Receipt & Return of August HSPE Testing Material by ReF5Xi


									Critical Shipping Information

This material should be
augmented with special
consideration appropriate for
your local district and school.

September 4, 2012                 Assessment Operations Team
Key Dates

                          WAAS-DAPE Important Dates
Activity                                                          Date(s)
* WAMS registration of students participating in the November
WAAS-DAPE assessments.
                                                                  September 4–18
(if your district has students participating in the November
WAAS-DAPE you must register students during this window)
* WAMS-Material “initial” order window for Spanish DFAs                                                       WAAS-Portfolio Important Dates
(if needed for students participating in the November WAAS-       September 4–18          Activity                                       Date(s)
DAPE, you must order Spanish DFAs during this window)
                                                                                          WAMS registration of students participating in the
Coordinator/Proctor Training PowerPoints and Material                                     November WAAS-Portfolio, via Excel roster in WAMS-
Receipt/Pack/Ship PowerPoint Posts to the Test                    September 28            Profile >FilesDownload.                                    September 4 –
Administration Web site                                                                   (if your district has students participating in the Fall   October 12
Ship 1: Assessment Coordinator Manuals, English and Spanish                               WAAS-Portfolio Retake you must register students
                                                                  October 10
Direction for Administration manuals arrive in district
                                                                                          during this window)
WAMS-Material order window for additional ACMs and DFAs.          October 11-November 8
                                                                                          Data Point 1: Fall evidence collection                     October 3rd
Shipment 2: Test booklets, accommodated forms, student Pre-
                                                                  October 17
ID Adhesive Labels arrive in district                                                     Data Point 2: Fall evidence collection                     October 21st
WAMS-Material order window for additional Test Booklets and
                                                                  October 18-November 8   Data Point 3: Fall evidence collection                     November 11th
Accommodated Forms
Last day to train Proctors and complete Proctor Training Log      October 27              Return Shipping Kits for high school Portfolio
November 2012 WAAS-DAPE test administration window                                        binders arrive in district. Calculations based ONLY        November 13th
(According to district approved testing schedule within the       November 1–14           on confirmed registrations
mandatory testing window)                                                                 UPS One-Day pickup up of completed portfolios              November 19th
Proctor and Assessment Coordinator/Administrator survey
                                                                  November 1–20
available online
Proctors submit Security Assurance Form to School
                                                                  November 15
Schools/sites submit Administration/Security report to District
                                                                  November 15
Assessment Coordinator
Ship to DRC all used and unused November 2012 WAAS-DAPE
                                                                  November 19
test booklets and accommodated material
District Assessment Coordinator to submit District Security
                                                                  November 19
Report and Test Material Variance Form (if applicable) to OSPI
                                        ACM, English and Spanish DFAs arrive – 10/10/12
 S   M     T     W    Th     F    S
                                        Test materials arrive – 10/17/12
      1   2       3      4   5    6
                                        Return All Scorable and Non-Scorable– 11/19/12
 7    8   9      10   11     12   13
14   15   16     17   18     19   20
21   22   23     24   25     26   27   DAPE Testing Windows
28   29   30     31                     November 1-14

S    M    T      W    Th     F    S
                      1      2    3
                                        District Administration Security Reports must
4    5    6      7    8      9    10
                                        be faxed to the Assessment Operations Office.
11   12   13     14   15     16   17    Fax Number: 360-586-2728
18   19   20     21   22     23   24
25   26   27     28   29     30
Test Materials Receipt

With your initial materials shipment, you will receive a Return Shipping Kit.
The Return Shipping Kit will contain:
     Return Verification Form
     Return Shipping Instructions
     DRC Colored Return Labels
        – For most districts, the Return Shipping kit will be in a white Tyvek envelope
            inside a blue district box
Also included in your blue district box (or envelope) is a Shipping Cover Memo,
your Packing List, ‘Red X Do-Not-Score Labels’ and tan with yellow stripe
School/Site labels.
Accommodated Test Material Kits
Accommodated materials are packaged       Read-Aloud Reading CD: Reading kits
                                                  Standard Form Test Booklet
as a kit inside a zip-lock bag with a            Read Aloud CD
corresponding Standard, Form A, test             Read Aloud CD Tip Sheet

