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I.         ACT History and Background Information ......................................................................... 1
II.        Waste Management, Sales & Accounting Software Systems .............................................. 2
      A.   Waste Management Software ..........................................................................................................................2
      B.   Integrated Sales And Customer Services Software .........................................................................................2
      C.   Accounting Software System ..........................................................................................................................2
III.       Act Service Offerings .......................................................................................................... 3
IV.        Customer Satisfaction .......................................................................................................... 4
      A.   Continuous Improvement/Process Management/ Key Performance Indicators/ Sustainability ......................4
V.         Client References ................................................................................................................. 5
      A.   Example Projects .............................................................................................................................................6
VI.        Financial Background and General Information................................................................ 15
VII.       TSDF Statement and Seletion Criteria ............................................................................... 16
      A.   TSDF Neutral ................................................................................................................................................ 16
      B.   Approved TSDFs........................................................................................................................................... 16
VIII. Safety and Training Program ............................................................................................. 18
IX.        ACT Inspection and Compliance History .......................................................................... 21
X.         ACT Contact Information ................................................................................................. 22
APPENDIX I                   Licenses, Insurance and Registrations .............................................................. 23
Advanced Chemical Transport, Inc. (ACT) was incorporated in California in March 2000, with
the goal of becoming a Full-Service Environmental Management organization providing
unparalleled service to a wide variety of customers. ACT employs over 100 personnel and
operates out of four locations in California: Escondido, Santa Ana, Sunnyvale and Merced.
Each of our facilities is licensed 10 day transfer facility for storing hazardous waste,
biological/medical waste and radioactive waste while in transportation to the final treatment

ACT’s business is built on Service. Our team is dedicated to providing exemplary and
comprehensive environmental and waste management services to solve your environmental
management needs. Our management staff has over 150 years of combined experience in
hazardous waste management and environmental health & safety. ACT is confident we have the
ability and knowledge to provide the CUSTOMER with the answers and options to solve your
waste transportation, disposal, and compliance needs.

Since its inception, ACT has been providing our customers with customized, safe and efficient
solutions for their Hazardous Waste Management and Environmental needs. We are proud to
have expanded our service lines to include Low-Level Radioactive and Mixed Waste Disposal,
Biomedical Waste Disposal, Universal Waste Recycling, a full-service Environmental Health
and Safety Outsourcing program, Equipment and Facility Decontamination, Emergency
Response and Waste Management Tracking Software. A key part of our service line includes
ACT providing full and or part-time staffing at several clients to manage (or support) their
Hazardous Waste and EH&S programs, provide Emergency Response and complete Specialty
Decontamination & Field Service projects. Our on-site personnel provide a seamless service to
our clients by collecting, storing, and consolidating wastes for shipment by ACT in addition to
overseeing the transportation and disposal of wastes generated.

ACT has true working partnerships with many well-respected regional and national
environmental companies, most notably Clean Harbors, Rineco, US Ecology, Filter Recycling
Services, Siemens, Phibrotech, Evergreen Oil, EMC and Waste Management Healthcare
Solutions. Presently we are one of the largest hazardous waste brokers in the Western United
States. We maintain relationships with the executive management of all our primary TSD
Facilities to insure the best service and most competitive rates possible for our customers. ACT
will utilize the most environmentally sound, cost-effective, appropriate, and approved facilities
for each type of waste stream generated by the CUSTOMER.

ACT possesses a fleet of fully licensed hazardous waste transportation service vehicles. We
keep in-stock a large supply of drums, packaging materials and PPE in all of our branch
locations to ensure we are always able to meet the materials needs of our clients.


ACT is proud to offer Waste Management Software, which tracks and compiles information on
all hazardous waste and non-hazardous waste shipped by ACT. The system is updated regularly
by the developers of the software. This ensures that changing compliance and regulatory
concerns are incorporated in the application's structure. Through this application, ACT generates
manifests, tracks shipments, records waste history, maintains profiles, and compiles reports for
waste managed by ACT. The database for this system is stored on an ACT server and the data
undergoes daily off-site back up to remote servers ensuring maximum file security, application
stability, and data preservation.

ACT can provide the CUSTOMER with summary reports in Excel, Adobe Acrobat, or in email
text format that summarize waste volumes shipped per site. At any time the CUSTOMER can
access a variety of updated reports showing waste volumes by profile, manifest number, date
shipped, and or TSDF utilized. These reports will be available through the ACT Account

Additional pre-configured reports, such as our Account Review Meeting Reports, can be
generated upon request or on a regularly scheduled basis, and are offered at no charge to our
customers. Some examples of available reports include biannual report summaries, bar charts of
waste volumes shipped per profile per building, and/or costs broken out per profile per quarter,
per year and/or per location. Please see Appendix II to view an example waste tracking report.

