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S6 Physics
Project Report of Innovation Expo 05 Exhibition

Name : Leung Tak Chi
Class : 6A 15
Teacher : Sir Sin

    Nowadays computers are widely used in the world and the device--- mouse,
remote control are popularly used too. Both of them are user-friendly and
convenient but unfortunately the permanent maimed people who can not use
them very well .So the “virtual mouse” is designed for them .The virtual mouse
which can recognize the simple signals from the user such as flexing the nail ,
blinking the eye instead of clicking the mouse . Thus the problems can be solved
and the maimed people can use computers as well as the popular people .

    This system is quite similar to the comment used computer .It just has added
an independence mother board of virtual mouse and the cmos camera hardware
to the simple computer . Therefore, it will not occupy the sources and reduce the
speed of the C.P.U.

The independence mother board and the cmos camera.

The Product Feature
After the observation , I found there are some benefits and disadvantages .
Benefits : As there is an unique mother board for working , it will not reduce the
efficiency and increase the workload of C.P.U. It does not require the “real
mouse” ,the signals can be given by the parts of the body of the maimed user
such as the flexing of nail , blinking of eyes too. As a result , this system can really
benefits the maimed user.
Disadvantages: when there are one or more nails are detected by the cmos
camera at the same time ,it has a delayed-action or sometimes it can not detect
the signals totally.
The introductor explained the cmos camera has a very low pixels [10 millions].
So there is a delayed action. If the action of the flexing nail is too fast ,it also can
not be detected by the camera too .The best frequency that the camera can detect
should be flexing the nail 2 time per one second .

The cmos sensor camera worked badly.

Price and the price comparisons with the similar product
      The introductor said that as the mother board is in experiment stage ,so

the company did not have a mass production .As a result , the cost is high[about
3 to 4 millions dollars]and there is no comparisons with other companies in the

      The concept of the product which is helping the maimed people using the
computer as well as the normal with the simple systems .In the future ,after the
mass production I think the cost will be decreased. And there are points that they
can improve : Using the higher quality of the cmos sensor camera instead of the
original , Solving the problem of detecting the signals better from the maimed
users and the delayed-action when there are one or more nails flexing.


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