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					Johnston County Tax Administration
                       Pat Goddard
                      Sheila Garner
                         Terre Keel
•   2003 Revaluation State Record For Informal

•   We tried to keep it a secret!!!

•   Among the fastest growing counties in North
    Carolina in the last ten years

•   In the top 100 fastest growing counties in
    the United States during that same period
•   Other than Panic and Hysteria?

•   Market Value for Land – All Land

•   Remarkable Value Appreciation from 1995 to 2003

•   Politics

•   Obvious: We needed better appeals tracking!
•   Repeat of 2003 for 2011?

•   Absurd paper shuffling and printing?

•   Goals: Try for a better way
       Better citizen interaction
       Less preparation time for BOER meetings
       Better organization in the tax office
       Value loss reports at all levels
•   New Software – Appeals Tracking
     Researched COTS software
     Asked other counties (Wake)

•   Geographic Representations or Mapping
 We will Discuss…
• Software configurations or Setup
• Management of Informal Appeals
   “Office Review” – Received by mail
   “Hearing Requested” – Taxpayer called for appointment
• Board of E&R Appeals
• The Appeals Map
2011 Revaluation Year

9515 Appeals Informal Level
   1199 Withdrew
   4616 No Change
   3560 Decrease
   140 Increase

927 Appeals - Board of E&R (10% Average)
•   Establish Market Areas or
    “Master Neighborhoods”

• Set up Market Areas in
  Neighborhood Master
  Maintenance screen
•Using ArcMap, identify
neighborhoods contained within
each Market Area or “Master

• Assign individual neighborhoods
to corresponding Market
Area/Master Neighborhood
      Assign Appraisers to Market Areas
• Appraiser can be assigned to an entire Market Area or to
individual neighborhoods within a Market Area
• Appraiser can be setup to hear Commercial Appeals,
Residential Appeals or both
Setup Hearing Locations

 For the convenience of it’s
  citizens, Johnston County
offered informal hearings at
               five locations.

                                 An administrator can setup
                                 hearing sites on the
                                 “Appointment Location
                                 Maintenance” screen.
     Add Appointment Dates & Times

                   User chooses a hearing location from the
Add Appointments   drop down box.

                                   When user clicks “Add
                                   Appointments” on the
                                   Appointment Time Maintenance
                                   screen, the popup box to the left
                                   is displayed allowing user to add
                                   new appointment dates and
  Choose an appraiser and choose
  a hearing site from the location
  drop down menu (above). When
  user clicks continue, he is given
  the opportunity to select dates
  and times that the appraiser will
  be available to hear appeals at
  the given location.

Assign Appraisers to Appointment Locations, Dates and Times
            How Were They Managed?
The county mailed a Notice of Assessed Value to the owner of each
parcel. The notice explained that individuals could appeal the value by

1. Returning a completed appeal
   form to the tax office. A
   hearing officer would review
   the appeal and notify the
   owner, in writing, of the results
2. Call the tax office and request
   an appointment with a hearing
                                    Notice of Assessed Value

                                                     The back of the
                                                     notice provided
                                                     specific information
                                                     about the appeal
                                                     process and had a
                                                     detachable appeal
                                                     form that could be
                                                     mailed back to the
                                                     tax office.

 The front of the notice informed
owner’s of the 2011 market value
and provided general information
  about the reappraisal process.
Managing the Mail
Informal appeal forms received by
mail were scanned by a vendor and
returned to the tax office electronically
as .pdf files. These files were
uploaded to the tax software and
placed into a workflow queue - “Appeal Forms”. A manager assigns the
workflow items to clerical employees who then enter the information into
the Appeals Module.
Managing the Mail – Entering Appeals into the System

   Clerical user’s workflow queue
Managing the Mail – Routing the Appeals

System creates an “Office Review Appeals” workflow item

System auto assigns workflow item based on market area
                   and appraiser setup
Managing the Mail – Working “Office
        Review Appeals”
         The Appraiser’s Workflow Queue
• Displays a summary of the appeal
• Provides links to:
    Attachments (Appeal form, appraisal, photos, etc)
    Appraisal Record - opens in edit mode
    Appeals Module - data entry of decision and notes
            Managing the Mail
     Completing “Office Review Appeals”
After updating the appraisal record, the appraiser enters his
appraiser number, chooses a decision code, and enters
notes. The system calculates the percent change. When
the record is saved, the appeal status automatically changes
to “complete” and the appeal is flagged for correspondence.
The appraiser moves to his next workflow item.
                Managing the Phones
• Networked a phone
“bank” with six lines

• Operators were
provided a script

• Information was
entered directly into
the Appeals Module

• Appeal “Key” –
Parcel Number

• System returns available appointments based on type of appeal
(commercial/residential), and location of property (market area)

• Hearing appointment is added to appraiser’s schedule

• Average length of phone call – three minutes
                    Managing the Phones
                       Scheduling the Appeals

                                2.                3.

