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					                                                                                 Ms. Brock
                                                                                  Rm. 155

                              Welcome to Senior English!

        In this class, we will be studying World Literature, a topic that I hope will
broaden your appreciation of other cultures and serve as a way to examine your place in
the world. We will be reading such texts as Antigone, Things Fall Apart, The Stranger,
and Othello, in addition to developing our strength as writers and ability to communicate
and challenge ideas effectively. You will be expected to take the initiative to read and
write independently in addition to collaborating in groups. This is your final year of high
school, and the emphasis is on self-sufficiency and responsibility.
        Of course I am happy to meet with students outside of class as needed and adjust
to official individual modifications. Drop me a line via email or ask after class to arrange
a meeting. Please do not hesitate to ask questions regarding material we cover, grades,
or class policies.

Website: In lieu of TeacherWeb, I update the following site frequently, posting
homework, FAQ, and other essential information. With sufficient time allowed for
access, you will be asked to complete some assignments online and participate in the
course website. Go to the following page and follow the link to the World Lit. site.
Please note that email is the best way to communicate with me! It is also helpful to note
my email since you can turn in work if you are absent or email me with questions- though
be aware I likely not be able to return your email about homework at 11pm!
In order to keep the classroom a safe and dynamic place, the following concepts will
serve as your guide for procedures.

Respect- Respect your classmates and the academic environment. Literature demands an
open and active dialogue; however, it is never appropriate to disrespect another classmate
or the teacher. I will treat you with a high degree of respect and expect you to do the
same. Inappropriate language, talking while someone else is speaking, or disrespect for
the class will not be tolerated.

Discipline Policy: You are the only one responsible for your actions and you will
succeed or fail based on decisions you make. Think about your actions and understand
you control whether there will be positive or negative consequences.
       1st infraction: Verbal warning
       2nd: After-school detention, essay and parent contact.
       3rd: Your name will be referred to the office

Integrity- Integrity is defined as firm adherence to a code of moral values. You should
conduct yourself with the highest degree of integrity at all times in class. This entails
academic integrity and honesty regarding plagiarism, or inappropriately using the work of
someone else (SPFHS Honor Code). Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Period.
Be on time and come prepared to learn, discuss issues, and challenge yourself. Always
bring our current piece of literature, your binder, and writing supplies.
Other important procedures:
    If you come to class unprepared, you may be asked to return to your locker and be
       marked as late.
    When you enter class, please begin the daily activity posted on the
       board/overhead/LCD projector.
    To hand in typed work, you must print it BEFORE coming to class. Printer and
       computer meltdowns happen, and you should always have a backup plan. If you
       need to use a class computer or printer, you must do so BEFORE SCHOOL.
       Printing during class time is not permitted since it’s a recipe for chaos!

Using the restroom: Leaving during class is to be avoided at all costs! You are given
sufficient time during class changes to visit the restroom, and I appreciate you respecting
that our time is limited during class.

Late arrival policy: To a reasonable degree, tardiness is excused if you hold a valid
pass from another teacher.
Regarding unexcused tardiness, your first late arrival carries a warning and meeting after
The second earns an after-school detention with me.
Any successive late arrivals will be handled on an individual basis and most likely will
involve Administrative personnel.

If you are absent, it is your responsibility to find out what you missed- check with
your partner AND with Ms. Brock to find out what you missed.
NOTE: Late work will not be accepted unless you are absent the entire day.
You are expected to hand in assignments you missed immediately upon your return.
For multiple day absences, you have a one day extension for each day you are out.
For example, you miss two days of class, you have two days to turn in the
work. If you are in school, NO late work will be accepted.

My HANDOUT PARTNER is: ________________________ cell:_________________

Dismissal: Please remember that the bell does not dismiss you, I do. Please remain
seated and wait until I ask you to pack up your things.

Grading Policy:       As I keep all grades electronically, I will gladly provide you will periodic
grade updates.
                 Frequent Grades: daily, weekly
                        Quizzes = 20%
                        Classwork, Homework = 20%
                 Major Grades: There will be 3-6 per marking period.
                        Essays = 30%
                        Projects, Unit Tests = 20%
                 Class Participation: = 10%

Merely coming to class and raising your hand occasionally is no way to float through
English class. You will be expected to pay attention, share your opinions, appropriately
assert your views and take notes.
          I look forward to working with all of you! Have a great year!
           Student Contract – Return this page ONLY!
● I have read and understand the class syllabus.
● I have recorded Ms. Brock’s email and website address.
● I understand assignments will be posted online with ample time to complete.
● I agree to follow classroom procedures.
● I have read and understand the definitions of plagiarism as defined in class.
● I understand the SPFHS policy on cheating and consequences that follow.
● I have recorded the name and number of a partner whom I will contact for work
missed in addition to checking with Ms. Brock

Student Name: ____________________________________________

Signature: ____________________________________________

● I have read and will support the class procedures and syllabus.
● I understand assignments will be posted online.
● I understand my student has the name and number of a partner who they should
contact for makeup work in addition to checking with Ms. Brock.

Parent/Guardian Name: ____________________________________________

Signature: ___________________________________________
If Guardian, relationship to student __________________________________

Parent/Guardian email: _________________________
Parent/Guardian phone (circle: cell, work, or home) ________________________

Please sign and attach the SPFHS Handbook signature page for a homework grade.
                     Signatures are due Wednesday, September 23!

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