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									                                 VILLAGE OF MILLSTADT
                                     VILLAGE HALL
                                       JULY 2, 2007
                                         7:30 P.M.

The meeting was called to order by President Bruce Nowak with the following trustees
answering to roll call: Ralph Bowley, Al Lehr, Linda Lehr, Laura Schaefer and Mike Todd.
Milton Touchette was absent. The Pledge of the Allegiance was recited.

A motion was made by Mike Todd and seconded by Ralph Bowley to approve the June 18, 2007
minutes. The motion carried unanimously.

Janice Dreyer read a letter from Janice Jennings from the St. Clair County Health Department
thanking the Village for participating in recycling 54,000 pounds of phone books.

                                   COMMITTEE REPORTS

COMMITTEE ON ACCOUNTS AND COMPUTERS: Ralph Bowley has reviewed the bills
and made a motion that the bills be paid. The motion was seconded by Al Lehr. The motion
carried unanimously. Bowley stated that he has requested a bid for two laptops.

PERSONNEL: Linda Lehr mentioned that the personnel committee met and discussed updating
the employee handbook on various department procedures. More will be reported as details are
firmed up.

SEWER: Al Lehr reported that all is progressing well with the new sewer plant. The sludge has
been hauled. Randy Burk stated that the monthly pay request is for $376,130. Burk has
reviewed the pay request, checked the work done and suggested that the board approve payment.
Al Lehr made motion to approve the pay request for $376,130 and the request was seconded by
Schaefer. The motion carried unanimously.
WATER: Randy Burk stated that St. Clair County approved the grant to replace the water line
on Oak Street in the spring of 2008. Burk mentioned that there is no word from the IEPA on the
water tower. Al Lehr reported that the fire hydrant report is done. Al Lehr stated that a letter
was received from a citizen concerning a water reconnect fee of $10. Al Lehr stated that the
charge was a standard ordinance and the charge stands.
REFUSE: Al Lehr stated pickup is going well for the last two weeks. Tracy Holmes mentioned
that no citizens called in for missed pickups.
STREETS, ALLEYS AND SIDEWALKS: Mike Todd stated that St. James requested to close
the streets of W. Madison between S. Lafayette and S. Tyler, the first block of S. Lafayette off
Hwy 158 (W. Washington) on August 3 & 4, 2007. Permission was also requested by St. James
to hang a banner at the four way stop. A motion was made by Todd and seconded by Linda Lehr
to allow the street closures for the St. James Picnic. The motion was carried unanimously.

Don Traiteur reported that No Parking signs will be put in place at various locations for the
Fourth of July fireworks. The tennis court will be locked to protect the surface. Traiteur stated

that Millstadt Township received a grant for sidewalks on North Jefferson after the water line to
the new school was completed. Traiteur questioned when and if the project with IDOT would be
completed. Traiteur mentioned that one benefit if we waited would be IDOT would put in storm
sewers. Traiteur stated that the grant will not cover all the expenses. Traiteur will get back to

Middendorf will be breaking ground on Thursday on the new maintenance shed.

ORDINANCES AND RESOLUTIONS: Ralph Bowley reported the new ordinances in Milton
Touchette’s absence. #973 Ordinance V-121 Kerry Americas – Bowley opened a discussion on
James Probst’s request for a front setback variance at 100 E. Washington for replacing an
existing feed/waste container on S. Breese Street with a towermaster. Probst provided
documents for the board’s review, discussed the process to replace the container and answered
questions. Steve Muskopf made a request to set the record straight to a comment made at the
zoning board meeting. There is an ordinance prohibiting the overhang of a vehicle into the
public right-a-way and loading facility. Muskopf stated it is a zoning ordinance and is subject to
variation. Muskopf stated that the tower system is inside the property line and the trailer will be
approximately two feet over the property line. A letter was sent from Mike and Claudia Poirot
that was read by Schaefer stating their concern on Probst’s request. They asked that the board
refuse the variance and urge Kerry Ingredients to relocate all refuse operations off of city streets.
Probst responded that the unit is not a dumpster and should be cleaner than the current unit there
now. Fire concerns were addressed. Ralph Schaefer will take the proposal to the fire chief for
review. Nowak will get legal review. Linda Lehr made a motion that Kerry Ingredients’
request is tabled for two weeks Laura Schaefer seconded the motion. The motion carried

#974 Ordinance V123 Ralph & Kathy Schaefer – Ralph Bowley stated that Ralph and Kathy
Schaefer are requesting a 21 ft. height variance for a garage at 220 W. Oak to match the house.
The request was approved by the Zoning Board. Bowley made a motion to approve Ordinance
#974 and it was seconded by Al Lehr. The motion carried unanimously.
#975 Ordinance V124 Handy Feed – Ralph Bowley stated that Handy Feed requested a 5 ft.
front setback variance for landscaping materials at the intersection on S. Main and W. Elm. Mr.
Paule has agreed that the height of the wall will comply with the line of sight requirement. The
request was approved by the Zoning Board. Bowley made a motion to approve the #975
Ordinance and it was seconded by Linda Lehr. The motion carried unanimously.
#976 Ordinance V125 Richard and Maggie Rohr – Ralph Bowley stated that the Rohr’s
requested 10 ft. into the easement for a swimming pool. Susan Kodak, a drainage engineer,
reviewed the area and found no issue for storm drainage. A motion was made by Bowley to
approve #976 Ordinance and it was seconded by Mike Todd. The motion carried unanimously.

