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									Rider Manual
The Independent London2Brighton Ride
Saturday 8 September 2012
We are delighted that you have chosen to take part in The Independent London2Brighton Ride
and by doing so, supporting Action Medical Research. In this manual you will find all the details that you
need to know about the event and the proceedings for the day. Please take your time to familiarise
yourself with the details as this will enable you to enjoy the experience of this event.

Come along prepared for a fabulous day in the saddle on The Independent London2Brighton
Ride, one of our most iconic and scenic rides that takes you from capital to coast. We would ask that
everybody involved with this event – be they rider, official or supporter – is mindful of cycling’s outward
image and that of Action Medical Research. Our events enjoy a good safety record and friendly
atmosphere and we are keen to maintain this, your participation is important to us.

Thank you for your support
At Action Medical Research we are determined to stop the suffering of babies and children caused by
disease and disability. We know that medical research can save and change children’s lives. By raising as
much as you can on The Independent London2Brighton Ride bike ride you will be helping to find
ways to reduce premature birth, to support children facing a lifetime of challenges caused by disabilities,
and to develop cutting-edge therapies for rare and incurable diseases.

What you need to know
There is no parking at Dulwich College, West Dulwich, London SE21 7LD but the roads surrounding
the venue offer plenty of free parking. Please be mindful of cyclists departing as you arrive.

All riders must register their attendance at Event HQ South Cloister. Registration opens at 07:30.
At registration you will be provided with the following:
     Bike number with timing chip – cable ties provided (do not remove the chip from the number)
     Tyvek wristband - please record your rider number, name and any allergies/medical conditions
     Event Control number card - Event Control number 07949 538978

Before starting check:
    That you have fixed your bike number to the front of your bike
    You have the Event Control number in your pocket

At the start riders must assemble in the holding area where they will be filtered to the start line.
Riders must ride under the gantry to activate the timing chip. Please avoid the gantry unless starting the
ride as it may trigger your timing chip.
     From 07:45 the first group of riders will assemble at the start
     A short safety briefing will be given to riders before set off
     At regular intervals the start process will be repeated until all riders are on the road.
     All riders should be on the road soon after 09:00

The route is signed throughout with yellow signs bearing the ‘Action’ button and direction arrows.
The button will always be in the bottom right hand corner, if it is not, then it has been tampered with.
All riders are required to ride with due care and attention during the event. Please respect other road
users, this is not a closed road event and you will encounter traffic. Be patient, this is not a race and
there are no rewards for finishing first. Do not put yourself or others at risk by careless riding. Obey any
instructions given by marshals or support crews. Ultimately, you are responsible for your riding.

During the event, riders are expected to obey the rules of the road and ride in a manner appropriate for
a cycling event. Be courteous throughout the event and consider other road users, pedestrians and
others engaged in a leisure activity such as horse riders. The route follows mainly country lanes where
you will encounter rural traffic users such as tractors, etc.

Helmets – The wearing of cycle helmets on Action Medical Research’s bike rides is compulsory.
Please make sure that you bring a helmet to the ride. No helmet, no ride.

We ask you not to:
   drop litter – use the bins provided or take it home with you
   urinate in public; there are toilets at the start, feed stations and along the route
   behave in a manner that may offend others
   impede traffic flow; please refrain from forming groups on the road

Feed stations
   1. Merstham Village Hall with toilet facilities                        21.53-miles
   2. Lindfield Church Hall with toilet facilities                        41.85-miles

There will be items such as flapjacks, fruit, sweets, water and squash. High5 EnergySource drink will be
available at all stops.

Mechanical assistance during the event
Gary’s Bikes will be on hand at the start to check your bike over and on the route to assist with any
mechanical issues that you may have. Also on the route moto marshals and support vehicles will have
spare tubes and pumps along with some basic tools to help you with any problems you may have. Please
ensure that your bike is in good order before starting the ride to avoid problems later. We can only
assist with minor problems and we cannot provide support for serious mechanical breakdowns and if
your bike or body fails you, the broom wagon will take you to the finish.

Accidents and emergencies
In the event that you or someone is involved in an accident that requires emergency services, do not
hesitate to contact 999 in the first instance and then the Event Controller on the number provided. If the
incident is minor and not life threatening the Event Controller will be the first person to contact. We
have two emergency support vehicles on the route and they are equipped to deal with the emergencies
to a high standard.

Require help? - If you get into difficulty during the event and require assistance please contact
Event Control on 07949 538978. You will receive a small card with this number at registration.

