longterm.

        We would generate savings of $70,000.

       Motion BD08-037 To have AYC approach YTG for a loan of $500,000.00 for a liability
       reciprocal to be repaid at such time as it is functioning on its own.

       Moved by: Geoff Scherer
       Seconded by: Val Benoit                                                          Carried

       Discussion around the word ‘loan’ and possibly requesting an ‘interest free’ loan. Decision to
       request a grant for the funds and it was pointed out to Board Members that other provincial
       associations have received funding from their government – i.e. NWT and Alberta. – Friendly

       Motion BD08-038 To have AYC send a letter to the minister YTG for a grant of
       $500,000.00 for a liability reciprocal until such time as it is functioning on its own.

       Moved by: George Nassiopoulos
       Seconded by: Jan Stick                                                           Carried

   7.10. Building Canada Fund – Tom Paterson

       Mr. Paterson reported that the word from YTG is that stakeholders would be consulted in the
       production of the Yukon wide plan to spend the BCF dollars soon. At the last FCM board
       meeting there was a movement to speed up the movement of BCF dollars to municipalities .at the
       recommendation of the Federal Government. The Canadian government is interested in pushing
       a couple years of BCF dollars as soon as we can. We are collecting from our members via the
       CAO’s a list of projects that are on the shelf ready to go that could access those funds. We are
       warned b the COW response that the capacity in the territory may not be there to withstand a
       whole bunch of CBF dollars. The issue of whether there is adequate capacity in the territory to
       speed up applications.
       Question was raised as to whether other jurisdictions are having capacity problems. Other
       smaller jurisdictions are facing similar issues.

December Board of Director’s Meeting – Whitehorse, Yukon, December 6, 2008                   Page 7 of 9
8. Approval of travel
   8.1. Rose Price to LGANT Yellowknife, October 28-30

       Motion BD08-039To approve retroactively for Rose Price to represent AYC at the LGANT
       conference in Yellowknife October 28-30, 2008.

       Moved by: Jan Stick
       Seconded by: Geoff Scherer                                                  Carried

   8.2. Representative to FCM Board, Victoria March 4-7

       Motion BD08-040 To approve George Nassiopoulos or alternate Dave Stockdale or
       representative? to represent AYC at the FCM Board Meeting in Victoria, B.C. March 4 -7,

       Moved by: Geoff Scherer
       Seconded by: Elaine Wyatt                                                   Carried

   8.3. CAO to CAMA (Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators) Meeting in May (in
        conjunction with FCM AGM)

       Motion BD08-041 To approve funding for a CAO to represent AYC at the
       CAMA/Administrators Meeting in Whistler, B.C. June 2009.

       Moved by: George Nassiopoulos
       Seconded by: Elaine Wyatt                                                   Carried

9. New Business

   9.1. Pre-Election Public Awareness
   9.2. Non-resident use of municipal facilities
   9.3. Canadian Content in Municipal Purchasing
   9.4. Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act Consultations
   9.5. Alaska Highway Pipeline (discussed before 9.1) Letter in the Board package from Yukon
         government basically stating that YTG has no direct responsibilities to municipalities
         concerning the pipeline but will keep municipalities informed and will exchange information.
         Floor open to presentations – We should write a letter that by the way after listening to
         representatives it is the responsibility of the Yukon Government lend itself as a potential
         company user to negotiate during this open season – that doesn’t give the YTG much time to get
         Question on how to get gas off the line – not put in – i.e. entity that could become a user along
         the way as part of the package for passing through the Yukon Territory as a financial benefit to
         Yukoners. YTG did say that gas could be taken off because it is in the 1970 agreement but a
         commercial corporation would have to step forward to do that.
         In the letter AYC should ask the government if it has a utility ready to take advantage of the fact
         that gas could be flowing through the territory -= would Yukon energy be the elected body are
         they prepared to create a utility in a timely fashion?

10. Next Meeting – March 14th, 2009, Marsh Lake

December Board of Director’s Meeting – Whitehorse, Yukon, December 6, 2008                     Page 8 of 9
11. Meeting Adjourned – Bev Buckway

December Board of Director’s Meeting – Whitehorse, Yukon, December 6, 2008   Page 9 of 9

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