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					                                           Case Study Answer Key
       Title                                 Skills                                        Other Potential Targets
Secretarial/Clerical Communication                                             Conference planning
                     Customer service                                          Manage events
                     Interview for information- active listening               Secretary in another organization
                     Organizational Skills                                     Data management
                     Manage multiple projects                                  Purchasing
                     Detail Oriented                                           Production control
                     Monitor phone and projects                                Manage schedules for repair/service calls
                     Coordination                                              Customer service
                     Social Perceptiveness                                     Intake worker in human service or medial
                     Problem identification                                     field
                     Information gathering                                     Civil service jobs
                     Planning                                                  Insurance processing
                     Prioritize tasks
                     Time management
                     Negotiation (meeting planning)
Material             Physical strength                                         Assistant carpenter
Handler/Laborer      Good eye for size and accuracy of detail                  Delivery van (non CDL)
                     Knowledge of how to use hand and power tools              Stocking with building supplies
                      for repair                                                Shipping and receiving
                     Understanding of how materials are assembled              Post office jobs
                     Ability to plan when storing materials or loading         Delivery of appliances and furniture
                      truck                                                     Moving and storage
                     Knowledge of how to work safely                           Assembly of products such as bikes,
                                                                                 barbecues, furniture, etc.
Information              Accuracy with details                                  Data base management
Technology              Ability to plan projects                               Math instruction
Professional            Organize large amounts of information                  Organizations that write educational
                        High level math ability                                 programs
                        Problem solving                                        Technical writing
                        Convey complex ideas to others                         Website design and modification
                        Critical thinking                                      Customer service: troubleshooting computer
                        Monitoring work flow                                    programs
                        Coordination with work of others
                        Ability to work individually and with a team
                        Problem identification
                        Information gathering
                        Synthesis and reorganization
                        Idea generation and evaluation
                        Implementation planning
                        Solution appraisal
                        Testing of program
                        Operation monitoring
                        Ability to learn and use new information quickly
                        Judgment and decision making

                                                                                Skills Identification Optional Handout 6B
       Title                                    Skills                                           Other Potential Targets
Retail Salesperson      Customer service                                              Phone rooms-taking orders
                        Mediation-calming angry people down                           Customer service
                        Ability to keep situation from escalating                     Insurance processing companies
                        Product, store, and procedure knowledge                       Receptionist
                        Accuracy and ability to learn new information, e.g.           Banking
                         knows sales and promotions                                    Finance company-processing information
                        Ability to be cheerful despite long hours and difficult
                        Interviewing for information to assess each person’s
                         shopping needs
                        Relaying information to others
                        Follow procedures for standard and unusual
                        Social perceptiveness-being aware of others
                         reactions and adjusting accordingly
                        Follow planogram to stock shelves
                        Ability to use computerized cash register
Electro-Mechanical      Understanding of basic electrical/electronic theory           Retail electronics- informational sales
Technician               and ability to apply principles                               Parts distribution center
                        Ability to train staff with varying levels of ability in      Bench work for appliance repair
                         technical topics                                              Copy/fax repair
                        Manual dexterity                                              Audio/visual equipment repair
                        Analyze needs and requirements                                Installation of computer network hardware
                        Use organizational skills for paperwork                       Installation of alarm systems and camera
                        Manage own time and other’s time                               monitoring systems
                        Isolate and detect process errors                             Maintenance of above
                        Troubleshoot using electronic equipment                       Installation and maintenance of marine
                        Ability to set up equipment from manual following              electronics
                         directions                                                    Delivery, installation, and repair of medical
                        Observational skills                                           equipment
                        Ability to monitor, process, and respond to errors            Repair of communication equipment in office and
                                                                                       Repair monitoring equipment-security and
                                                                                        medical equipment
                                                                                       Work with systems like E-Z Pass and swipe
                                                                                        badge systems
                                                                                       Auto diagnostic equipment, sales, marketing,
                                                                                        installation, and repair

                                                                                        Skills Identification Optional Handout 6B

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