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									 Office of Student Conduct
 Academic Integrity

Tony Shurer
Assistant Director
Academic Integrity: Defined
     Academic Integrity is the greatest
       expectation for your behavior.
All students are responsible for knowing—and following—
the policies on academic integrity at NC State.
These are the most basic rules of the classroom:
 • You must do your own work.
 • Your academic efforts cannot be misleading or
    dishonest—no recycling papers, no forging
Academic Integrity: Policies
Where can I find the rules?
 Professor/Faculty/Instructor—Course Syllabus
  Read the rules & follow the rules
  Section 9 – Cheating
  Section 10 – Plagiarism
  Section 11 – Helping other people Cheat or Plagiarize
  http://policies.ncsu.edu/policy/pol-11-35-01
  NCSU Office of Student Conduct
   1115 Pullen Hall
   919-515-2963
Academic Misconduct: Cheating
Group Work vs. Individual Work
   Q: Can I work with a partner?
   A: It depends! Never assume that you have
      permission to work together.
AIDING & ABETTING: “Helping a friend”
   Q: Can I help my friend on this homework problem?
   A: It depends!

 Be cautious about sending your work to a friend who
  asks to see it “just for reference.”
 Different professors may have different rules and
  expectations about group work.
 Remember to read the course syllabus!
Academic Misconduct: Plagiarism
What is Plagiarism?
The NCSU Code of Student Conduct defines
plagiarism as, “Submitting written materials without
proper acknowledgment of the source.”
    • You must cite the work of others.
    • Use quotation marks, in-text references, and
      works-cited pages when appropriate.

REMEMBER: It is your responsibility to know the
 policies on academic integrity. Ignorance of the
 rules is not an excuse.
Academic Integrity: Homework
     “Where I’m from, homework is not
            that big of a deal.”
Some students view homework as “trivial”
       Do not make this mistake!
In the majority of your classes, you will be graded
several times throughout the semester. This includes
Academic Integrity policies apply to all graded
assignments/exams/papers, etc.
Academic Integrity: Wikipedia
WIKIPEDIA & “Common Knowledge”
• Wikipedia is an Internet-based reference that can
  be edited by anyone with access to the Internet.
• Not all information on Wikipedia is considered to
  be “common knowledge.”
• You must cite all of your sources, including
  Wikipedia—if you decide to use it.
Academic Integrity: Resources
 Professor, Instructor, or TA
  o   Office Hours
  o   Course Syllabus
 Office of Student Conduct (OSC)
  o   NCSU Code of Student Conduct
  o   1115 Pullen Hall
 Office of International Services (OIS)
  o   320 Daniels Hall
 Writing and Speaking Tutorial Services
  o   Park Shops

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