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									                                      OCTOBER 2006 MINUTES

The Armstrong Conservation District Board of Directors held their monthly meeting at the Armsdale
Administration Building, 124 Armsdale Road, Kittanning, PA on Wednesday, October 18, 2006.

Chairman Spurgeon Shilling called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. Directors present: Jerry Longwell,
Dennis Hawley, Commissioner Patricia Kirkpatrick and DeJay Claypoole; Associate Directors, Pam
Meade and Ron Steffey; District Manager Dave Rupert, E&S Tech I/Assistant District Manager Christine
Cramer, ACT/NM Technician Jessica Schaub, GIS Specialist Chris Pounds, Office Manager Cindy
Smith, NRCS SDC James Burgess, NRCS Soil Conservationist Laurel Hoffman, Michele Hickman, and
AmeriCorps members Merissa Kerr and Jon Russick.

Minutes were reviewed. Jerry Longwell moved, seconded by DeJay Claypoole to approve the September
20, 2006 minutes as presented. Motion carried.

The Treasurer reported a balance of $69,622.43. Jerry Longwell moved, seconded by Dennis Hawley to
approve the Treasurer’s Report subject to audit and to purchase needed supplies. Motion carried.


Trolley Tour – District Manager Dave Rupert narrated a power point presentation of the "Trolley Tour".
Board members discussed the outcome and the possibility of future tours in Armstrong County. Pictures
including a narration of the tour is to be forwarded to elected officials and newspapers. Include in future
tour invitations, a CD of the planned site visits before development or restoration has taken place.

2007 Action Plan / Objectives – Dave Rupert reported on revised recommendations for the 2007 Action
Plan. Jerry Longwell moved, seconded by DeJay Claypoole to adopt the recommended revisions as
presented. Motion carried.

PACD Strategic Planning Process – PACD Regional Director meeting is to be held October 19, 2006
from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm at the Beaver Conservation District Environmental Center. The primary focus
of this meeting is to address the revision of PACD's Strategic Plan. The PACD Strategic Plan is in need
of revision and the Conservation District's participation in this process is vital.


2005 Audit Report – The final 2005 Audit Report prepared by Jones Kohanski was distributed among
District Board members for their comments and review.
October Minutes
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December Dinner Meeting – Board members decided to schedule the December dinner meeting at
Carlesi's with a brief meeting at 5:30 pm and the meal to be served at 6:00 pm.

2007 Environmental Education Grant Program – DEP announces opening of 2007 Environmental
Education Grant Program. Grant amounts vary from $2,000 for mini-grants to up to $20,000 in areas
designed specifically to cover timely and critically important topics. Pre-application letters must be
postmarked by December 15, 2006 to be considered. Dennis Hawley moved, seconded by Commissioner
Kirkpatrick to submit a grant application. Motion carried.


Correspondence was received regarding: 1) A letter from Senator Rick Santorum regarding S 2616
reauthorizing the Abandoned Mine Land Fund for 15 years. Pa would receive over $1 billion to clean up
our Commonwealth's abandoned mine sites. 2) Memo to solicit recommendations for conservation
district directors and staff to serve on the Leadership Development Committee. 3) The state's
Environmental Quality Board has approved a plan that will cut toxic mercury emissions from coal-fired
power plants in Pa by 90% by 2015. Trading of mercury allowances is prohibited. 4) Armstrong County
was not awarded grant money for the PA Energy Harvest Grant Program. 5) Jerry Longwell moved,
seconded by Dennis Hawley to grant the District permission to explore other credit card options. Motion


Dennis Hawley reported on program events at the ELC. A workday is scheduled for Saturday, October

Commissioner Kirkpatrick discussed the GG II funds ($1 million dollars) awarded to Armstrong County.
The Planning office will be developing criteria for eligible entities to apply for these funds.

SDC NRCS James Burgess reported on various NRCS program activities. The scheduled workshop
sponsored by the National Wild Turkey Federation along with the PA Game Commission and PA DCNR
on Saturday, September 23 at the Abranovic Farm was well attended.

Ron Steffey reported on three scheduled fall trail rides, October 7, 14 and 21 scheduled for 1:00 p.m.
October 21 is scheduled as a workday.

AmeriCorps Member Jon Rusick reported on the progress of GIS digitizing of tax parcel maps.

