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                                       September 30, 2005

Present: Michael Akard, Iris Carroll, Jim Clarke, Deanne Dalrymple, Kimberly Manner, Jim McGarry, Jenny Netto,
George Railey, Chad Redwing
Minutes: Melissa Beach
Absent: Susie Agostini, Pam Guerra-Schmidt, Susan Kerr, Laura Maki, Joanne Nielson, Gina Rose

                      Discussion                                         Action                         By & Due Date
     Kimberly Manner introduced herself as our new
     VCC Chair. She handed out student and faculty
     Online Handbooks to all members and
     requested members to stress to their
     students/other faculty the importance of having
     these books. Committee members introduced

   Opening Communication:
 Committee members discussed the “New Guest
   Student” that has been added to their online
   class rosters for the Accreditation Team Visit’s
   ability to access these classes. Kimberly shared
   faculty concerns that had been expressed to
   her. Committee members noted that
   communication regarding online matters has not
   always been forthcoming. It was decided that
   improved communication should be one of our
   goals for the year.
   Item 1. Student Needs:
   After much discussion about student needs, it       Add to survey “what technology students           Committee
   was determined that our sense of student needs      are using.”
   is only anecdotal. It was determined that we
   should conduct a formal needs assessment            Create a “What It’s Like In Online Classes”
   survey, as well as a demographic analysis of        handout for orientations (Tabled)
   online students, in order to meet actual, rather
   than perceived, student needs.                      Participate in “Spring Fling” in April (Tabled)

   Some perceived student needs the committee          Review tri-fold brochure “Online Learning”
   has identified preliminarily include:               (Tabled)
       1. Retention—Jim Clarke reported that our
           retention rate for online and hybrid
           classes last semester was 70%. It was
         noted that this is a marked
           improvement over previous semesters.
       2. Phone/internet hybrid—Chad Redwing
           raised the possibility of using telephone
           conferencing to improve retention.
           George Railey shared that MJC now
           has a conference system available to
           anyone with an IP address.
       3. Orientations—The issue of the timing of
           online orientations was brought up.
           Some suggestions for improving
           attendance at the orientations included:
           Summers in the Community, Online
           page in Class schedule, Hold session in
           Forum on projector (for those students
                                        September 30, 2005

            without computers), involve ASMJC.
            This discussion was tabled pending the
            results of the student survey.
         4. The importance of helping students
            understand the Online Wait List process
            was discussed. Jim Clarke reported that
            students are supposed to be added
            automatically into classes from the
            waitlist if an opening becomes available
            before the semester starts. Committee
            members said that this did not happen
            in the Fall 2005 semester.
         5. The issue of MJC-provided email
            accounts for all students was raised        Write Senate resolution re: providing all   K. Manner &
            again. One problem is that the form for     students with email accounts.               G. Railey (10/10)
            the online add card does not verify that
            the email address submitted is an
            actual email address (with domain
            name). It was decided that the
            committee would propose a resolution
            regarding this matter to the Senate.
         6. Several outreach activities were
            suggested. This discussion was tabled
            pending the results of the student

                                                        Email faculty regarding Evaluation Tool.    K. Manner
   Item 2. Faculty Needs –                                                                          (10/10)
       1. Awareness of students’ limited access
                                                        Email faculty regarding asking for          K. Manner
           to technology.
                                                        evaluators.                                 (10/10)
       2. Be reasonably evaluated in online
                                                        VCC Chair to IAC to discuss faculty         K. Manner
       3. Training on WebCT.
                                                        evaluation and online issues.
     4. Communication regarding upgrade and
           opportunities.                                                                           G. Railey &
                                                        Talk to IT about hardware needs for new
       5. Needs assessment.                                                                         J. Clarke (10/10)
       6. Outreach to faculty who might be
           interested in teaching online.
       7. Outreach to faculty at large so they
           understand online instruction.

   Item 3. Institutional Needs
       1. More online classes (both sections and
            courses leading to degrees/certificates).
            Research classes we lack now for
       2. Quality of online classes.
       3. Ongoing budgetary commitment.
       4. Instructional designer.
       5. PR/Marketing
                 a. Perception of online classes-
                      showcase an online student on
                      MJC home page.
                                       September 30, 2005

                  b. Place brochures where
                     students will find them.
          6. Partnering with Columbia College.
     Distance Ed Consultant - George Railey
     discussed the new technologies in Distance
     Education and mentioned a consultant is
     coming to the ITC meeting on 10/10/05, 10:30-
     12 in Conference Room A to share new
     software. All VCC members are invited to attend
     this meeting.

   Online Help Desk - George Railey stated             Bring Online Help Desk call log of problems   G. Railey
   Joanne Larson is now manning the Online Help        to VCC
   Desk 40 hours per week and keeping a log of all
 problems. Software, access and minimum
   hardware needs continue to be a problem for
   some students.

     Distance Education – George Railey shared
     the USDA Grant made it possible to purchase
     $300,000 worth of video/teleconferencing
     equipment in Patterson, W. Campus, E.
     Campus, Columbia College, Calaveras, MeWuk
     Tribe, Tuolumne County Office of Education.
     (1.2 million grant.) He suggested VCC look into
     other grant opportunities.

     Next Meeting – Monday, 10/10/05, 1:00pm-          Please bring two questions for the student    Committee
     2:00pm, MJC East, Morris Conference Room B.       survey to the next VCC meeting.
     Subsequent meetings this semester:
     Monday, 11/7/05, 1-2 p.m.
     Monday, 12/12/05, 1-2 p.m.

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