Displaced Persons by bH1nxDE0


									                            Displaced Persons
1. What was a major push factor from England to the New World during the
1600 & 1700's?

2. What was the other major push factor?

3. How rapidly did the settlements in New England and Virginia grow
between 1620 and 1640?

4. Why did the Dutch not face these push factors?

5. Why did New France grow so slowly during the same period?

6. (a) The French monarchs did want colonists to join New France, but they
lacked the funds to encourage this settlement. So how did they attempt to
encourage settlement?
   (b) Why did this strategy fail?

7. How do the symbols of the sheep and beaver differ for New England vs.
New France?

8. How did Britain and France treat their religious dissidents differently as it
pertained to the New World?

9. What regions did Brulet explore over a twenty year period (1610-1630)?

10. Which great lake was the last to be discovered and by whom?

11. How did the fur trade play a double-edged role in the development of
New France?

12. Aside from furs, what else did the French seek to harvest?

13. What was the purpose of founding Montreal?

14. From the arrival of the first Europeans, how many natives had perished
form disease by the New France and New England era?

15. What advantage was gained for the English and French from this deadly
16. Why did the English settlers import slave labour from Africa?

17. What impact did this slave labour have on the natives?

18. How did the French differ in their treatment of the natives? What
accounted for this difference?

19. How did the Indian involvement in the fur trade contribute to their own

20. Despite these differences, what was the same end result for the natives?

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