To ensure service support and consistent pricing, ACT uses Integrated Sales and Customer
Service & Relations Platform Software. This application tracks contract changes, pricing, client
requests, and special client activity. The data in this application is held entirely off-site from
ACT, and undergoes back-up several times per day, ensuring preservation of sensitive and
critical customer activity, history, contracts, and reports. This software can be accessed from any
computer or PDA with an internet connection, which enables ACT Account Managers, Customer
Service Reps and Managers to have immediate and constant access to all customer related issues.

ACT utilizes an Accounting Software System that allows us to invoice select clients through
online protocols. Additionally, summary reports can be generated that allow ACT to track
invoices per client, per location, per specific time frames.

In addition to our standard Transportation and Disposal of wastes, ACT offers a wide array of
Technical Services to support the overall environmental needs of our clients. The following is a
partial list of our services:

    Hazardous Waste Transportation and Disposal
    Radioactive Waste Transportation and Disposal
    Biological Waste Transportation and Disposal
    Universal Waste Transportation and Recycling
    Onsite Hazardous Waste Program Management
    Emergency Response
    Onsite EH&S Regulatory Compliance Program Support and/or Management
    EH&S Training
    Industrial Hygienists Consulting
    Permitting and Consulting
    Document Management
    MSDS Management
    Sample Collection and Analysis
    Waste Identification and Characterization
    Lab Packing
    Chemical Inventories
    Chemical Moves/Relocations
    Equipment & Facility Decontamination and Cleaning
    Environmental Construction & Demolition
    Remediation
    Tank Cleaning Services
    Site Closures
    Parts Washers Rental and Servicing

ACT utilizes client surveys, face-to-face meetings, key performance indicators and feedback
from our Field Personnel to monitor customer satisfaction.

Our personnel will meet with the CUSTOMER regularly to help facilitate services and to gain
valuable information on your level of satisfaction. ACT will have weekly internal meetings to
insure monitoring of set standards and communication flow. We would request IR attend as
often as they feel necessary.

Client survey feedback and feedback from our Field Personnel will also be discussed with the
CUSTOMER in direct meetings and internally at our Escondido location during weekly sales
and operations meetings.

In a competitive service market such as ours, ACT realizes that innovation and value-added
benefit offerings are vital to setting us apart from the competition. To that end, ACT reviews its
existing service lines on an annual basis, and strives to both add new services and improve
existing ones. We also review our clients’ waste programs on a periodic basis, evaluating them
for opportunities of cost reduction either through operational changes, or through redirection of
the waste to alternate facilities.

Through Process Management and the use of Key Performance Indicators, ACT maintains a
constant focus on being able to provide the best service possible to our customers. Upon award
of a contract for services from the CUSTOMER, ACT will immediately schedule a series of
meetings with the CUSTOMER to establish complete and detailed lists of service expectations.
Because our methods are designed to be flexible enough to meet the needs of each customer,
ACT will develop and implement a customized set of SOPs specifically designed for the

ACT utilizes various forms and process management guidelines to maintain continuous
improvement and sustainability through the use of key performance indicators. We can use any
of these forms, or create new forms, to ensure we fulfill your needs. Alternatively, we can adapt
to use any forms and/or systems that you may already have in place. The goal is to ensure you
receive the best performance possible at all times.

  The following client reference list is available for you to contact and gain additional feedback on
  the quality and level of our services:

                                                                                                        Contact Name, Title,
Client Name and Address                       Services Provided                              and
                                                                                                      Phone Number and email
Applied Materials            9 Person Dedicated Full Time Project Team for On Site        5 years     Dave Nelson
                             Waste Management Services, E/R, Tool & Facility
3050 Bowers Ave                                                                           >1.3M       Applied Materials
                             Decontamination Services, Oversight of Waste Storage
Santa Clara, CA 94050        Areas, Tank Inspections, CUPA Inspections, Consulting        annually    408/727-5555
                             Services, Special Projects…etc.                                
Novellus                     4 Person Dedicated Full Time Project Team for On Site        2 year      Pat Ireland
                             Waste Management Services, E/R, Tool & Facility
4000 North First Street                                                                   >450K       Facilities Manager
                             Decontamination Services, Oversight of Waste Storage
San Jose, CA 95134           Areas, Tank Inspections, CUPA Inspections, Consulting        annually    408/570-2908
                             Services, Special Projects…etc.                                
Macquarie Electronics        Tool Surveys & decontamination assistance for Semi-          1.5 years   Chris Noe
                             conductor Fab in Taiwan. ACT provides independent 3rd
2153 O’Toole Ave, Suite E                                                                 >300K       Vice President
                             party survey assistance for all tools/equipment being
San Jose, CA 95131           returned to Macquarie Electronics upon end of lease.         Ongoing     408/965-3862
                             Purpose is to ensure tools are clean, capped, free from      project
                             contamination, free liquids, etc. Decontamination services
                             as needed.
Novartis                     Haz Waste Disposal and Transportation, Bio Waste Disposal    9 years     Mike Alston
                             & Transportation, Radioactive & Mixed Waste Disposal &
10675 John Jay Hopkins Dr.                                                                >400K       EH&S Director
                             Transportation, Lab Packing, Chemical/Lab Relocations,
San Diego, CA 92121          On-Site & ER Services.                                       annually    858/812-1629
Senomyx                      Haz Waste Disposal and Transportation, Bio Waste Disposal    5 years     Danielle Boren
                             & Transportation, Radioactive & Mixed Waste Disposal &
4767 Nexus Center Dr.                                                                     >200K       Laboratory Safety Manager
                             Transportation, Lab Packing, Chemical/Lab Relocations,
San Diego, CA 92121          On-Site & ER Services.                                       annually    858/646-8357
Ferro Corporation            Haz Waste Disposal & Transportation,          On-Site   &    5 years     Darrell Hill
                             Consulting Services and Special Projects.
1395 Aspen Way                                                                            >450K       Plant Manager
Vista, CA 92081                                                                           annually    (760) 305-1000
Apple Computer               Haz Waste Disposal and Transportation, Bio Waste Disposal    7 years     Lawrence Cowles
                             & Transportation, On-site Services, ER services, Tanker
1 Infinite Loop                                                                           > 150K      EH&S Manager
Cupertino, CA 95014                                                                       annually    408/ 974-8238

