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           “Health for All Have Your Say” Emerging Themes –
                            Staff Engagement

Agenda Item:               7.3                          Reference:               W08-09/010
Report to:                 PCT Board                    Meeting Date:            8 April 2008
Lead Director:             Jo Harvey, Director of Workforce
Lead Officer:              Marianne O’Hanlon, Head of Workforce Modernisation
Contributors:              N/A
Report History:            Date:                Submitted to:       Brief Summary of Outcome
Area of Activity:          Commissioning                                                         
                           Primary Care & Provider Services                                      
                           Health Inequalities                                                   
Summary:                   The listening exercise has provided a wealth of information and feedback
                           from staff.

                           Key themes are outlined in the paper in relation to both the commissioning
                           plan and staff’s views on working in the NHS/the PCT in general.

Recommendation:            To Approve
                           To Note                                                               
Next Steps:                Consider how to respond to issues raised specifically by staff through the
                           listening exercise.

                           Build on positive response to staff listening events through development of
                           the Staff Engagement Plan.

“Health for All Have Your Say” Emerging Themes – Staff Engagement: Board Meeting 8 April 2008    1/2
What are the implications for the following (please state if not applicable):
Financial                  May be increasing costs due to on-going staff engagement

Value For Money            Investment in staff engagement can result in higher motivation, productivity

Risk                       Risk of not taking this forward is staff demotivation and non-engagement

Legal                      N/A

Workforce                  Staff have given feedback about a range of issues and would like to see
                           changes/a response as a result which would facilitate more meaningful
                           staff engagement and a positive impact on staff morale and motivation.

Equality & Human           Staff engagement promotes equality in dealing with staff.

Operational Plan           Improved staff engagement is an Operational Plan objective.

Patient and Public         N/A

Partnership Working        Staff are supportive of developing partnership working to the benefit of

Performance                N/A

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If you require any additional information please contact the Lead Director/Officer.

“Health for All Have Your Say” Emerging Themes – Staff Engagement: Board Meeting 8 April 2008         2/2

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