1. User chooses Hearing Requested
2. System determines how much time to
   allow based on type of appeal             5.
   (commercial/residential) & number in case
3. User clicks on calendar for available
4. User chooses appraiser from dropdown
5. System returns list of available
         “Informal Appeal Hearings”

• Five hearing locations spread throughout the county
• One clerical person at each location
   • Print schedules, appeal summary sheets, and
      Property Record cards for hearing officers
   • Check in appellants
   • Scan appeal forms and supporting documentation
   • Enter “walk-in” appeals into system

• Laptops for each hearing officer / appraiser
   • Tax software – Appraisal and Appeals Modules
   • MapClick – GIS
                “Informal Appeal Hearings” cont.

                                                                                          Property Record Card

Hearing Appointments for Tax Appraiser - Monday October 28, 2010
                                                                                                                   Case    Case
      Location           Start Time                   Owner                         Appellant         Parcel ID     ID    Count
Human Resources          12:45 PM     GEORGE, JAMES P                GEORGE, JAMES P               15039009       6502      1
Human Resources          12:50 PM     CALAVITO, CHRIS L              CALAVITO, CHRIS L             05G02048T      6496      2
Human Resources          12:50 PM     CALAVITO, CHRIS L              CALAVITO, CHRIS L             05G02048U      6496      2
Human Resources           1:00 PM     SMITHFIELD-SELMA CHAMBER       WENZEL, JASON                 15074012C      6504      1
Human Resources           1:10 PM     LEE, FRANKIE JANELE BAREFOOT   LEE, HUBERT                   08I13026A      6442     1
Human Resources           1:20 PM     ABDALLA, MICHAEL J             ABDALLA, MICHAEL J            14L10014I      6505     2
Human Resources           1:20 PM     ABDALLA, MICHAEL J             ABDALLA, MICHAEL J            14M12001C      6505     2
Human Resources           1:35 PM     CHRIST COMMUNITY UNITED        CORBIN, DALE                  05G02008Y      6495     1

                                                Appraiser’s Daily Schedule
Office Review (Mail)        2730
Hearing Requested (Phone)   6470
Walk-In                     335
Query Builder
Query results can be downloaded into Excel
for easy manipulation of the data.
                                                         Appealed                   Tax Office
                                               Parcel     Market       Tax Office    Decision      Tax Office Market
                                              Number      Value      Decision Code Market Value       Value Loss
                                             01005031C      934,063 No Change            934,063                    0
                                             01009017N       39,500 Value Decreased       28,840               10,660
                                             01009017Q       39,500 Value Decreased       28,840               10,660
                                             01009017R       39,500 Value Decreased       28,840               10,660
                                             01009017W       39,500 Value Decreased       28,840               10,660
                                             01009017Z       19,750 No Change             19,750                    0
                                             01010016        41,800 No Change             41,800                    0
                                             01012014B       15,760 No Change             15,760                    0
                                             01012014C       17,810 No Change             17,810                    0
                                             01012014D       21,060 No Change             21,060                    0
                                             01012014H       62,940 Value Decreased       37,520               25,420
                                             01015024        63,390 Value Decreased       45,690               17,700
                                             01015024B      623,150 Value Decreased      327,810              295,340
                                             01016028       177,240 Value Decreased      164,270               12,970
                                             01016028A      128,270 Value Decreased      119,630                8,640
                                             01020017        79,720 Value Decreased       58,760               20,960
                                             01023035        32,670 No Change             32,670                    0
                                             01023051       262,150 Value Decreased      211,630               50,520
                                             01025012A    1,412,679 No Change          1,412,679                    0
                                             01029019        48,540 Value Decreased       37,260               11,280

          Query Builder Screen                    Results displayed in Excel
Provided the ability to:
   • Track “How Many”
   • Sort - By name, neighborhood, case, date
   • Evenly distribute workload
   • Print property record cards for all items in a queue
• Created by the Board of Commissioners March 12, 2001

• 7 members representing Commissioners from each district

• Diverse backgrounds-farmers, real estate, bankers, & attorney

• Accommodated waiting area within meetings in 2011
• Appointment letters electronically generated

• Appeal packet electronically generated from existing data

• History of appeal

• Visualization of the appeal and surroundings

• Quick and easy access to other appeal documentation

• Decision letters electronically generated

• Starting point for Board E&R minutes
• Query Builder used to extract data from CAMA file
  and Appeals Module

• Downloaded into a text files

• Data imported into Access for easy manipulation

• Exported as DBF files

• DBF files used in ArcMap to create shape files

• Updated weekly
 A Visual Display of the Data

Parcels Appealed in 2011 and/or 2012
2009 & 2010 Qualified Sales and Forced Sales

                               • 2011 Appeals (Blue)
                               • Qualified Sales (Green)
                               • Forced Sales (Red)
          The Ability to View the Decisions
           “Blue” parcels were appealed in 2011
Green = Tax Office decision    Dark Blue = Board’s decision
Provided a quick look at…
Land Features - value, unit price, zoning, condition factor
Building Elements - value, design factor, quality code, year built, EOB, FOB

         LAND VALUE                         BUILDING QUALITY
Main Benefit: Fair and Equitable Decisions – Consistency
The Johnston County Tax Office
PO Box 368
Smithfield, NC 27577


Pat Goddard
Sheila Garner
Terre Keel

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