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									Musical Theatre Minor

The Musical Theatre minor is intended to develop proficiency in all three areas of Musical Theatre - singing,
acting and dance – and is open to Performing Arts majors whether their primary field is Music or Theatre Arts.
Interested students must complete an Application (available in the Performing Arts office) no later than Spring
term of their sophomore year and submit it to Jim Giancarlo.

      Students with little or no training in dance technique must complete TA 157, Intro to Musical Theatre
       Dance, before taking required TA 257 Musical Theatre Dance.
      Students with little or no vocal training are advised to begin with MUS 181 Class Voice before taking
       required MUP 170 or MUP 190 (private voice).
      TA 357A and TA 357B (Musical Theatre Workshop) is a two-part sequence and both courses must be
       taken in the same academic year. TA 357A is devoted to the learning and preparation of specific musical
       theatre repertoire; TA 357B continues to develope, stage, choreograph and polish that material,
       culminating in a classroom presentation/performance.
      Musical Theatre Workshop and Auditioning for Musical Theatre should be taken in the second or third
       year, after having taken dance and private voice classes.


Private Voice 4 credits
        MUP 170 Applied Music 2 credits each
        MUP 190 Applied Music 2 or 4 credits each
        (4 credits from either MUP 170 or MUP 190)
Dance 7 credits
        TA 257 – Musical Theatre Dance (required) 3 credits
        Choose 4 credits from:
        TA 189 – Tap I or TA 289 – Tap II 3 credits each
        D 192 - Ballet I or II 2 credits each
        D 195 - Jazz I or II 2 credits each
        TA ___ Musical Theatre Dance II 3 credits
Acting 4 credits
        TA 246 – Introduction to Acting 4 credits
        TA 247 - Acting I 4 credits
Required Musical Theatre courses 16 credits
        TA 359 - Musical Theatre History 4 credits
        TA 358 - Auditioning for Musical Theatre 4 credits
        TA 357A & B - Musical Theatre Workshop I and II 8 credits

In addition to the above required courses, students may choose to take other classes to further develop their
Musical Theatre skills, for example:
     Music – Fundamentals; Aural Skills; Music Theory; Class Voice; Class Piano (basic keyboard skills);
        additional private voice lessons
     Dance – additional dance classes

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