Quest Photo-journalism Class by o9S16v4


									Quest Photo-journalism
       By Clare C.
 A Basketball AND Baseball
      Legend is Born
    Bob Arnzen was       • Bob went to
born at St. Buth           elementary school at
hospital in Covington,     St. Thomas in Ft.
Kentucky. He is the        Thomas Kentucky. For
oldest of seven            high school he went to
children.                  St. X, and for college
                           he went to Notre
         He shoots, He scores!
• When Bob went to St.X
  he realized he was
  really good at sports,
  especially baseball
  and basketball. He
  was a baseball
  pitcher, and in
  basketball he played
                           Bob’s basketball position was forward.
Playing with the pros
           • Eventually, Bob went on to
             play pro. From 1969 to 1973
             he played baseball with the
             Expos in the AAA league.
             From 69 to 70 he played with
             the ABA Nets. Then he
             played with the NBA Royals
             from 70-71, he he got cut
             from the Royals. Then came
             his greatest achievement:
             After being cut he came
             home and was able to play
             with the Pacers, where he
             played with them for two
      Take me out to the ball
• When asked what         • After pitching to all
  sport he’s “better at     of those greats how
  baseball.” He should      can you pick a
  be. He’s pitched to       favorite? Bob can:
  Ken Griffey Sr.,          Bo Jackson. His
  Danny Drissen, and        favorite coach? “It’s
  Chief Youngblood.         either Dick Bering or
                            Barney Buechters.”
             Life After Sports
• After playing with the Pacers, Bob went back to
  college. Then, he opened the Pub in 1977 with his
  friend Mickey Follger. He still owns the Pub now.
  He has four children. His best advice to young
  athletes is to “care about each other. Try to make
  everyone better and fit in. Work together. Keep
  going and never give up. Find something you enjoy
  and work at it.”

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