General Atomics              Haz Waste Disposal and Transportation, Radioactive &         7 years     Margaret Gregory
                             Mixed Waste Disposal & Transportation, Lab Packing,
3550 General Atomics, Ct                                                                  >500K       EH&S Coordinator
                             Chemical/Lab Relocations, Facility Closures/
San Diego, CA 92121          Decontaminations/Decommissioning, On-Site & ER               annually    858/909-5277


The following projects are included as examples of the high level of service and project
oversight that ACT and its acquired companies have provided in the past. More detailed
descriptions of each of these projects are provided on the following pages.

        Project               Client           Project Location          Scope of Services
 Transportation of       U.S. Marine      Camp Pendleton            Vacuum tanker truck services,
 Leachate Water          Corp                                       confined space tank cleaning.
 Equipment cleaning      U.S. Naval       NAS North Island          Cleaning of diversion weir
 and upgrades            Aviation Depot                             and oil-water separator sump
                                                                    and associated equipment
 Waste Transportation    Continental      San Diego, California     Vacuum truck services, roll
 and Disposal            Maritime                                   off bin services, and field
                                                                    analysis of drummed and
                                                                    packaged wastes
 Closure of Production   BF Goodrich      Chula Vista, California   Management and remediation
 Areas                                                              services for regulatory closure
 Cleaning and            U.S. Navy        Throughout Southern       Comprehensive operations,
 Remediation Projects                     California                maintenance, and monitoring
                                                                    services under 93 task orders
                                                                    over a 6-year period
 Environmental           Port of San      San Diego, California     Projects included storm drain
 Services                Diego                                      cleaning, lead abatement,
                                                                    confined space entry work, lab
                                                                    packing of unknown
                                                                    hazardous wastes,
                                                                    decontamination and cleaning
                                                                    of Old Police Station and
                                                                    various soil remediation
 Waste Transportation    U. S. Navy       Pt. Loma, California      Transportation and disposal of
 and Disposal            IR Site I                                  contaminated soil.
 Excavation of           Tetra Tech EM    San Diego, California     Excavated, Transported and
 Contaminated Soil       Inc.                                       Disposed of Asbestos
                                                                    Contaminated Soil

Client Name:                   Shaw Infrastructure, Inc.

Contact Person:                Richard Wong, Project Manager

Phone Number/Email:            (619) 437-6328/

Project: Transportation of Leachate Water at Camp Pendleton, CA

Scope of Work:

Shaw Infrastructure, Inc. contracted ACT to provide vacuum tanker truck services. ACT pumped out
approximately 200,000 gallons of leachate water containing low levels of Tritium from onsite storage
tanks and temporary bladders located at the Las Pulgas Landfill. Leachate was pumped from the storage
tanks and bladders into the vacuum tanker trucks and the liquids were transported to the # 8 STP located
approximately 6-miles from the site.

At each site, ACT provided portable tanker truck containment berms. Prior to each load being released
for transport, samples were taken from the tanker trucks and analyzed by Shaw Infrastructure, Inc. to
ensure the Tritium did not exceed the permissible levels.

After all leachate was transported offsite and disposed of, ACT commenced cleaning all of the bladders
and storage tanks. Prior to cleaning the storage tanks, ACT confined space personnel conducted
atmospheric testing in each tank to ensure they were “Safe for Men”. Each tank was cleaned utilizing a
high pressure water washing system. All hardened scale and other contaminates were chemically and
pneumatically removed from the surfaces of each of the tanks.

