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									           Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
                    ECE 601 : Linear Systems

Description: Analysis of dynamic linear systems using time and frequency
domain representations followed by state space models. Linkages among
these analytic techniques are developed and provide the systems background
needed for subsequent studies in communications and control.

Instructor’s Lecture Notes

Reference Text: Linear Systems and Signals, B.P.Lathi, Oxford, 2nd Edition


(I) Analog Signals:
       periodic and aperiodic; power & energy signals;
       probe signals: impulse, complex sinusoids
       operations : time shift , scaling, reflection
       orthogonal expansions                                       1 week

(II)Terminal Description of Systems
       linearity, time-invariance,; superposition., convolution integrals
       impulse response; causality, stability
       sinusoidal response; system function;                         2 weeks

(III) Fourier Transform
        properties: convolution, symmetry, scaling
        time-frequency linkage, Parseval theorem
        Fourier series; Poisson sum formula
        sampled signals, Shannon sampling theorem                  2 weeks

(IV) Discrete-Time Signals and Systems
       discrete-time probe signals: Kronecker delta, sampled complex sinusoid
       impulse and sinusoidal responses; convolution
       discrete Fourier series & FFT
       z transforms ,difference equations; transfer functions    2weeks

(V) State Variables in Continuous-Time Systems
       state variable modeling & simulation diagrams; canonic forms
       state variable transformations; Jordan normal form        1 week

(VI) Solution of State Equations for LTIV Systems
       the transition matrix; matrix exponential
       eigenvalues and eigenvectors; stability
       Laplace transform solution; the resolvent matrix;
       transfer function , poles and eigenvalues                 2 weeks

(VII) State Variables in Discrete –Time Systems
        a replay of (V) and (VI) for discrete –time systems with z transforms
        replacing Laplace transforms
        observability and controllability                         2 weeks

Ground Rules

       (1) Homework to be assigned every week and due the following week;
          Solutions will be distributed at that time.
       (2) Two equally-weighted exams : mid-term and final.
       (3) Semester grade .based on exam grades; borderline cases decided on
           basis of submitted HW

Honor Code
      The NJIT honor code will be upheld and any violations will be brought
      to the immediate attention of the Dean of Students.

Professor R.A.Haddad

Room 307, ECEC
973 596 3536

Office Hours
 Tues 1:45-3:00 PM; Thur 1:00-3:15 PMPM
 Or by email appointment

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