Santiago Football Booster Club by bH1nxDE0


									            Santiago Football Booster Club
                   Meeting Minutes
DATE: August 27, 2012
TIME: 6:45 p.m.
LOCATION: Santiago High School T125

A: Introduce Booster Board of Directors
B: Introduce Directors of Special Events
C: Review Previous Minutes Angela motion to pass/Ali 2nd motion
D: Treasurer’s Report – Candy not there
                          $252 from Kettle Corn vendor
                          Approx. $300 snack bar
                          No 50/50

E: Coach’s Report – Coach Z. attended booster meeting talked about
shortage on pads, jerseys, helmets good, schedule updated. Charging for
lower level games. Must have ASB card to get in free! Looking forward to
taking on JV in scrimmage on Thursday! Freshman vs. Sophmores

   Coach’s Report - Coach Steinberg - Great atmosphere at game! Confusion
on #’s being checked in program, suiting out more JV; boys to get reps,
mixed uniforms. Next year talking about 1 set of uniforms exact same for JV
& Varsity. Freshman spirit pack buys home and away jersey, coach
determines #. Sell shark stickers for $5 for youth to put on helmet, back

F: Update current business

    Steve – Pictures posted on website JV/Varsity, 400 hits on website,
     talked about posting game results on website, facebook/twitter/flicker

    Denise – 10 lanyards sold, $243 of our stuff, $189 of kim’s, $12 for
     hats, lanyards with rosters/sharks check with Kim. Kathy to correct
     roster for freshman

    Shelly – Senior photos in program, senior ad on website, deadline:
     October 20th. Holly/Coach to blast senior parents. Ran 40 copies of
     program, ran out. Coach to possibly sign a page in program for
     drawing to win T-shirt. Collage every week in program from game
     before; Coach will let her know what to run. Corky’s to run
     advertisement/banner. Look into $461 – 50 pages to keep cost down
     on program.

    Ali – Team meals went great! Kathy to take pictures at next team

    Peggy – Health Dept. came in; burritos need to go in heater, sink
     water, wash hands constantly and wear gloves, placement of ice chests,
     sell out of ice chests (possible drink station?), sell donuts, ice cream
     sells was great and profit goes to snack bar

    Kim – Pancake breakfast has been rescheduled to October 6th at
     Applebee’s 8:00 to 10:00 a.m., tickets $5, freshman required to sell at
     least 3 tickets.

    Christie – Goodwill boxes to storage

    Kari – Done with shark gear, extras to spirit wear booth!

G: New Business

      Youth night – ????
      Sharks Night Out
      Goodwill Drive – Saturday, September 29th
      Homecoming

Meeting adjourned at 7:40 p.m.

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