Client Name:                           US Naval Aviation Depot, NAS North Island

Contact Person:                         Daniel Conley, Environmental Engineer

Phone Number/Email:                     (619) 545-1982 /

Project Description:                    Various upgrades or changes to existing oil-water separator

Scope of Work:

The US Naval Aviation Depot (NADEP) located at Naval Air Station North Island contracted ACT to
perform cleaning and upgrades to NADEP’s oil-water separator (OWS).

Located adjacent to Building 457 on Naval Air Station North Island NADEP maintains an OWS with a
six-inch sewer discharge. The existing ¾-inch sampling valve was not efficient for taking samples and did
not meet county regulations. ACT removed approximately four feet of the existing 6-inch discharge line
and installed the necessary piping to create a low point in the line to accommodate sampling of the
discharged liquid.

A storm drain with a weir is located directly adjacent to the OWS. This weir diverts any oily water into a
wet sump which is then pumped into the OWS. Cleaning of the weir and the wet sump were required.
Using confined space procedures, ACT personnel cleaned the sump and weir using high-pressure water.
All wastes were placed into a vacuum truck and transported to an on base facility for disposal.

ACT also removed existing check valves from 3” feed lines and installed two new check valves of the
same type and in the same location as the existing ones. ACT removed the top from the OWS to gain
access for the cleaning of the panels. The inside was washed with high-pressure water and the liquids
were collected into a vacuum truck and transported to an on-base facility for disposal.

Client Name:                            Continental Maritime of San Diego

Contact Person:                         Russell McCarthy, Safety & Environmental Manager

Phone Number/Email:                     (619) 234-8851 /

Project Description:                    Transportation and Disposal Services of Navy Bulk and
                                        Drummed Wastes.

Scope of Work:

Continental Maritime of San Diego (CMSD) contracts ACT to provide routine vacuum truck services, roll
off bin services, and field analysis of drummed and packaged wastes. ACT prepares all the appropriate
documentation for each shipment including manifests, shipping reports, waste characterization reports,
and disposal certificates. Additionally, ACT prepares all profiles required by the end disposal sites and
works closely with each disposal facility staff to obtain an approval for every shipment of waste.

CMSD is a large ship repair business located on the San Diego Bay. Given their close proximity to the
bay, CMSD also contracts with ACT to provide emergency response services in case there is a spill in or
around their facility. ACT provides emergency response waste management services to CMSD for both
hazardous and non-hazardous waste spills.

Client Name:                             B.F. Goodrich (Formally known as Rohr Industries)

Contact Person:                          Rick Siordia, Environmental Specialists

Phone Number/Email:                      (619) 691-4279 /

Project Description:                     Closure of Production Areas, Chula Vista, California

Scope of Work:

ACT personnel provided comprehensive management and remediation services for regulatory closure of a
section of the facility that had been vacated. The scope of operations included, removal and disposal of
all remaining products in all of the large and various dip tanks in production areas, decontamination of dip
tanks, torch cutting of all tanks and associated piping to allow removal and disposal of tanks. Other
contract activities included:

       Primary decontamination operations at the facilities vacated and secured hazardous waste yard
       Surface analytical testing and laboratory services as confirmation that all cleanup activities met
        the required levels for facility closure
       Lab packing of unknown wastes
       Confined space entry
       Bulk tanker loads
       Manifest and document preparation and daily progress reports

The entire project was completed 52-days ahead of schedule and $262,000.00 under budget. At the
completion of the project, a final report was submitted to the customer supporting the facilities final
regulatory closure package to local and state agencies.

Client Name:                          U.S. Navy Public Works Center

Contact Person:                       Dion de la Pena, Project Manager

Phone Number/Email:                   (619) 556-2454 /

Project Description:                  Various Cleaning and Remediation Projects at Navy Installations
                                      in Southern California

Scope of Work:

Under more than 90 task orders over a 6-year period, ACT personnel provided comprehensive operations,
maintenance, and monitoring services to the U.S. Navy at Southern California installations. Example
projects include:

      Performed installation and operation of various systems at the NASNI Fuel Farm including LTC-
       1000 tank gauging/continuous leak detection systems on 27 tanks and 10 miles of associated
      Conducted sampling and analysis of soil and groundwater for hydrocarbons, VOCs, and MTBE at
       two UST sites at FISC Point Loma.
      Under an urgent requirement for mobilization on another contractors failed project, evaluated
       wash water recycling systems at Ft. Irwin, developed optimum system design, implemented
       upgrades, and conducted O&M.
      Conducted confined-space maintenance of chromium pits at NADEP North Island.
      Conducted compliance reviews of UST and AST systems at NASNI, implemented upgrades, and
       conducted maintenance and monitoring.
      Met stringent QA/QC requirements of DTSC (Title 22) during remedial operation for chromium
       and cyanide treatment at NASNI – surface-waste, air monitoring and associated reporting were
      Completed $2,975,740 in storm drain system maintenance and repair at NAVSTA San Diego on
       time and without requesting a single change order.

