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									                                       Intermediate Accounting
                           Research Paper & Presentation Instructions [doc version]
                                            Foothill College
                                         Instructor: Jose Nava
                                              Spring 2010

Table of Contents

      Objective & Audience
      Description of Project
      Deliverables and Milestones
      Paper Section and Package
      Honor Code
      Scoring Criteria
      Paper/Project Topics

Objective & Audience

To provide students an opportunity to extend the topics covered in any of the courses that make up the
intermediate accounting sequence (Actg 51A, 51B, 51C).

Assume that I will use your memos and presentations in future classes*, so your write-up should be written with
an intermediate accounting student audience in mind. In other words, please keep it focused and simple. In your
summaries, discuss the topic in general – provide a brief, but comprehensive overview. Then in your
presentation, focus on a specific aspect (subtopic) of the topic or on a single application example and explain
how the topic applies. Keep in mind that you can take any angle you wish on the topic and presentation. It is up
to you to get as much benefit from learning about the topic by teaching it to others.


This paper consists of 3 parts:
     The paper
     the self-reflection page, and
     the powerpoint presentation:

1) Select 1 of the topics (from the ones provided below) and write a traditional research paper.

2) Self-reflection*: focus your comments on whether the project accomplished the objective given above. Either
   way, explain why or why not. If not, or not fully, describe how you would improve the project for future

3) Powerpoint Presentation

Deliverables and Milestones

The deliverable will be a
   1. 5+ page (min.) paper AND a
   2. 7+ slide powerpoint presentation

The write-up will be single-sided, single-spaced, with 1-inch margins and 10-12 point font. Tables and
graphs in the body of the paper should be included where appropriate. Other tables and graphs not included in
the body of the paper should be attached as appendices or exhibits. Other paper format and content
requirements are listed below.

The presentation will contain at least 7 slides, including:
    title slide with the topic title of your presentation, your name (s), class information, project title, etc. (1
    setup (table of contents) slide, which lists the presentation by topic or section, or however you choose to
       organize your presentation. (1 slide)
    the content slides (4+)
    the conclusion slide, which summarizes the point of your presentation. (1 slide)

The topic of your presentation must be based on your paper or any subtopic therein. Keep in mind that the point
of this presentation requirement is to demonstrate your skill in preparing presentations in a computer application
such as MS Powerpoint. If you are in an online class, I will not ask you to actually present it in person. You will
simply attach your presentation to your project submission.

Suggested Milestones

        1.   Selection of topic                                                              Week 7
        2.   Complete Write-Up and Presentation                                              Week 8-10
        3.   Deliverables prepared^ and submitted                                            Week 11
        (Due Date, refer to Calendar)
        ^ including your powerpoint presentation


              The minimum 5 page limit does not include pages for the cover sheet, index, table of contents, exhibits, appendices, etc.
             Note that substance and contents is more important than number of pages.
Paper Sections and Package

The project should be organized and delivered as shown below:

        Paper Package
         Title Page (cover sheet, including the usual member contribution ratings: 2 = satisfactory, 1 for less than
           satisfactory, 0 = no contribution) and Table of Contents [-5 points]
         Body of Paper (s) [80 Points] – Refer to for guidance on
           writing research papers [but see NOTE below]
            Introduction
            Discussion
            Conclusion
         Self-Reflection (1 pg, your thoughts and feedback on this project) [20 Points]
         Appendices/Exhibits, if any
         Bibliography [if you reference, you must include this part]
         Powerpoint presentation [-20 points]

            NOTE: I am mostly interested in having a basic, but comprehensive overview of your selected topic, so
            that I can use it in future classes. So, I am not asking for academic writing. I rather have a more
            practical and functional deliverable. If you can come up with a better organization for this paper, by
            all means use it. You can be as creative as you can, but make sure to provide your future classmates
            with a useful learning device. Alternatively, you can write a traditional research paper.


Submissions are due by the deadline (check class calendar for due date and time).

Upload an electronic copy of your project in ETUDES/ATS.

As backup, you may deliver a printed copy, including all exhibits and attachments to my office (3018, under
my door), or my mailboxes in the Business and Social Sciences Division office or the Foothil College
Administration Building. If you cannot deliver in person, then mail the package to the college address (check
syllabus for address) to my attention.

Honor Code

You are required to abide by the Foothill College Honor Code. Therefore, plagiarism is prohibited. Additionally,
the work you turn in should be exclusively yours or your group’s. Guidance may be requested from outside
sources, but the write-up and the analysis should be no one else’s. Follow the usual annotation and bibliography
guidelines. For help, go to my TOOLS web page at

Scoring Criteria

First and foremost, absolutely no copying and pasting of anyone else’s work from anywhere, including from the
web. Reference as appropriate.

You will earn a failing grade on the paper and possibly the course if a significant portion (10%+) of your paper is

1. Quality of Analysis (70%): Does the paper present the related information accurately, based on authoritative
   accounting literature? Is the paper presented to adequately convey the related information to the reader?

2. Format and Delivery (30%) This is not an English class, but I still look for decent presentation on the paper -
   - I am not looking for literary type of writing. Since this is a business class, I expect concise and clear
   writing, in other words, get to the point and move on. You should include all the sections discussed in the
   Paper Format section above. I will deduct for missing parts. Make sure to include headings for each
   section. Use of bullet points, lists, tables highly recommended, where appropriate. Also, make sure to
   package your project professionally.

Project/Paper Topics

         Sarbanes-Oxley
               o Section 401: Off-Balance Sheet Arrangements
               o Section 404: Internal Controls
               o Section 406: Code of Ethics
               o Other sections
         Extensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL)
         The FASB Codification Project
         International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
         Green Accounting
         Forensic Accounting
         Textbook Topics
               o Financial Accounting Standards
               o The House of GAAP
               o Statements of Financial Accounting Concepts (SFAC)
                         Concepts Statement No. 7: Using Cash Flow Information and Present Value in Accounting
                         Concepts Statement No. 6: Elements of Financial Statements—a replacement of FASB
                         Concepts Statement No. 5: Recognition and Measurement in Financial Statements of Business
                         Concepts Statement No. 4: Objectives of Financial Reporting by Nonbusiness Organizations
                         Concepts Statement No. 2: Qualitative Characteristics of Accounting Information
                         Concepts Statement No. 1: Objectives of Financial Reporting by Business Enterprises
               o Time Value of Money
               o Revenue Recognition
               o Accounting for Cash, Receivables, Inventories
               o Accounting for PP&E, Intangibles, Liabilities, Equity, Investments
               o Accounting for Income Taxes, Pensions, Leases


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