Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education
                                                            Task F
 The Task F Leadership format is based on the Kentucky Teacher Internship Program. It has been modified for application to teacher
 Task Overview: Identify a project you can initiate and implement (or take a leadership role in an existing project)
 during your course that will demonstrate your ability to provide professional leadership as a teacher. The leadership
 project supports IECE KTS 10, provides leadership within school/community/profession.

                              GUIDELINES FOR COMPLETING THE TPA TASK F
Teacher leaders are accomplished teachers who inspire children and families to learn and achieve and
who serve as change agents for excellence in the educational setting within the community.
With your course instructor or cooperating teacher, brainstorm possible projects, and then identify a project you
can initiate and implement during your course that will demonstrate your ability to provide leadership as a
teacher and professional beyond your classroom setting. Your project should go outside your normal
responsibilities. The specific project you choose should give you the best opportunity possible to demonstrate
that as a professional, you can contribute meaningfully in a group effort that results in a contribution to
children’s learning, family involvement, and/or the professional environment of the program.
The project may be one where you:
    Work with your colleagues on a program to improve learning opportunities for children in your setting.
    Involve caregivers, members of the school community, or agencies in efforts to improve learning
       conditions or remove barriers to learning.
    Participate in appropriate Grade-level/Department-level/Team-level planning.
    Take a leadership role on a task force or committee.
    Implement improvement within the program.
    Develop and implement and/or facilitate strategies for families/caregivers to become active participants
       in child learning.
    Organize, implement, and facilitate strategies for community involvement.
    Plan and implement with colleagues a Professional Development activity.
As you embark on this task, consider processes or activities that would benefit from a change, such as:
     Portfolio collection
     Use of technology in analyzing test data
     Field trip planning
     Differentiated instructional practices
     PD sessions for new technology
     PD sessions for children’s use of technology
     Parent reading nights
     Health fairs
     Career day
     Internet safety
     Community Development Screening
The leadership project is not:
     An opportunity to assign the student teacher a task that is too cumbersome for one teacher, someone’s pet project,
        or one that no other teacher will tackle.
     Coaching. Sports are important, but KTIP is an assessment of a teacher’s classroom/school performance focused
        on students’ academic achievement.
     A seat as a department chair or SBDM member or committee chair.
     An exact repeat of what has already been implemented within the classroom, school, or district.

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