Client Name:                           San Diego Unified Port District

Contact Person:                        Bill Hays, Senior Environmental Engineer

Phone Number/Email:                    (619) 686-6584 /

Project Description:                   Hazardous Waste Management and Emergency Response

Scope of Work:

ACT has successfully completed numerous projects for the San Diego Unified Port District (SDUPD).
Some of the projects include:

      Analysis of soil samples taken during excavation activities at the 10th Avenue Terminal. After
       analysis was complete, ACT completed all profiles and other appropriate paperwork for shipment
       of wastes. ACT loaded soil into end dumps and transported soil to end disposal sites.
      Removal of large sections of exhaust ducting from the roof of Building 45 at South Campus
       Facility. Ducting was required to be cut up in 4’ sections and craned off of the roof. After
       ducting was removed, it was relocated to an area where it was pressured washed and made ready
       for shipment in ACT provided roll off bins. Additionally, ACT removed all PCB mastic from
       wall joints.
      Cleaning and replacement of fabric on the entire storm drain catch basins within the South
       Campus Facility to prevent further contamination from surface run-off.
      Creating a Microsoft Access application that tracks each manifest for each generator within the
       SDUPD’s properties. This program saves the SDUPD hundreds of man hours each year by
       streamlining their reporting to the various regulatory agencies. Each manifest is scanned into the
       ACT database and the information is extracted and placed into files. The SDUPD can search and
       print the data by waste stream, waste codes, and a variety of other information over the course of
       a year.

Client Name:                           Shaw Infrastructure

Contact Person:                        Richard Wong, Project Manager

Phone Number/Email:                    (619) 437-6328/

Project Description:                   Transportation and Disposal of PCP contaminated soil.

Scope of Work:

Shaw Infrastructure, Inc. contracted ACT to transport and dispose of approximately 24,000 tons of soil
containing RCRA Lead and TSCA PCP’s from the Naval Base Point Loma. ACT provided the

      Profiled waste into end disposal site.
      Provided all disposal of contaminated soil.
      Provided all manifesting and labeling associated with the transportation of soil.
      Provided up to 35 end dump trucks per day to meet or exceed the Navy’s work plan schedule.
      Provide equipment and personnel to weigh all incoming and outgoing loads.
      Provided labor and materials to properly line with poly sheeting each of the end dump trucks.
      Provided weekly summary reports to Shaw detailing onsite activities.

Client Name:                            Tetra Tec EM Inc.

Contact Person:                         Roger Argus, Vice President

Phone Number/Email:                     (619) 525-7188 /

Project Description:                    Site Remediation Services

Scope of Work:

ACT provided personnel and equipment to excavate, transport and dispose of approximately 600 tons of
RCRA Asbestos contaminated soil. Working closely with Tetra Tech and D-R-Horton, ACT excavated
soil from predetermined zones on a vacated lot located in Southeast San Diego. All soils were placed into
double lined end dumps trucks and made ready for transportation. All soils were transported out of state
to a certified Class II Landfill for disposal.

Since this site was designated for construction of new homes and adjacent to residential dwellings,
monitoring of air quality beyond the work site and personnel working on site was essential. The project
was completed on time, under budget and without incident.

  Advanced Chemical Transport was incorporated in California on March 27, 2000. Walter H.
  Singer was the president and sole shareholder. ACT’s first facility was opened in March of 2000
  and began accepting shipments in April of 2000 with 3 employees. Since that time ACT now
  services all of California from its four fully permitted facilities with over 95 employees and 50

  ACT is a privately held employee owned company. ACT has an employee stock purchase
  program and 100% of the employees have equity options. A description of the stock option plan
  as well as a summary of options granted can be furnished upon request.

  ACT has been privately financed by its founder and shareholders. The current status of equity is
  listed on the Financial Statements, which are available upon request. ACT currently has separate
  lines of credit established with Focus Bank to accommodate future growth and equipment

  Act has been successful in Revenue, Asset and Profit growth in-spite of its aggressive expansion
  in both product lines and geographic territories. Sales have grown from just $400,000 (Four
  Hundred Thousand) annually in its first year of business to a current rate of over $19,000,000
  (Nineteen Million) annually. ACT has also grown its assets from $147,000 on its inception in
  2000 to over $6 million in 10 years. Long Term Budgets and Forecasts are currently depicting a
  sustained 25% growth rate. ACT owns its facilities in Sunnyvale, Escondido and Merced
  ensuring a long term commitment, as well as, permit and operational flexibility. ACT is currently
  making profits above industry standards.

