What is the packaging process by bH1nxDE0


									What is the packaging process?

                         Acquire vendor software
                          I will obtain the software required to begin
1                -------- development. I usually receive this from a
                          field tech, server admin, or the vendor.

                         Once I have the software, I will install it to
                         familiarize myself with its basic features.

                         Silent install
                          Using the vendor's installation
                          documentation, create a silent deployment
                          that requires no interaction from the end-
2                -------- user or the field tech.
                         I will create a process for installing the
                         software silently - this can range anywhere
                         from a small segment of standard code
                         using documented switches, to having to
                         take a snapshot and work on building a
                         custom, silent install method from scratch.
               Custom configuration
               Add customized settings and configurations.
3   --------
               At this time, I will add serial numbers, IP
               addresses, server names, ODBC
               information and any other pre and post
               installation steps to the process.

               Script it
               Using scripting languages, combine the
               silent vendor install with the customizations
               into one master scripted file.

             At this point, I will code each of the steps
             into a sequencing file known as the master
             scripted file; this can be in vbscript, shell,
4   -------- javascript, hta, html, etc. This file will
             include creating entries in the computer's
             event log, stamping the registry for
             LANDesk queries, and all other required
             sequencing steps.

               I also follow industry standard testing
               procedures for creating and modifying
               software: Unit/Component testing, Alpha
               testing, Beta testing, and Piloting testing -
               and sometimes performing regression
             Compile the master scripted file with all
             setup files into one secure, deployment file.
             Add company branding and application
5   -------- information.

            I use the exescript compiler to package and
            secure all setup files with the master
            scripted file. I will also add branding and
            application specific versioning information
            to the final executable file.

            Ready for Deployment
             Automated package is ready to be deployed
6   -------- via Your Deployment Software (I use
             LANDesk) as a 0-touch installation or by a
             field tech as 1-touch installation.

            I upload and test the package to LANDesk
            for general use and deployment.

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