AmeriCorps Member Merissa Kerr reported on her activities at the ELC.

GIS Specialist Chris Pounds reported on the status of the Dirt & Gravel Road program and the 2007
Annual Tree sale.

NM/ACT Jessica Schaub reported on the National Grass-Fed Beef Conference that is scheduled for
February 28 to March 2, 2007 at the Holiday Inn Harrisburg – Hershey Grantville, PA. The NE
Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) program is offering three different grant
programs to explore innovative approaches to sustainable agriculture, all with application deadlines in the
late fall and early winter. 1) Farmer Grants are for commercial farmers who would like to test a
sustainable new practice, often by conducting an experiment, trail, or on-farm demonstration. Awards are
October Minutes
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capped at $10,000 and the deadline is December 22. 2) Partnership Grant are for cooperative extension,
NRCS and other service providers who work directly with farmers. Awards are capped at $10,00 and the
deadline is December 5. 3) Sustainable Community Grants are for projects that connect farming and
economic development. This grant is offered in partnership with the NE Regional Center for Rural
Development. Awards are capped at $10,000 and the application deadline is November 28. Jessica
attended Armstrong School District's In-Service Day to promote the Envirothon.

The following Cooperator Agreement request for assistance was submitted to the District Board for
              Frank & Richard Hogg        62.4 acres      N Buffalo Twp

Dennis Hawley moved, seconded by Jerry Longwell to approve the above agreement. Motion carried.

The following Erosion and Sediment Control Plans were submitted to the District Board for approval disapproval:
   Date                            Name                                 Twp.            By    Status

9/20/2006 Redbank Valley Mun Auth (PAG2-061606005) - rev plan      Redbank             CC        A
9/20/2006        Snyder Bros Inc - Bowersox - rev plan             Madison             CC        A
9/22/2006        Snyder Bros Inc - Eisenhuth - rev plan        Cowanshannock           CC        A
9/27/2006      W W Frk - Sitarik Amend - stream crossing         W Franklin            CC        A
9/28/2006      Dominion Exploration - Moore - McIlwain              Valley             CC        D
9/28/2006         Dominion Exploration - Houpt - GP7                 Kiski             CC        D
9/29/2006       Dominion Exploration - Cravener - GP 5               Kiski             CC        D
10/4/2006        Great Lakes Energy Partners; Miller Dr           Plumcreek            CC        A
10/6/2006    Gilpin Twp Supervisors - Slide & Borrow Area           Gilpin             CC        A
10/5/2006              Reliant Energy - Keystone                  Plumcreek            CC        A
10/12/2006     Northeastern Energy Consul, Inc - 2nd rev      Elderton/Plumcreek       CC        D
10/12/2006    American Natural Resources - stream crossing          Gilpin             CC        D
10/16/2006      Dominion Exploration - stream crossing           South Bend            CC        D

Commissioner Kirkpatrick moved, seconded by Jerry Longwell to approve the above plans and their
review status. Motion carried.

There were FSA / CREP Plans submitted for Board approval/disapproval:

              Frank Bratkovich       Bradys Bend       4.4 acres
               William Ramer          Plumcreek       60.6 acres
October Minutes
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        Linda Carol Brickner       Cowanshannock      19.2 acres
        Catherine Piper                 Kiski         15.7 acres
        Spurgeon Shilling            Mahoning         34.6 acres
        Dennis Warcholak            North Buffalo     25.5 acres
        Dennis Warcholak            North Buffalo      7.4 acres
        Joseph J. Wilds                 Parks         17.3 acres

Jerry Longwell moved, seconded by DeJay Claypoole to approve the above plans and their review status.
Motion carried.

There were no Nutrient Management Plans submitted for approval/disapproval.

The following PDIP applications submitted for approval/disapproval.

                 McElroy Farms         .34 AEUs       Beef / Grain       260 acres
                 Glenn Spath           .37 AEUs       Livestock          87 acres
                 Eugene Hiner          .89 AEUs       Dairy              180 acres

Dennis Hawley moved, seconded by DeJay Claypoole to approve the above plans. Motion carried.


Pam Meade announced that there would be a dedication of the Tonoma Passive Wetland Treatment site in
Indiana County.

Chairman Spurgeon Shilling declared the meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Cindy Smith
Office Manager

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