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     Ethan Jerrett                                                                                       308T Fayette St.
                                                                                                   Morgantown, WV 26505
Sextant Technical Services, Morgantown, WV                                Software Engineer (2004-Present)
Provided software development and research support to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) National Energy
Technology Laboratory (NETL).

Leveraged both existing software tools and developed custom computer applications and processes to build
solutions for a diverse range of projects, including file and data management, data collection, organization,
conversion, and analysis, business flow optimization, cost analysis and projection, planning, research, and project

Worked with customers, other engineers, and end-users to develop software and technology requirements to
meet a broad array of needs. Developed and implemented specifications, and supported the solution through
documentation, testing, and maintenance.

Coleman Research Corporation, Morgantown, WV                                 Software Developer (2001-2004)
Developed web applications for use by NETL. Supported DOE funding solicitations by developing database
driven interfaces for document and data management. Created PDF, XML, HTML, and MS Word parsing
algorithms to automate and streamline business processes.

  Software Development                                            Web Development
  Built custom software applications, processes, and              Developed multi-user, database-driven web
  tools following object-oriented, reusability, and               applications. Implemented secure user
  enterprise application paradigms. Implemented rich              authentication, data visualization, and rich GUIs.
  graphical user interfaces (GUI), networked, and                 Administered Linux, Windows, and Macintosh
  multi-user systems.                                             servers and networks.
  Programming Languages Include:                                  Web Technologies Include:
  • C#.NET                      • C/C++                           • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)        • PHP
  • VB.NET                      • Java                            • JSP / Java Servlets                 • HTML
  • VB 6                        • ADA                             • Ajax / DHTML / DOM                  • Javascript

  Software Design, Testing & Maintenance                          Database Development
  Created requirements and specifications by working              Developed relational database systems for a wide
  with customers, users, and other companies.                     range of applications. Created multi-user
  Designed and executed test cases. Documented                    networked database front-ends with Access,
  projects and code. Wrote user guides and tutorials.             Visual Studio, and dynamic web technologies.
  Software Includes:                                              Database Systems Include:
  • Visio                     • Microsoft Office                  • MySQL                              • Oracle
  • Adobe CS2                 • Microsoft Project                 • Access


West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV
       • Degree:       Bachelor of Science (BS), Computer Science,                           December, 2004
       • Degree:       Bachelor of Arts (BA), English (Minor in Music),                      May, 2006
While attending WVU, developed skills in software development, programming languages, and software
engineering principals. Cultivated verbal and written communication skills.
Coursework Included:
        • OpenGL 3D Graphics in C++                              • Scientific & Technical Writing and Editing
        • Multi-threaded socket (TCP/IP) programming in Java • Object Oriented Programming Concepts
                                  References and other information available upon request.
  Ethan Jerrett • • 308T Fayette St.• Morgantown, WV 26505 • 304-685-0875

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