Present: Cllr John Burford, Cllr Maureen Boughton, Cllr Dr Steven Taylor, Cllr Heather Habbin, Cllr Tony
Roberts, County & District Cllr Mary Rudd, District Cllr David Coulam, County Cllr Bruce Provan, Mrs
Margaret Warne (Clerk) and two members of the public.

27/11. Appointment of Chairman: The Clerk advised that Cllr Stephen Pavey had indicated that he would
       be prepared to stand as Chairman. Cllr Dr Steven Taylor nominated Cllr Stephen Pavey to be
       Chairman, seconded Cllr Heather Habbin, and agreed by those present.

28/11. Appointment of Vice Chairman: Cllr Maureen Boughton agreed to stand as Vice Chair.
       Nominated by Cllr John Burford, and seconded by Cllr Dr Steven Taylor and agreed by those present.

        In the absence of the appointed Chair, Cllr Maureen Boughton chaired the meeting.

29/11. Apologies: received from Cllr Stephen Pavey and PCSO Susan Kershaw

30/11. Minutes of Previous Meeting: Proposed as a true record by Cllr John Burford, seconded by Cllr Dr
       Steven Taylor, and agreed by those present. The Chairman for the meeting signed the minutes for the

31/11. Appointment of Representatives to Committees

        Playing Field Committee                Cllr Maureen Boughton
        Poors Land Trust and Almshouses        Cllr Dr Steven Taylor
        Finance Committee                      Cllr John Burford, Cllr Maureen Boughton and
                                               Cllr Stephen Pavey
        School Governors                       Mrs Lynne Pavey

32/11. Confirmation of Annual Subscriptions and Grants
       The meeting agreed that Corton Parish Council would continue to subscribe to the Suffolk
       Association of Local Councils at a cost of £369.
       It was also agreed that the payment of a donation of £400 would be paid to St. Bartholomew’s
       These annual subscriptions and grants were proposed by Cllr John Burford and seconded by Cllr Dr
       Steven Taylor and agreed by those present.

33/11. Confirmation of Appointment of Internal Auditor
       Cllr John Burford proposed that Corton Parish Council continue to use Mr Stephen Ames as Internal
       Auditor. Seconded Cllr Heather Habbin and agreed by those present. An appreciation of thanks to be
       sent to Mr. Ames.

34/11. To consider co-option to the Parish Council
        No persons came forward to be co-opted. There are still three vacancies to be filled.
35/11   Other Business:
        Signatories – Cllr John Burford advised that the Finance Committee had           recommended that
             Cllr Maureen Boughton be added as the third signatory. Cllr Dr Steven Taylor proposed, and
        Cllr Heather Habbin seconded, and agreed by those present. Clerk to carry out necessary paperwork.

    1. WDC – World of Planning (circulated)
    2. WDC – Open Space Supplementary Planning Document
    3. BBC – Digital Switchover
    4. WDC – The Big Lunch – 5th June
    5. SCC – Household Waste Recycling Centres
    6. WDC - Community Led Planning
    7. Various emails relating to PF Charity and VH Charity
    8. SALC – Quality Council Status (circulated)
    9. SALC - Team of Three Councillors for Driving Show on Dave (circulated)
    10. SALC - Publicity of Events
    11. Waveney Norse - Quotations for grass and hedge cutting (accepted by Finance)
    12. WDC – Permission for Land Adjacent Fourstones (1 House & Garage)
    13. Came & Co – Independent Annual Inspection Service
    14. SALC – Training Calendar for 2011
    15. SALC – HMRC/PAYE – Offer for Payroll services - £7 per month
    16. SALC – Survey
    17. Norton Peskett – Confirmation of Registration of Land
    18. SALC – New Strategic Direction - Country Parks/Libraries/Youth (circulated)
    19. Simon Brooks – Play England Resources – Handouts available
    20. WDC – Election Purdah (circulated)
    21. SALC – Councillors Networking Day (circulated)
    22. Suffolk Passenger Transport – Revised Bus Services (circulated)
    23. Suffolk ACRE Newsletter – circulated
    24. SALC – Mobile Library Service (circulated)
    25. SCC – Notification of Waste Recycling Centre hours
    26. Gunton Park Residents Assoc - Withdrawal of bus services
    27. Suffolk CCB – Walkers deviating from footpaths and crossing farm land
    28. Mr Shilling – Burglaries in Mills Drive and Boundaries relating to the playing field &
        trees etc. providing cover
    29. Marine Space Ltd. Information on Dredging
    30. SCC – Trusted Trader Scheme (posters)
    31. SCC – Changes to SCC street lights (posters)
With regard to Item 13, Inspection of Play Areas, Cllr John Burford proposed and Cllr Dr Steven
Taylor seconded that Corton Parish Council change from using RoSPA inspections carried out by
Playsafety Limited and commission a new supplier recommended by Came & Co (our insurance
brokers). Agreed by those present.