booklet.                                  Large Print: Reading, Writing and Math kits
                                                 Large Print Test Booklet
For November Additional Order kits, you          Standard Form Test Booklet
will need to either apply:                       Large Print Mathematics Glossary and Symbols and
                                                  Definitions Sheet
  A Student Pre-ID Adhesive Label or
                                          Braille: Reading, Writing and Math kits
  A two-tone Tan School/Site Label              Braille Test Booklet
                                                 Standard Form Test Booklet
      and complete boxes 1-5 on back             Braille Mathematics Glossary and Symbols and
      cover                                       Definitions Sheet

                                          Translated CD: Mathematics kits
                                                   Standard Form Test Booklet
                                                   Translated CD
                                                   Mathematics Glossary and Symbols and Definitions
                                                   Translated CD Instructions
Additional Material Order in WAMS

          Prior to placing an AO, verify material received in initial shipment.

Ensure you order enough
School/Site, Red X and Return
Shipping labels to accommodate
additional orders of test

Order ACMs
-10/11 - 11/8
Order A/O Test Booklets and
Accommodated Forms
-10/18 - 11/8
Order A/O Return Shipping and
Ancillary Materials
-10/18 – 11/13
Pre-ID Roster                                   Pre-ID Barcode Roster
                                     Also available in electronic form via WAMS

Your Electronic Roster (or paper) should be used to:
     Track material within the district and school
     Verify accuracy of pre-coded student demographics and suggest updates for your student
        information system
     Document test booklet barcode assignment when using an overage booklet.
     Document reason for not testing, Excused or Unexcused, Withdrawn date, etc.
     Document testing irregularities
     Document accommodations used
     Add student information when assigning a test booklet to a new student
Scorable Overage and Additional Order test booklets MUST either have:
A) Student Pre-ID Adhesive Label          B) A School/Site Label applied to the front cover
                                              and Boxes 1-5 on the back cover completed
                                   OR          1.   SSID
                                               2.   Student Name
                                               3.   District Student ID
                                               4.   Gender
                                               5.   Birth Date
         Student Pre Id Label
         or apply School/Site
              Label here

       If you adhere a Student Pre-ID Adhesive Label to the lower left, front cover
               of the test booklet, do not complete the demographic page.
For students who complete only one day of the writing assessment:
CAA Options Eligibility for Writing
When a student tests in one booklet the district should return the tested booklet with Scorable materials.


For Writing Booklets Only: When any student in
grades 10-12 tested on only day 1 or only day 2:

•   Return the single completed booklet
    with scorable materials.
•   Return the unused booklet as non-
      • To show reason not tested,
          make note on the Pre-ID roster.
Test Booklets

 Dear Danielle,                                          Caution: Never mark or cover the test booklet
                                                         security barcode number on the front cover of
                                                         test booklets.
                                                         Do not apply ANY type of label (Pre-ID,
                                                         School/Site or Do-Not-Score) here. This
                                                         barcode is used to track the return of test
                                                         Altering or obscuring this barcode will cause a
                                                         delay in scoring test materials.

                                                          Proctors must collect and account for all
                          Student Signature (Required)    individual paper provided for the assessments,
   Student Pre ID Label
   or apply School/Site

                                                          and return to your School Assessment
        Label here

                                                          Coordinator according to your secure test
                                                          material handling plan.
   Collect and account for all booklets:
      Transcribe as needed - DRC will not transcribe student work
      Verify that boxes 1-5 (student demographics) were completed when using School/Site
      Verify correct placement of any test booklet label (i.e. School Site, Red-X)
      Confirm accommodations (Box 6) are accurate and all other information is complete
   Materials to be retained by District:
      Pre-ID Barcode Roster
      Proctor Training Log Sheet
      School/Site Administration Security Reports
      Test Security Assurance forms
      Each test site must include with the testing materials delivered to the school/site
         assessment coordinator, an annotated and signed copy of their Pre-ID Roster. This copy
         should be kept at the district for reference if materials are shown missing.

