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									       Reading Comprehension Tic-Tac-Toe
                                                        Draw a scene
  Choose four of the       Use or make up a        illustrating the most
most important scenes       flow chart or          important concept or
of the story to act out                             theme of the story.
                          graphic organizer
   with classmates.                               Defend why you chose
                              to map the
 Defend your choices.                             this scene as the most
                          progression of the             important.
   Draw a character                                If the story were to be
  sketch of the main       Rewrite the story in     written from a villain’s
                                                   point of view, illustrate
  character. If this       the form of a song,
                                                    how a self-portrait of
 character changes in     rap, or poem. Include   that character might be
 the story, illustrate       the major ideas         different from the
  these changes and       and/or themes of the         author’s current
    explain why the                story.                 illustration.
  changes take place.           Illustrate.         Repeat with the other
                                                   characters whose roles
                                                  are changed by the shift
                                                        of perspective.
  Rethink the story                             Identify the main
    from another                              problem in the story.
character’s point of Compare and contrast Think of an alternative
                       the main idea or the      solution for the
 view. Draw a story
                      main character in this   problem other than
 board or a cartoon story with others you      the one used in the
illustrating how this have read using a Venn story. How would this
changes the original         Diagram.         change the outcome?

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