Bench Seat – It was agreed that Cllr Stephen Pavey as Chairman contact the school and advise that
the bench seat will remain outside the Village Room for the use of the community.

Cllr Heather Habbin raised the matter of the clock and photographs, plus front door, currently held by
Mr Michael Soanes. It was agreed that these items could be used in either the Pavilion or the Poors
Land Trust Community Centre, when refurbished.

Cllr Dr Steven Taylor confirmed that bolts have been added to the fence around the Village Rooms
for safety reasons when the children are entering or leaving the building.

Playing Field Notice Board Refurbishment – Work has been completed and it was agreed that the
invoice is to be paid.
SCC Speed Limit Notification – relating to reducing the limit from 40 mph to 30mph in Blundeston
Road. County & District Councillor Mary Rudd advised that SCC is waiting for a response from
Corton Parish Council relating to the earlier notification regarding 20 mph changes. Clerk to check.

Schedule of Parish Council Meetings – It was agreed that the Council would continue to meet on
the second Thursday of each month. However, Cllr Dr Steven Taylor felt strongly that meetings
should be held in the Village Room. Clerk to ask the Chairman to contact the school to ascertain
when Council could use it, and bring this to the next meeting to decide the way forward.
36/11. Matters arising for June 2011 meeting
        Standing Orders
        Schedule of Parish Council Meetings
        Waveney Norse Invoices
        Submission of Accounts
        Village Rooms

37/11. Clerk’s Report including Accounts
       Total of current monies held amounts to £45,117.50 (including the £30k invested in a Bond and the
       Savings Account) of which £1000 is being held to pay for the Feasibility Study: £688 is held for
       The Pit: £25 for the Memorial.

         Received the sum of £5653.95 from the winding up of the Village Hall Management Committee, and
         a refund of insurance, which has been placed in the Savings Account.

         Received Notification from WDC of Remittance of first Precept Payment of £2750.00

         Payments to be approved to be made this month are:
                       (a)     SALC - Subscription                                £ 369.00
                       (b)     Clerk’s Pay incl expenses                          £ 183.84
                       (c)     Waveney Norse – Hedge Cutting (for 2010/11) £ 189.56
                       (d)     Waveney Norse – Grass Cutting ”             £ 170.52
                       (e)     G Brown – Refurbishment of Notice Board            £ 371.00

                PLUS payments agreed at Finance Committee Meeting.
                SALC Training £ 78.00
                Clerk’s Pay           £204.30
                Norton Peskett        £702.92

         Cllr John Burford proposed and Cllr Dr Steven Taylor seconded these payments, agreed by those

         Registered CPC as an employer. Started the process of paying using the PAYE scheme, and been
         advised that CPC will only need to pay the HMRC quarterly (June, October, January and April).
         There are penalties if the monies are not sent on time.

         Collected paperwork from Internal Auditor and Accounts agreed.

         Been asked if the old chairs from the school can be used in the Church They have been removed to
         the church as there had to be somewhere to store them.

         It was agreed that these chairs could be used by the Church.

         Received email from resident in Mills Drive concerning the general state of fencing, amount of trees
         and undergrowth which he feels is contributing to the number of burglaries in that road. Passed to
         Playing Field Committee for action.

         Received a Planning Application which will be circulated to Councillors, with a view to approval
         being given at the next meeting.

         Received notification of Road Closures for the Carnival in July.

        The next Parish Council meeting will be held on Thursday, 9th June 2011 at 7.30 p.m. at The
        Pavilion, Playing Field Corton.

        The meeting closed at 9.30 p.m.


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