CFCN - Code of Professional Conduct by o9S16v4


									                     CFCN1 - Code of Professional Conduct

This code is based on the Constitution for CFCN. It must be adhered to by
any member of CFCN when representing CFCN officially – for example, in
meetings with partner organisations,2 in committee meetings and when
speaking on behalf of CFCN, e.g. in Fostering training events or support

All committee members will have a copy of the Constitution for CFCN upon
which this Code is based. Any CFCN business must be conducted in line with
the Constitution.

CFCN members commit themselves individually and as a group to behaving
professionally in informal and formal conversations and meetings when
representing CFCN. CFCN will expect the same level of professional service
from partner organisations.

All agreements between CFCN and partner organisations must be SMART
targeted (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-boundaried) and
must be mutually agreed by both or all parties involved in the agreement.

CFCN will not intentionally bring other partner organisations into disrepute
and asks other organisations to do the same.

The Chair of CFCN committee is responsible for ensuring that any decision
made at CFCN committee meetings is in line with the Objectives of the
network, as laid out in the Constitution. Decisions taken by committee must
be voted on and the level of assent/dissent recorded in the minutes of the

Discussions between CFCN and partner organisations will remain confidential
to members of CFCN (I.e. Foster Carers for Cornwall Local Authority) and
partner organisations. With specific relevance to CFCN’s partnership with CCC
SSD3, this relates to employees and relevant elected members.             The
involvement of elected members in discussion with CFCN must be
constitutional – that is, it must be in order to support rather than distract
from the Objects of the Association.

Communications to the Press regarding CFCN or CFCN’s view on partner
organisations will be made only by a 2/3-majority vote by elected Committee
members and with the knowledge of and discussion with any other partner
organisation to which the communication refers.

  Cornwall Foster Care Network
  The term ‘Partner organisation’ includes, but is not necessarily exclusive to, Cornwall County
Council Social Services – Children’s Services Department.
  Cornwall County Council Social Services Department

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