The finish
Your ride finishes along the seafront at Hove Lawns, just past the King Alfred Leisure Centre. Continue
to follow the ‘Action’ signs as you enter Brighton and head to Brighton Pier - there you will join the
cycle path and ride west along the seafront towards Hove.

At the finish:
    You must ride under the gantry to record your time and to confirm that you have finished.
    The timing chip will be removed from your bike.
    Please be patient as riders are filtered through the finish area.
    Enjoy the post event buffet consisting of pasta, rice, salad, meats, cheese, rolls, fruit and cakes.
       Tea and coffee will also be available. The selection of food available is suitable for all diets.
If you decide not to complete the ride and do not return to the finish, you must contact Event Control
and return your chip to the timing provider, failure to do so will result in a charge of £15.

We wish you a safe and enjoyable ride and look forward to presenting you with your ride memento at
the finish. Photos will be available a few days after the event at RandR Photos where they can be
purchased in a number of formats – make sure you’re smiling!

Rider times will be displayed on the Black Sheep website soon after the event and a link to timings on
our website will be sent to you via email. If you have any queries about your time, please contact Black
Sheep direct at events@blacksheepsportsltd.co.uk

Don’t forget to hand in your timing chip at the finish to confirm de-registration. At the finish a team of
therapists from Complete Wellbeing will be offering a FREE sports massage service available to relieve
those tired muscles.

Rider safety brief

       All riders must display their rider number on their bike and wear the wristband.
       Riders under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult during the event.
       The wearing of helmets (conforming to CE Standards EN1078) is mandatory for all riders.
        No helmet, no ride.
       All riders must ride in an orderly manner in accordance with Highway Code.
       RED means STOP. Stop at traffic lights, do not take chances.
       Use on-road cycle lanes on the London section during the first part of the ride.
       Cycle lanes will also be found in Brighton but not all are on-road.
       From the start you will be riding on the South Circular Road to Clapham Common.
       Take extra car at roundabouts and make your intentions clear to other road users.
       Obey any instructions given to you by marshals on the route.
       This event is non competitive, it is not a race and there are no road closures.
       The route is fully signed and every turn is clearly marked; do not turn unless directed.
       Take heed of road traffic warning signs, they apply to cyclists too.
       Do not ride in groups and extend all reasonable courtesy to other road users.
       Ride single file on climbs and A Roads to allow traffic flow.
       On single track roads ride single file and anticipate oncoming traffic.
       Be aware of potholes and loose gravel on roads throughout the route.
       Keep a safe distance between you and the rider in front, especially on steep descents.
       Be patient when crossing junctions and cross in small groups.
       When turning right, always make your intentions clear to road users.
       Red Cross paramedics are on the route to attend to any incidents that require medical attention.
       Participants are responsible for the road worthiness of their bike.
       Gary’s Bikes will be on the route to assist with mechanical issues.
       Support vehicles on the route will be able to carry out some minor repairs.
       All spare parts supplied by the mechanics and marshals are chargeable.
       Please refrain from using ipods, mp3 players and mobile phones whilst riding.
       You are advised to carry two spare inner tubes and a small tool kit.
       Be prepared for adverse weather and wear/carry adequate clothing.
       In hot, sunny conditions drink plenty of water and apply sun protection.
       In the event that you are unable to complete the ride, a sweeper vehicle will be following.
Getting there – Dulwich College, West Dulwich, London SE21 7LD

                                  Dulwich College

                  Parking & venue information

Parking is available in surrounding roads close to the college; please be mindful of cyclists on the road as
you approach the area as riders will be setting off from 07:45. There is no parking available at the college.

The Route

                                                     Feed 1

                                                               Feed 2

                                                                           Link to online map and GPX files

Route information
The route can be viewed on The Independent London2Brighton Ride website which links through to the
Map My Tracks website where you can opt to join the event and track your ride using your mobile
phone. Map my Tracks also allows you to upload your ride from your GPS unit to compare with other
participants. You are also able to download GPX files from the Independent London2Brighton website or
Map My Tracks, links are provided on both.

                                             Our Signs

Signage around the route is bespoke and can only be used one way to direct you.

        Note that the ‘Action’ button will always be in the bottom right hand corner.

All turns are clearly signed; do not turn off the road unless directed to do so by route
signage. The maximum distance you will ride without seeing a sign is two miles.

Well done!! Thank you for supporting Action Medical Research and we look forward to seeing you at
the Dulwich College on Saturday 8 September.

Thanks to all of the following

Mechanical support provided by

Event Organiser:
Action Medical Research, Vincent House, North Parade, Horsham, West Sussex RH12 2DP

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