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					                                              School Improvement Action Plan

      School: St. Clare of Assisi
 Year of Plan: 2011
 Choose One:      Catholic Identity
                  Academic Issues
                  Institutional Issues
Improvement Goal: The school will improve security of the facility and grounds to insure the continued safety of students and staff.

  Activities/Strategies        Responsible Party           Start      Complete              Evidence of Implementation
1. Begin replacement of     Pastor, principal, parish    Fall 2009   Fall 2011     Fund A Need proceeds; new windows
windows in the middle       building and
building.                   maintenance
2. Window shades for        Pastor and principal         Summer      Fall 2011     Installation of security shades
security                                                 2011
3. Installation of buzzer   Pastor, principal, and       Fall 2011   Fall 2011     New buzzer and camera; Keyless entry at four
and camera at entrance;     parish building and                                    other doors
Keyless entry system        maintenance committee
4. Begin to review and      Pastor, principal, faculty   Spring      Winter 2013   Draft of updated plan; Principal attendance at
revise Crisis               and staff                    2012                      safety workshops; regular implementation of all
Management Plan                                                                    safety drills
5. Participate in parish    Pastor, principal, parish    Fall 2013   Ongoing       Material reviewed
strategic plan as it        building and
pertains to school          maintenance committee

How will you assess the achievement of the Improvement Goal? Annual faculty and parent surveys will show increase in satisfaction
with the safety and security of students in the school.

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