Air Force Week Proclamation was read by Janice Dreyer. Bowley made a motion to pass the
proclamation and was seconded by Linda Lehr. The motion carried unanimously.

ANNEXATIONS: Linda Lehr stated she is still attempting to set a date for the informational
session for annexations.

PARKS, POOL AND RECREATIONS: Laura Schaefer mentioned a thank you to Mike Esker
for allowing her to spend two mornings with him planting perennials and to Randy for working
on St. Clair County park grants for the fence. The log cabin’s roof will be installed August 21.
Schaefer reported that the orange fence was supposed to be removed. Don Traiteur stated that a
good portion is still up and he will take down if it is still there. The next Park Board meeting
will be July 19 at 7:30 p.m. at pavilion #5 next to the school.

COMMUNITY CENTER: Linda Lehr stated that the Community Center meals are high in
number. The van and bus are running well. The Center will be sponsoring a raffle at the golf
ball drop at the Firemen’s picnic. The next Community Center Board meeting is the last
Monday in July at 7:30 p.m.

meeting will be August 21 at 7:00 at the Village Hall.

PUBLIC SAFETY: Ed Wilkerson stated there were issues concerning parking by the swimming
pool. A suggestion was made for no parking on south side of the street. The road will be redone
when school opens to remove speed bumps. Bruce Nowak suggested an ordinance for no
parking on the south side of the street by the pool. Wilkerson reported that juveniles have been
rounded up that were responsible for most of past vandalism. The only one not solved is the
pool incident.

Kristian Bertelsmen reported that the Emergency Services Plan was completed. Copies of the
plan will be available at the next meeting.

Randy Burk requested that funds be transferred to the Fire Department from the Village. Nowak
reported that the Village is waiting for the Fire Department attorney to respond to the Village

Linda Lehr reported that the next Ambulance Board meeting will be July 11 at 8:00 p.m.

BUILDING COMMISSIONER: Steve Muskopf issued the following permits:
204 Adderly Lane – Single family residence
404 Bardswell Drive – Single family residence
5772 Briars Landing – Addition & in-ground pool
Muskopf provided copies of the county’s Property Maintenance Code. The terms of their
contract for the inspection program dictate that we adopt this in its entirety. Muskopf stated we
are looking to adopt this at the first meeting in August.

OLD BUSINESS: Tracy Holmes mentioned the Kropp Road water tap rate. Randy Burk
suggested a deadline and cutoff date for the new rate. Holmes will send a letter to those
involved. Bruce Nowak will check with legal if an ordinance is needed.

NEW BUSINESS: Herschel Johnson, owner of Parkview Manor, addressed the board
concerning the pond changes to the first phase of his development and does not want the changes
to impede their future development. Johnson received a letter from Village attorney Patrick
Flynn concerning how the changes to plan approval may impact approval of subsequent plats
submitted to the Village. Johnson stated that he has followed guidelines of the Village and the
preliminary plat was approved. Albert Johnson LLC, Garrett and Hershel Johnson LLC feel that
they have no obligation if anything becomes of determent. Pat Netemeyer, engineer that laid out
the subdivision, reinforced what his company did and stated that the retention pond is still
capable to handle the third phase of Parkview Manor. Ralph Bowley expressed concern on the
Village paying attorney fees for a private subdivision. Bruce Nowak stated the attorney was
involved to see who is responsible for maintaining the pond.

Bruce Nowak presented an invoice for two Storage Sheds (for the pool for the swim team
equipment and the Police department for records) by Marten Portable Buildings for $3,640.
Laura Schaefer questioned the purpose of the pool shed for equipment stored off season. The
pool manager did not feel the shed was needed. Ed Wilkerson addressed the need for the shed
to store police property and records. Schaefer addressed a concern for fire. Tracy Holmes
mentioned the option of microfiche and keeping at the Village Hall. The request for the police
shed was tabled to check into the cost of scanning the files.

Ms. Holshouser addressed the board concerning the future sewer increase and wants to put in a
new faucet meter for watering and filling her swimming pool, water that does not go into the
sewer. She requested an ordinance for anyone interested. Bruce Nowak stated that the Board
will look into it.

Chris Leubbers requested approval for an Eagle service project to put park benches on the
walking trail. Laura Schaefer stated that part of the park is on school property and agreed to
meet with Leubbers on the sites.

Weldon Harber asked if the Village will have a homecoming float this year. Tracy Holmes
stated that the Civic Club would like to use the trailer. Al Lehr stated that the Township will
vote on July 3 if they will have a float. Laura Schaefer stated that we should allow the Civic
Club to use the trailer.

Ralph Bowley made a motion to adjourn and the motion was seconded by Mike Todd. The
motion carried unanimously.

_________________________________                    ________________________________
Janice Dreyer, Clerk                                 Bruce Nowak, President


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