timed write lesson by 6llg095


									     AVID         How to Read and Analyze a Writing Prompt
Name _________________________________             Date ________________      Per ______

1.   Brainstorm a list of timed writing situations in the space below:

2.   Use a Venn diagram to compare and contrast how Timed Writing situations and Process
     Writing situations are different and similar.

      Timed                                                                     Process

3.        How can you transfer what you know about the writing process to a timed writing
          situation? How do your skills as a writer help you in either situation?

4.        Read the following prompt 2 times and circle/underline the main words or phrases
          that should be addressed in the essay.

         Everyone performs tasks every day whether they are as simple as making
         breakfast or as difficult as repairing a bicycle. To complete these tasks, there is
         a process that must be done to do it successfully. Think of a task you do well.
         Write an essay in which you explain the process it takes to complete the task
         successfully. Imagine that the reader of your essay has never done this task
         before and needs to know each step of the process.

5.       Using the key words you have marked, rewrite the prompt in your own words. Try
         to write the prompt as a level 2-3 question.
6.          Draw a graphic organizer or create a visual representation showing how the key
            words/ideas are related to one another and then share your work at your table.

7. Create a thesis that uses IQIA to answer the prompt and lists the 3 things you will use as
support. You will use this as the last sentence of your first paragraph.

8. Recap the prompt-dissecting strategies above (there are 3).
            Step 1: Dissect the Prompt
               1. Reread the prompt

9. What do you think are the next steps for answering this prompt?
            Step 2:____________________________________

            Step 3:____________________________________

            Step 4: ___________________________________

10. How much time do you think you should spend on the prompt dissection, topic selection and
planning steps in a timed situation? Let’s use a 1 hour time limit as an example.

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