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Present        Cllrs R Westlake (Chair), Mrs T Adey, C Turl, C King, Ms L Stephenson, M Tunstall, & Mrs
               S Tapp, , District Cllr McCord, & residents Mr J Parker, Ms L Kershaw & Ms D Clark.
3507       1.  Apologies for Absence: Cllr A Hutchin & County Cllr Walker.
3508       2.  Council Matters:
               Cllr Westlake asked if the following urgent items could be included in the meeting under the
               appropriate headings – Anglian Water – allotment water bill £58.58 & P.A.Y.E. for Parish
               Council Clerks. Proposed by Cllr King and seconded by Cllr Turl. All Cllrs agreed.
           2.1 Declaration of Interest:
           a)  Cllr Stephenson declared an interest in Agenda item 5.4a.
           b)  Cllr Westlake declared an interest in Agenda item 6.1j.
3509       3.  Previous Meeting:
           3.1 The Minutes of Meeting held 1.3.11 were then agreed/signed as a correct record.
           3.2 Matters Arising:
               The Clerk was asked to circulate the PC’s advisory groups responses to the West
               Northamptonshire JPU Joint Core Strategy and the SNC draft strategy for the Conservation of
               the historic environment.
3510       4.  Open Forum: Comments attached.
           4.1 Parish Plan: Report from Representatives.
               Mr Parker advised that the application for the Neighbourhood Planning Vanguards scheme –
               now called Front Runners – had been successful. He had met with SNC to obtain clarification
               and a press release was being prepared. The Parish Plan is now known as a Neighbourhood
               Plan and has much higher status. The questionnaire will be ready for distribution shortly, and a
               stall at the May Fair was planned. Cllr Westlake wished to place on record the PC’s thanks for
               the huge amount of time and work that had gone into the application.
3511       5.  Planning:
           5.1 Applications received:
           a)  S/2011/0253/FUL – 13 Chestnut Road. Two storey side extension. Cllrs observed as follows
               ‘We have no objections to the application, but we do have the following comments - The single
               spiral stair may not be acceptable to Building Control, particularly as the fire escape route is via
               a high fire risk area. We would also expect any neighbours concerns to be addressed.’
           5.2 Amendments: None.
           5.3 Applications granted:
           a)  S/2011/0029/FUL – Queens Oak Farm, Potterspury Lodge. Single storey side extension.
               Alterations to single storey rear extension comprising of rendering, replacement doors,
               windows and rainwater goods. Alterations to outbuildings involving replacement of roof, door
               and window.
           5.4 Applications refused:
           a)  S/2011/0051/FUL and S/2011/0052/LBC – 37 Moorend Road. Two storey rear extension with
               glazed link to main dwelling and single storey store.
           5.5 Applications withdrawn:
           a)  S/2011/0006/FUL – Land at Springfields Farm (Potterspury Parish). Erection of agricultural
               workers dwelling.
           5.6 Outstanding Applications/Other planning.
           a)  Changes to SNC planning delegation and reporting of application outcomes. Cllrs noted a
               change to the way applications were dealt with, and that a link to the application itself has been
               inserted into the ‘weekly list’, and the details should include whether the case was under Officer
3512       6.  Finance:
           a)  Clerk’s salary Mar 2011 £367.12 (000222).
           b)  Clerk’s expenses Mar 11 £9.08 + £0.84 VAT = £9.92 (000223)..
           c)  A H Contracts – dog bin emptying service Mar 2011 £80.70 + £16.14 VAT = £96.84 (000224).
           d)  Mr Schumacher – caretaking of play areas and pocket park – Mar 2011– £50.00 (000225).
           e)  BT – broadband £16.40 – paid by Direct Debit.
           f)  N J Blackwell Garden Services – mowing contract – £358.61+ £71.72VAT = £430.33
           g)  CPRE Membership - £29.00 (000227)..
           h)  Enterprise Inns – Coffee Pot field rent 1.4.11 – 30.6.11 £10.00 + £2.00 VAT = £12.00
           i)  Allen Groundcare Ltd - Brownsfield Rd-Warren Rd Verge/Ditch Refurbishment – £758.00 +
               £132.65 VAT = £890.65 (000229). (Nothing further had been heard from Allen Groundcare in
               response to the Clerk’s email, but advice had been taken and Cllrs agreed to pay their invoice
               less the £200.00 quoted for the disputed work).
               Cllr Stephenson took the Chair for the following item.