   Please see the following Financial History for your review:
        Year           2002 2003        2004     2005 2006        2007    2008     2009     2010
Values $ x 1000
Total Revenues         2,929 3,535 4,777 5,975 7,343              9,448   12,041   14,185   19,195
EBIT                     15     244      192      160      360     512      879      902     2,543
Total Interest paid      21      19       18       12       24      48       72      135      140
Retained Earnings        -3     240      292      325      412     782     1,344    1,300    2,684
Cash Flow from         2,929 3,535 4,777 5,975 7,340              9,448   12,000   13926    17,652
Current Assets          467     612      766      993     1,098   1,537   2,061    2,493    3,481
Total Assets            675     769    1,127 1,218 1,407          2,398   4,000    4,975    6,565
Current Liabilities     274     211      328      442      261     887    1305     2,404    2,018
Total Debt              206     158      268      175      210     589    1357     3,532    3,680
Common Equity           196     398      245      277      327     912    1344     1,443    2,684
Number of Clients       240     397      420      425      500     650     750      770      836


ACT is not tied to utilizing any one TSDF and therefore has the flexibility to utilize a multitude
of end disposal facilities specializing in specific waste stream disposal. Additionally, ACT ships
significant quantities of wastes to these facilities, which in turn assists us in offering competitive
pricing to our clients. In shipping our clients’ waste to the most appropriate and cost-effective
TSDF, overall costs for disposal can be kept to a minimum.

ACT maintains a very high sense of responsibility when managing your waste disposal,
treatment and/or recycling needs. We realize the ramifications of using subpar facilities that do
not place compliance and safety as their top priority. That is why our first criteria for selecting a
TSDF partner is based on their safety and compliance records. The nature of the materials we
work with are dangerous. Therefore, to protect your liabilities as well as our own, we also verify
the TSDFs we use are financially secure and maintain adequate insurance and closure cost

Due to the high cost of transportation and the dangers with transporting your waste over long
distances, ACT always considers location as a factor in choosing our disposal partners. We
make every effort to keep the waste within reasonable distances from the point of generation.
This limits your exposure to risk from an incident on the road and helps keep your cost down.

Processing capabilities and handling costs are also part of our selection criteria. We take into
consideration that each TSDF we use is the best suited to receive and handle the waste we send
them. This means we further limit your risk that could be incurred from 3rd party transporters
and excessive facility storage time while waiting to be treated. Also, by selecting the right
facility partner for each waste stream we are able to obtain the best market price for your
disposal, treatment and/or recycling needs.

Finally, ACT always makes a conscientious effort to find as many green treatment and recycling
options as possible for your waste. That is why we are able to recycle over 80% of the waste, on
average, we manage for our customers.

ACT only utilizes approved TSD Facilities that are audited biannually by our EH&S/Compliance
staff. Each facility utilized must pass a rigorous audit process including a review of relevant
records, permits, and past incidents. ACT also requires each facility to be physically inspected
during this process. Our audit information is available for review upon request.

The following page contains a partial list of TSDF facilities that are currently approved for use
by ACT to manage our customers’ waste disposal, treatment and/or recycling needs.

  FACILITY             ADDRESS            CITY,STATE,ZIP         FACILITY#          EPA ID#      TYPE           Contact
                     30677 Huntwood                                                              Final &
     AERC                                 Hayward, CA 94544      510-429-1498     CAD982411993                Vinnie Kalsi
                          Ave.                                                                   Transfer
Clean Harbors-San                                                                                Final &
                    1040 Commercial St.    San Jose, Ca 95112    408-451-5000     CAD059494310                Chet Liebold
        Jose                                                                                     Transfer
Clean Harbors-El
                    309 American Circle   El Dorado, AR 71730    870-863-7173     ARD069748192    Final       Chet Liebold
  Clean Harbors-                            Wilmington, CA                                       Final &
                     1737 E. Denni St.                           310-835-9998     CAD009007626                Chet Liebold
   Wilmington                                   90744                                            Transfer
 Filter Recycling                                                                                Final &
                      180 Monte Ave.       Rialto, CA 92316      909-873-4141     CAD982444481                David Rains
     Services                                                                                    Transfer
 Pacific Resource                           Los Angeles, CA
                    3150 East Pico Blvd                          800-499-7145      CAD00825405   Transfer     Kirk Waldorf
     Recovery                                    90023
                                          Santa Fe Springs, CA
Phibro-Tech, Inc.      8851 Dice Rd.                             562-698-8036     CAD008488023    Final       Terry Adams
Waste Management
                       4280 Bandini                                                              Final &
   Healthcare                              Vernon, CA 90058      323-307-0514     # TS/OST#81                  Tim Tucker
                        Boulevard                                                                Transfer
Waste Management
   Healthcare       7705 State Hwy 65     Anahuac, TX 77514      409-267-3913     # MSW-2239A     Final        Tim Tucker
                                                                  1-800-377-                     Final &      Linda Friday
     Rineco          819 Vulcan Road       Benton, AR 72015                       ARD981057870
                                                                 4692, ext.5196                  Transfer
                                                                                                 Final &
SET Environmental   5738 Cheswood St.     Houston, TX 77087      713-645-8710     TXD055135388               Bob Templeton
                     Hwy 95,11Miles
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ACT is proud that we currently possess a Workers’ Comp modification factor of 1.0. This rating
is a direct result of ACT’s exemplary safety record and program, which is summarized below.

