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									                CULLOMPTON DETACHMENT
                   Training programme
          06/09/12             11/09/12        13/09/12           18/09/12            20/09/12             25/09/12             27/09/12             02/10/12            04/10/12         09/10/12
          Cpl Cross            Cpl Shepperd     Sgt Scott        Cpl Attwood         Cpl Richards          L/Cpl Dunn         L/Cpl Mulligan           L/Cpl            Cpl Hickey        Cpl Cross
Basics    Creating a map                        Position of      Introduction to         AMEGA           Camouflage and                                                 History of the     The country
                                              ease, easy and            the                               concealment         Heartstart first aid   Heartstart first        ACF              code
                                   S             attention       marksmanship                                                      course             aid course
 1 Star    Camp De-brief                      Movement with            ACF          Open and close       Duties of a sentry   Heartstart first aid   Heartstart first     Campcraft       About turn in
                                   O           and without a    organisation at         order                                      course             aid course                           quick time
                                   R                rifle          county level
 2 Star    Camp De-brief
                                   T          Introduction to   Conversion of a       Route Cards              Section                                                     Section       Aiming off and
                                                lightweight     grid to magnetic                          formations and         Lecturettes          Lecturettes        Organisation      miss drills
                                   S              compass            bearing                                field signals
 3 Star    Camp De-brief                         Method of          Method of        Drill Instruction         Orders                                                     Teaching          Teaching
                                                instruction        Instruction                                                   Lecturettes          Lecturettes         Practices         Practices

 Basics   Following a simple                    PAMVICKS         Turning at the     Care and types of     Basha building      Heartstart first aid   Heartstart first   Marching and     Badges of rank
                 map                                                  halt                map                                      course             aid course          halting
 1 Star    Camp De-brief           P          Saluting on the   The Grid system     Map scales and         Identifying        Heartstart first aid   Heartstart first     Elementary      Field cooking
                                   O              march             and grid          measuring          sounds at night           course             aid course           Obstacle
                                                                  references           distance                                                                            crossing
 2 Star    Camp De-brief           R          Setting a map       Relief and         2* Map and             Fire and                                   Teaching         Aims and types   Marking time in
                                   T          with a compass    vertical interval    compass test          movement           Teaching practices       practices           of patrol      quick time
                                   S                                                                        practice
 3 Star    Camp De-brief                        Method of         Method of             Teaching         Playing the role                              Teaching           Teaching          Teaching
                                                instruction       Instruction           Practices            of an IC         Teaching practices       practices          Practices         Practices

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