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									                                         POSITION DESCRIPTION

TITLE CODE:                                                 PAY BASIS:      12 MONTH
OFFICIAL TITLE: Payroll and Benefits Specialist,            APPOINTMENT TYPE:     CLASSIFIED
                Confidential                                EXEMPT:                  YES     NO
WORKING TITLE: Benefits Counselor and                       REPRESENTED:             YES     NO
                Coordinator                                 BARGAINING UNIT:      NA
DEPARTMENT: Human Resources                                 DATE FINALIZED:       5/10/2012
FTE:            100%

                                          POSITION SUMMARY

This position serves as the benefits counselor, coordinator and policy expert for the Office of
Human Resources and the University. In the role of benefits counselor and coordinator, this
position supplies benefit information to different classes of employees, each with a unique set
of benefits. This position provides counseling to new employees, employees on a leave of
absence, retirees and resignations. This position provides a high level of problem solving and
issue resolution support to the University.
                                 ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES

65% A. Benefits Counselor and Coordinator
   1. Counsel new employees on benefits options provided by the University. Provide
      appropriate forms and routine information about dates of eligibility. Create and utilize
      various checklists to ensure furnishing all new employees with accurate information on
      every benefit option available to them. Supply benefit and application forms or provide
      training on online enrollment.

   2. Manage the benefit enrollment packages [Health, Life, ICI, Dental Plans, and Program
      Savings i.e. TSA's, Deferred Compensation, ERA's].

   3. Oversees the Annual Open Enrollment Process, including the benefit fair, and develop
      communication and presentations to educate employees on pertinent information
      about payroll, benefits, University, policies and procedures, and other relevant
      information relating to Open Enrollment and eBenefits.

   4. Audit the enrollment applications for eligibility, missing dependent information, etc.
      based on the effective date of the appointment, prior state service/Wisconsin
      Retirement Service (WRS) eligibility, duration and type of appointment, etc. This
      position will conduct Event Maintenance (including evaluation report review) in HRS and
      provide employee counseling.

   5. Provide issue resolution and troubleshooting expertise using benefits reports and
      communicating with HR Staff, employees and supervisors to ensure the correct benefits,
      deductions, coverage and eligibility intentions are met. Identify and resolve issues with
      UW System Service Center to solve HRS/system issues.

                                                                                           September 28, 2012
6. Audit the health insurance applications relating to special situations e.g. loss of coverage
   from previous employer, domestic partner and/or adult children, adoption, etc.

7. Conduct benefit exit interviews to explain benefits upon leaving the University, notify
   employee and dependents of COBRA eligibility and create exit packets which include
   COBRA notification, WRS retirement information, benefit conversion options and other
   related materials. Prepare appropriate forms for terminating employees. Follow-up on
   terminated employees to ensure they receive information regarding continuation of

8. Receive, record and forward all applications for insurance (sometimes including cash or
   checks), insurance cards and refunds, insurance policies, beneficiary forms and all other
   forms and correspondence regarding benefits. These must be handled promptly and
   confidentially. Handle health insurance waivers when necessary.

9. Notify employees of changes in rates, changes in coverage dates, new insurance
   availability, open enrollment periods, dual choice enrollment times and other critical
   benefit information and deadlines.

10. Complete and sign insurance prepayment form for faculty and staff in a timely and
    accurate manner so as to ensure continuous benefit coverage while on leave.

11. Alert faculty and staff going on leave to changes in coverage and inform them of their
    responsibility to request reinstatement in the program upon return. Contact faculty and
    staff returning from leave to ensure that they are informed of re-enrollment deadlines
    upon their return. Follow-up as reasonable.

12. Management of insurance enrollment reconciliation and reporting.

13. Audit the premium adjustments entered for the spouse to spouse transfers, move from
    service area, and single to family coverage changes to ensure that the proper amount of
    premiums was collected.

14. Review monthly health insurance cancellation list and initiate reinstatement form when

15. Process all benefit applications/enrollment forms and distribute as necessary to the
    Service Center, appropriate insurance carriers and/or benefit program administrators.

16. This position will process applications, changes, and claims on various insurance and
    retirement plans. The incumbent will input benefits elections and applicant
    information/changes as necessary to HRS and/or insurance carriers including:
     Event Maintenance including evaluation report review for correct Benefit Program
     Process Benefits Billing and resulting employee counseling.
     Maintain Benefits Intent, Previous State/Local Service fields in HRS.
     Monitor WRS eligibility in HRS and process WRS look back.

                                                                                       September 28, 2012
          Paper based election entry.
          Review Full/Part-time indicator for State Group Health Insurance.
          Employee self-service support.
          Monitor employee benefits enrollment on Confirmation Statements.
          ICI and State Group Life annual update employee counseling.
          Collecting and maintaining dependent data (until Self Service is deployed).
          Monitor Age 70 Reporting for State Group Life.
          Benefits billing employee notification.
          Monitor reports for tax shelter limits (both 403(b) and 457 plans).
          Understand at basic level the impact of HR entry on Benefits transactions.
          Understand downstream impacts of benefit transactions.
          Monitor the New Hire Hold and MSC Event Evaluation reports.
          Review campus Retro Benefits report before each payroll and make updates to retro
           transactions as necessary.
          Understand process of payline adjustments, how to determine the payline amount
           needed and the type of details that need to be sent to the Service Center.

15% B. Training and Education
       1. Conduct University benefits workshops, training sessions, and informational

       2. Develop tools and educational materials for employees to find benefit information
          and eBenefit procedures independent of the HR staff.

       3. Develop and update informational material describing benefits procedures for each
          category of employee: faculty, and classified, academic.

10% C. Provide payroll backup and training support
       1. Provide backup to payroll activities relating to student, classified, academic staff and
          faculty appointments.

       2. Assist in training of payroll time and labor and absence management recordkeeping
          in Human Resources System (HRS)

       3. Attend seminars, training sessions, and comprehend policy statements to keep
          abreast of changes in appointment and payroll procedures. Disseminate information
          to faculty and staff as necessary.

10% D. Other duties
       1. Respond to verbal and written inquiries, in keeping with University policy and
          procedure, from the Federal Government, other State agencies, credit bureaus,

                                                                                          September 28, 2012
            banks, corporations, etc. regarding employment data for current and past

       2. Assist in other Human Resources projects and assignments as needed.
                                 ESSENTIAL KNOWLEDGE AND ABILITIES

      Considerable knowledge of benefits plans such as: Health, Life, ICI, Dental Plans, and
       Program Savings i.e. TSA's, Deferred Compensation, and ERA's.
      Comprehensive analytical and research skills.
      Comprehensive knowledge of data processing concepts and principles.
      Excellent problem solving and issue resolution skills and aptitude.
      Excellent written, oral and presentation skills.
      Excellent organizational skills and ability to transfer quickly between tasks.
      Ability to apply general accounting and auditing principles.
      Ability to provide excellent customer service and follow through on problem resolution.
      Ability to present information, which may be complicated in nature, in a clear and
       concise manner.
      Ability to interpret and apply applicable federal and state laws; as well as state, UW
       System and campus policies, statutes, procedures, and regulations.
      Ability to use a computer for extended periods of time.




      Experience working in a specialized human resources area such as payroll processing or
       benefits administration
      Experience in spreadsheet preparation using Excel
      Sensitivity to, or experience in, working with a diverse, multicultural population.


      Experience with Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS)
      Experience in state and university benefit insurances plans or related complex benefits

                                                                                        September 28, 2012

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