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Did you know you have a payments expert on staff? You have at least one Accredited
ACH Professional (AAP) on your team, which puts your organization at the forefront of
current changes and updates to the NACHA Operating Rules, as well as current federal
and state payments industry regulations. The AAP credential sets your organization and
staff above all others, and we think that is worth celebrating!

February 10, 2009, is the third annual AAP Recognition Day. The SHAZAM, Inc. ACH
Association and NACHA – The Electronic Payments Association™ hope you and your
staff will take a few moments out of your day to recognize and appreciate employees who
have earned the AAP designation and acknowledge how hard they work to stay current
with payment regulations. We know from experience that any recognition is gratefully
received by hardworking AAPs.

The SHAZAM, Inc. ACH Association is ready to help you celebrate your AAPs with an
AAP Party in a Box. To purchase an AAP Party in a Box, please complete the attached
order form and fax it to (515) 558-7610 by February 2, 2009. To view the Party in a Box
contents or to download AAP logos you can print and display at your AAP Recognition
Day celebration, please visit http://www.shazam.net/mr_ach_resources.html.

If you have any questions about AAP Recognition Day or would like to learn how other
members of your staff can earn the AAP credential, please go to

Your involvement is key to making this annual event a success!

The SHAZAM, Inc. ACH Association
          2009 AAP Recognition Day Party in a Box Order Form

Each Party in a Box kit for Accredited ACH Professional (AAP) Recognition Day
includes the following:
      Five 11-inch AAP balloons (assorted colors)
      One 3-inch AAP button (dark blue logo on yellow background)
      Two confetti popper bags (inflate through a small tube and pop for a burst
       of confetti)
      Two kazoos (various colors)
      One 6” x 36” celebration banner (4 color, folded to 6” x 6”)

Please send ____________ AAP Recognition Day Party in a Box kits at $10.00 each
(shipping included) to the address below:

Organization:________________________ Contact:_____________________________
Street address:____________________________________________________________
City/State/ZIP code:_______________________________________________________

Order total: $______________

Payment options:
___ ACH transaction or check
    ***Please call April Beck at (800) 537-5427, ext. 4144, to coordinate payment.
___ SHAZAM Switch Bill (financial institutions only)

Order deadline: February 2, 2009
Please fax orders to:            SHAZAM, Inc. ACH Association
                                 Attn: Client Support
                                 Fax: (515) 558-7610

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