           j)  Mrs H Westlake for Staples – photocopying for election leaflets – £35.50 (000230).
           k)  R Wilson – Tree maintenance High Street and playing fields – £600.00 (000231).
               (The Clerk was asked to record the PC’s thanks for the work carried out.)
           l)  Rentakeeper – Mole control annual contract – £504.00 + £100.80 VAT = £604.80 (000232).
       m)    Mr R Weston – hedge flailing Coffee Pot field - £20.00 (000233).
       n)    Anglian Water – allotment water bill £58.58 (000234).
       a)    Yardley Gobion Village Hall – mowing agency £191.80.
       6.3   OTHER:
       a)    Bank balances as at last statements – LTSB - £7,217.74 (14.3.11) (of which Parish Plan =
             £773.82) SW - £8,064.33 (1.1.11).
       b)    P.A.Y.E. for PC Clerks. HMRC had withdrawn previous tax arrangements for all Clerks and
             therefore a P.A.Y.E. system needed to be set up. Cllr Westlake provided details of Ladywell
             Accountancy Services who made a charge of £25.00 per annum to set up and administer the
             system. Cllr Turl proposed and Cllr Stephenson seconded that the PC use their services if there
             was a requirement for the PC to employ an accountant. All in favour.
       c)    Request from YGRC Committee for consideration of a donation towards hiring ‘The Bus’ for
             the May Fair on 1st May. After discussion Cllr King proposed and Cllr Adey seconded that in
             accordance with its powers under Section 142 of the Local Government Act 1972 a donation of
             £200.00 be made by the Council towards the hire of ‘The Bus’, with the hope that the
             Recreation Centre could negotiate accordingly.
       d)    Request from YGRC Committee for consideration of a donation towards replacing lighting.
             After discussion Cllr Turl proposed and Cllr Tunstall seconded that in accordance with The
             Parish Councils Act 1957 section 3 and the Highways Act 1980 section 301 a donation of
             £200.00 be made by the Council towards replacing the non-functioning lighting along the path
             to the Recreation Centre.
       6.4   Payments on behalf of the Parish Plan Steering Committee. None.
3513   7.    Committee Reports
       a)    Report from PC Representative – Cllr Westlake advised that Central Networks should be
             completing their work in the village shortly, and that he had reported a pothole on the A508/A5
             roundabout to the Street Doctor.
       b)    Brownsfield Rd -Warren Rd Footpath Verge Refurbishment. Please see Minute No 3512 6 i).
             Any offers of soil for the ditch were being gratefully received, but eventually the area would
             require smoothing and seeding.
       c)    Public Rights of Way – It was agreed that the advisory group (RW, LS & TA) needed to                   RW
             arrange a meeting. Additionally there had been changes to the structure of the ROW team and            LS
             Yardley Gobion was now in Area 3, with Allan Rigby as the Officer in charge. Paperwork                 TA
             placed on circulation. Cllr Adey advised that she wished to relinquish the Parish Path Warden
             role from May. Cllr Tapp reported that a kissing gate would be installed in the field behind the
       d)    NCC – Urban Highway Grass Mowing 2011 – 136 Agreements. Discussed, and as the County
             Council would only be carrying out 3 cuts per year it was agreed that the PC continue as
             previously using a contractor, but reducing the number of cuts if possible. The Clerk was asked
             to sign the agreements on behalf of the PC.
       e)    Storage of wheeled bins and recycling boxes. Following complaints from residents about bins
             and boxes left outside houses all week the Clerk had taken advice from SNC, who replied as
             follows ‘There is legislation the covers this matter. However, the Councillors at SNC would
             rather we worked together with residents regarding such matters before taking any enforcement
             action. Normally, we would write to advise householders over this matter and in the majority
             of cases this will have the desired effect. Also, many Parish Councils are including a few words
             in the local parish magazine or newsletter to highlight the inconvenience it can cause to
             wheelchair users, parents with pushchairs etc.’
       a)    Monthly play area inspection reports. Mr Schumacher’s play area inspection reports, which
             were read out to the meeting by Cllr Westlake, mentioned a small amount of litter and dog mess         RW