ACT provides its employees with a comprehensive training and safety program that goes beyond
minimum legal requirements. Our program is outlined below. All field employees are required to
have a current 40-Hr OSHA training followed by annual refreshers prior to initiating field
activities with ACT. Prior to employment, all employees undergo Drug and Alcohol Testing.
ACT also has a zero-tolerance Drug and Alcohol Policy consistent with DOT requirements for
transportation companies. We perform post-accident and random drug testing of drivers. In
addition, ACT performs background checks on all employees prior to employment, per our
company policy and Transportation Security Plan.

Please see the following training program and summary of required training for ACT employees:

Injury & Illness   Initial      All Employees   This training is indented to enable all employees to systematically
Prevention Plan                                 identify, evaluate, and minimize workplace hazards through periodic
(IIPP)                                          inspections, job hazards analysis and new hazard identification. It also
                                                provides guidance for compliance with Cal/OSHA Title 8 § 3203 Injury
                                                & Illness Prevention Program.
Emergency Action   Initial      All Employees   This training is intended to provide guidance and instruction concerning
Plan (EAP)                                      the following emergencies: fires, earthquakes, chemical spills, power
                                                outages, floods, injuries, bomb threats, odor/gas leak or a civil
                                                disruption. This training complies with California Occupational Safety
                                                and Health Administration (Cal/OSHA) Title 8 § 3220 Emergency
                                                Action Plan. This plan covers the following:
                                                Responsibilities of employees in regards to this plan
                                                Emergency Equipment Location
                                                Emergency Reporting Procedures
                                                Emergency Evacuation Procedures
Fire Prevention    Initial      All Employees   This training is intended to provide guidance and instruction concerning
Plan (FPP)                                      fire prevention, fire protection equipment, alarm systems, and fire
                                                fighting methods. This training complies with California Occupational
                                                Safety and Health Administration (Cal/OSHA) Title 8 § 3221 Fire
                                                Prevention Plan. This plan covers the following:
                                                Responsibilities of employees in regards to this plan,
                                                Potential fire hazards encountered as an employee of ACT,
                                                The methods of storage for fire hazards and
                                                The types of fire control equipment at ACT.

Hazard              Initial   This training establishes written requirements and responsibilities to:
Communication –               Identify and inventory hazardous chemicals;
Chemical Hygiene              Label hazardous chemical containers;
Plan (HC-CHP)                 Acquire and maintain material safety data sheets (MSDS);
                              Train employees on chemical hazards and methods available for
                              protection from these hazards; and
                              Maintain an effective hazard communication program through a
                              continuing self-assessment process.
                              This training provides guidance for compliance with California
                              Occupational Safety and Health Administration (Cal/OSHA) Title 8 §
                              5194 Hazard Communication, Cal/OSHA Title 8 § 5191 and the
                              labeling provisions of the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) in
                              section 704 of the National Fire Code Standard System for the
                              Identification of the Hazards of Materials for Emergency Response.
Bloodborne          Annual    This training describes how to eliminate or minimize exposure of all
Pathogens (BBP) /             personnel to human blood or human blood products that might contain
Exposure Control              Bloodborne pathogens or other potentially infectious materials (OPIM).
Plan (EAP)                    This BBP / ECP demonstrates compliance with California Occupational
                              Safety and Health Administration (Cal/OSHA) Bloodborne Pathogens
                              Standard Title 8 § 5193.
Department of       3-year    This training provides guidance on DOT hazardous materials
Transportation                classifications, exemptions, shipping papers and vehicle inspection
(DOT)                         reports. This training demonstrates compliance with 49 CFR, 171-178,
                              49 CFR 382-400 and regulations governing commercial transportation
                              that are enforced by the California Highway Patrol.
DOT Exemptions      Annual    This training provides guidance on DOT exemptions, loading and
                              unloading materials, shipping papers and vehicle inspection reports.
40-Hr & 8-Hr        Annual    This training provides guidance on routes of exposure, reasons for
Hazardous Waste               exposure, physical and material characteristics of chemicals, hazard
Operations &                  evaluation, pre-employment screening, medical surveillance, common
Emergency                     exposures, common toxic chemicals, personal protective equipment,
Response                      protective determinations, respiratory protection requirements and safe
(HAZWOPER)                    work practices.
Hazardous/          Annual    This training provides guidance on the regulatory background, waste
Universal Waste               determinations, storage times, containers holding waste, labeling
                              provisions, manifest and hazardous materials transportation security.
                              This training demonstrates compliance with California Department of
                              Toxic Substances Control (Cal/DTSC) regulations in Title 22 §
Spill Report        Annual    This training review the Advanced Chemical Transport’s internal spill
                              response and reporting procedures. These procedures are compliant
                              with local, state and Federal (DOT, EPA) requirements.
Spill Drill         Annual    Spill drills are annual and follow the spill reporting training identified
Medical Waste       Annual    This training provides guidance on regulators of medical waste,
Management Act                medical waste definitions and storage requirements (including required
(MWMA)                        storage times and areas).
                              This training demonstrates compliance with the CA Health & Safety
                              Code 117600 – 118360.
CPR/First Aid &     Other     This training is combined with First Aid training to ensure that all field
AED                           personnel are CPR/First Aid Trained.