        Reminder: Immediately document missing test booklets and accommodated material
           on the Material Variance Form and annotate on the District Security Report.
                Immediately fax the completed forms to OSPI at (360) 586-2728.
Returning all WAAS-DAPE Accommodated Kits:
Braille, Large Print, Read-Aloud CD and Translated CD

   Transcribe all student responses from or within the accommodated
    form directly into the standard form test booklet that accompanied the
    large print or Braille kit.
   For scribing, use the ‘Notes: Proctor/Coordinator Use’ box to note that
    the booklet has been scribed. Provide scribe name and date.
   Verify the scribe or transcribe circle has been
    properly filled in on the demographic page.
   Return the standard form test booklet (including
    transcription) with scorable materials.
   Return the accommodated form (large print/Braille)
    with non-scorable materials.
 Sort stacks of test booklets by content
 Verify completeness of the demographic page and that a School/Site Label was applied if
  using an overage or additional order test booklet.
 Pack in boxes – multiple content under the correct return label can be placed in one box.
                                    WAAS-DAPE        WAAS-DAPE MS        WAAS-DAPE MS
                                    MS Reading          Writing              Math
 Scorable: Grades 11, 12

                                   WAAS-DAPE ES       WAAS-DAPE ES        WAAS-DAPE ES
                                     Reading            Writing              Math

Non-Scorable         No special sort is required

Verify individual test booklets have
a Red-X Do-Not-Score Label on
the lower left, front cover or
draw a red X on the back cover
(demographic page) of the test
                                 Accommodated      Do NOT Score       Braille & Large Print Test Booklets
                                      CDs                            Verify completeness of transcription
 Special Processing Alert

   DO NOT tape or staple alerts or
     other loose paper to test                   Defective booklets include, but are not limited to: torn
     booklets as this will cause                 booklets, misplaced Pre-ID labels, etc.
         booklet damage.                         Processing Soiled Test Booklets
                                                       If possible, transcribe student responses into a standard
                                                        form test booklet. Return transcribed booklet with
                                                        scorable materials.
                                                       Either place a Red X Do-Not-Score Label on the front cover
                                                        or mark a large red X on the back cover of the soiled test
                                                        booklet. Package in a plastic zip-lock bag and Return with
           E.g. School/Site label
                                                        non-scorable materials.
           incorrectly applied over
           test book security                          Place Special Processing Alert on top of booklets zip-lock
           barcode number.                              bag.
                                                       Complete a Testing Irregularity Report to document the
            Available online:

                        Districts are responsible for transcribing into new test booklets.
                        DRC will NOT process/score soiled test booklets placed in bags.
Scorable Booklets and Boxes

Return all test booklets to be scored.
Including test booklets with transcription.

               Use only November 2012 WAAS-DAPE Return Shipping Labels.
            Labels from past years or other administrations cannot be processed.

 Return all booklets that should not be scored
   (Pre-ID and overage, Large print and braille that have been transcribed into a standard form)
 Use Red-X Do-Not-Score labels. Applying a red-X label to the front cover of
  the Non-Scorable booklet eliminates the need to draw a red X on the back
 Red-X Do-Not-Score Labels are used for single booklets. Shrink wrapped
  packages of unused booklets should not be opened and do not need a red X
 Additional labels can be ordered in WAMS.
Placing Red-X Do-Not-Score Labels

  Correct                  Incorrect                 Incorrect                Incorrect

  If a label is accidentally placed on a test booklet in the student information box, do
  not attempt to remove. Apply a School/Site label over the Red X label and code the
        students demographic information on the back cover (demographic page)
Colored Return Labels
MSP Materials
                                                                   Place carrier Return
              Place colored DRC labels on Flap A.                  Service shipping label to
                                                                   Flap B.

          Return test booklets to:
        Data Recognition Corporation
              7303 Boone Ave N
           Brooklyn Park, MN 55428

All testing materials (scorable and non-scorable) will be returned via United Postal Service
    (UPS). School Districts need to apply a colored DRC and UPS Return Shipping Label.
Return Verification Form

 Districts should return the 2012 November WAAS-DAPE Return
 Verification Form to assist with material tracking.

 Both an electronic (click form) and fax version may be
 downloaded from the Test Administration Web site:

                          2012 November WAAS-DAPE RVF
   The Test Administration Web site is continually
undergoing enhancements—check often for updates.

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