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									Big Bike (Showchrome) / Hondaline Fog Light Reconfiguration

1       harness
1       relay
1       10 amp ATC fuse

Note: this subharness changes the operation of your fog lights. Please check local laws regarding the
use of such lighting.

1. Remove left fairing pocket by depressing the center of each of the 4 fasteners holding the pocket into

2. Remove the fairing trim panel that runs along the edge of the fairing just to the left of the fairing pocket
by gently lifting at the bottom of the part. There are tabs on both sides of the trim piece, so by moving it
back and forth while lifting should allow the tabs to disengage from the fairing. When the trim is removed,
a silver hex head bolt will be exposed. Remove this bolt. Just below the bolt hole, there is a rectangular
slot. Place a screwdriver in this slot, aiming to the left side, which allows the screwdriver blade to travel
behind a tab.

3. Locate the subharness from the fog light kit that connects to the switch on one end and then to the
bike's wiring harness on the other end. It will also have a relay plugged into it.

4. Unplug and remove the subharness. The old subharness will not be reinstalled.

5. Plug in the new subharness from where the old subharness was removed. Install the new relay into
the harness. Insure the fuse is installed into the holder.

6. Turn on key and check lights for proper operation.

7. Re-assemble motorcycle.

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