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									                                 TurnItIn.com Information- U.S. History I
TurnItIn.com is a tool that teachers can use to detect plagiarism. Throughout the year, written assignments
that you complete for this class will need to be submitted to TurnItIn.com via the Internet, in addition to the
physical assignment that you will hand in during class.
   1) If I request you to submit a particular assignment to TurnItIn.com, that submission is a requirement
      of that assignment. I will not grade your assignment until I can read your TurnItIn.com report, and
      submitting your assignment to TurnItIn.com late will have the same consequences as turning in the
      assignment late. The TurnItIn.com submission will be due by the time your class meets the day the
      assignment is due.
   2) When you submit your assignment to TurnItIn.com, it will check your work against several things
      (other student papers that have been submitted to TurnInIt.com, a collection of periodicals and other
      publications, and the Internet) to see if there are any matches. Matches between your work and any
      of those could possibly indicate plagiarism. After it completes the check, I will be able to view a
      report which will have highlighted all areas that are possibly plagiarized. I will consider each match
      to see whether or not it actually is plagiarism. My response to the plagiarism will depend on the
      amount and type of plagiarism present, but possible responses include asking the student to redo the
      assignment, deducting points, giving a zero for the assignment, and/or reporting it as a violation of
      the PHS Honor Code.
   3) You will need to provide an email address with TurnItIn.com. During the year, I will use
      TurnItIn.com to send out emails to the class. Therefore it is important that you use a real email
      address, and that you update it if your email changes during the course of the year.
   4) Make sure you submit the final version of your paper to TurnItIn.com. You can only submit your
      paper once, so please be sure it is your final version before you submit it.
   5) TurnItIn will show a due date for each assignment, but it is often not be accurate. Please refer to the
      due dates on your homework calendar, not on TurnItIn.com
How to Enroll in My Class and Submit a Paper
   1. Go to http://www.TurnItIn.com and click on “Create Account” on the top right-hand corner. (If you
      already have an account, log-in and use the information below to enroll in my class.)
   2. Click on “Student” under Create a New Account.
   3. The class ID is        2nd Period: 5395524 3rd Period: 5395535           6th Period: 5395545
      The enrollment password is 12history
      Enter your first name and FIRST INITIAL of last name only (for your privacy)
      Enter your email address
      Enter a password. (MAKE SURE YOU CAN REMEMBER IT)
      Select a secret question that you will always be able to answer
      Read the user agreement; Check off on your age; Click “I agree – Create Profile”
   4. Click “Log in to Turnitin”
   5. Click on the name of your history class
   6. Find the assignment you need to submit; click on the blue submit box to the right of that assignment.
   7. Select “Single File Upload” from the drop down menu on top. Enter a submission title and then click
      on “Choose File” to select and attach the file of your paper. Click on upload. (You can copy and
      paste your text instead if necessary- click on “Single File Upload” and select “cut and paste upload”)
   8. The next screen will show the file you selected. If it’s the right one, select “Submit”
   9. The next screen confirms your submission and gives your paper an ID. TurnItIn.com will also send
      you an email to confirm that your paper was submitted.

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