HMTS                Annual                          As required by the DOT (CFR Title 49, 172.800) Advanced Chemical
                                                    Transport maintains a Hazardous Materials Transportation Security
                                                    Plan. This training provides coverage of this plan to all ACT Hazmat
Respiratory         Annual                          This training identifies areas and procedures that pose a respiratory
Protection                                          hazard to employees (those tasks that exceed permissible exposure
Program (RSP)                                       limits), identifies the proper respiratory protective equipment for those
                                                    tasks identified as posing a respiratory hazard to employees and
                                                    identifies the proper procedures for employees required to use
                                                    respirators, including use and limitations of respirators, medical
                                                    evaluations and training and fit testing. This training demonstrates
                                                    compliance with California Occupational Safety and Health
                                                    Administration (Cal/OSHA) Respiratory Protection Standard Title 8 §
Drug Policy         Annual                          Advanced Chemical Transport maintains a Drug Free Workplace /
                                                    Testing Policy in compliance with DOT regulations found in the Federal
                                                    Motor Carrier Safety Regulations Part 382. This training covers the
                                                    hazards associated with drug use on the job, testing requirements for
                                                    ACT (pre-employment, reasonable suspicion, post accident, random),
                                                    and treatment availability.
Lock-Out/Tag- Out   As required                     Act maintains LOTO equipment when working on potentially energized
Confined Space      As required                     Class to fulfill State and Federal requirements for performing work in a
Entry                                               confined space.
Fall Protection     As required                     Class to fulfill requirements of Cal/OSHA Title 8 §1671.1 Fall Protection
                                                    Plan & Cal/OSHA Title 8 §1670 Personal Fall Arrests Systems

Copies of these plans are available upon request.

          Inspections for environmental and permit compliance occur on a frequent basis pursuant to permit and regulatory requirements.
          Records for inspections are maintained and are available for review on-site. Consistently positive comments on compliance with
          applicable regulations have been received by ACT from regulators and customers alike.

  Inspection Type        Agency                            Purpose                           Inspector   Inspection    Location   Permit /     Outcome          Date of
                                                                                                         Frequency                License                     Inspection

                      Merced Fire     Inspection to document fire hazards to maintain a                                                      No violations
Fire Department       Department      safe working environment.                             Franklin     Annual       Merced      NA         observed         10/12/2009
                                                                                            Clark &
Shipping HazMat by                    Inspection to follow-up on DGD for shipment by        Michael                                          No violations
Air                   FAA             air.                                                  Burdick      NA           Sunnyvale   NA         observed         10/21/2009
                                      Inspection to ensure facility is in compliance with
                                      requirements of the MWMA and transfer station         Carol                                            No violations
Medical Waste         CDPH            permit                                                Nishimoto    Biannual     Sunnyvale   TS-42      observed         3/25/2010
                      Dept. of        Inspection to document fire hazards to maintain a     Stewart                                          Received one
Fire Department       Public Safety   safe working environment.                             McGee        Periodic     Sunnyvale   NA         violation        4/22/2010
                                      Inspection to determine compliance with all CA
Biennial Inspection                   vehicle code and Title 13 regulations required for                                                     Satisfactory
of Terminals (BIT)    CHP             terminals                                             T.K. Combs   Biennial     Santa Ana   194741     Rating           7/20/2010
                                      Inspection to ensure facility is in compliance with
                                      requirements of the MWMA and transfer station         Ginger                                           No violations
Medical Waste         CDPH            permit                                                Hilton       Biannual     Escondido   TS-66      observed         8/31/2010

                      Merced Fire     Inspection to document fire hazards to maintain a                                                      No violations
Fire Department       Department      safe working environment.                             Franklin     Annual       Merced      NA         observed         10/14/2010

Account Manager:

   Pasquale Paduano
   Director of Sales
   714/640-7653 (mobile)

APPENDIX I            Licenses, Insurance and Registrations
Please see and review the attached license and registration information.

Attachments Include:
     CHP Hazardous Materials Transportation License
     DMV Motor Carrier Permit
     DOHS Medical Waste Transfer Station Permit – San Diego
     DOHS Medical Waste Transfer Station Permit - Sunnyvale
     DOT Hazardous Materials Certificate of Registration
     DTSC Hazardous Waste Transportation Registration with Consolidation Transporter
     EPA ID# Letter
     Radioactive Materials License
     ACT - Certificate of Insurance


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