             in the Coffee Pot field, and that the Witches Hat equipment in the School Lane play area made a
             noise when turned. Cllr Westlake agreed to check this. There was also a wooden stake with a
             nail in it found in the middle of the play area which had been removed.
       b)    Play Area improvements – including notices/signs for play area. The Clerk had obtained
             suggested wording for the signs, which was to be placed on circulation, and Cllrs agreed to look       ALL
             at other play area’s signs for more ideas, so that the matter could be finalised.
       c)    Coffee Pot field hedges – Mr Weston had flailed the hedges as agreed, and the Clerk was asked
             to arrange for a trailer to be brought to the field if possible so that volunteers could clear where
             the work had been carried out.
       d)    Cllr King proposed and Cllr Adey seconded that a maximum of £100.00 be spent on pruning
             the cherry trees in Hesketh Road when appropriate.
       7.3   ALLOTMENTS
       a)    Allotment Report – An inspection had been carried out and it was noted that little work had
             been carried out on plots 9, 13, 15, 21 & 29. The Clerk was asked to write to the plotholders
             concerned and remind them of their obligations under their tenancy agreement, and also that
             there was a waiting list for allotments if they wished to relinquish theirs.
       b)    There had been a complaint about ‘plastic’ sheeting on plot 35, which was allegedly
             encouraging vermin on neighbouring plots. Cllr Tapp agreed to investigate on behalf of the PC.         ST
       c)    An application had been received to erect a much smaller replacement shed on plot 4, but the
             PC’s plan did not show a shed on plot 4. The Clerk was asked to check with the plotholder
             concerned and then circulate neighbouring plotholders for their comments.
       d)    Horse Field update – The signed lease had been hand delivered to Linda Mason the PC’s
       7.4   POCKET PARK – A spring tidy up was planned. Mr Schumacher’s inspection report had no
       a)    Nothing to report from Representatives.
       b)    Approval of letting of contract for replacement path to Recreation Centre. This matter had been
             ongoing for some time and as there were sufficient funds available Cllr Tunstall proposed and
             Cllr Tapp seconded that the PC go ahead with letting the contract for replacing the path,
             expecting that the work could be carried out during May or June.
3515   9.    COMMUNITY ITEMS
       a)    Neighbourhood Watch – anti social behaviour in the village near the shop had been reported to
             the Clerk. The police had been notified accordingly and were aware of the problem. All
             residents are requested to report any incidents to the police. The PC have very little powers to
             intervene – noise is dealt with by SNC and anti social behaviour by the police. Cllr Hutchin
             had advised that he wished to relinquish the Neighbourhood Watch Co-Ordinator role from
       b)    Parish Council website. Cllr Westlake had added new photos to the site.
3516   10.   CORRESPONDENCE – Literature for circulation – action required.
       a)    CPRE – Are you prepared for the Localism Revolution? Invitation to meeting 14 th April. Great
             Houghton Village Hall – 6.30pm for 7pm. 2 places had been booked for Cllrs Stephenson and          LS
             Westlake.                                                                                          RW
       b)    South Northants Forum – 14th April Grange Park 7.30pm.

3517   11.   Date of next meeting:
       a)    3rd May - ANNUAL PARISH ASSEMBLY 2011, 7.30pm in the Village Hall.
             Next Parish Council meeting details to be announced at a later date.

             Meeting closed 10.17pm.

             Open Forum

             District Cllr McCord advised that nominations for the elections would be announced on
             Wednesday 6th. SNC had responded to the Joint Core Strategy. SNC & Yardley Gobion Parish
             Plan had been successful in obtaining funding for ‘Front Runners’ and thanks were due to John
             Parker and the SNC team who put the proposal together. He agreed to take the matter of the         IM
             ‘golden gravel’ forward.

             Ms Kershaw was concerned about brambles in the Coffee Pot field that had been cut down and
             left up against her fence. Cllr Westlake explained that work on the trees and hedges was
             ongoing and Ms Kershaw offered to help move the brambles.

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