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									The Southeast
Region of the
United States
West Virginia,
North Carolina,
South Carolina,
       Everglades National Park, Florida
• A vast covers the
  southern tip of Florida.
  It is known as the
• A swamp is a low area
  of land that is covered
  by water at least part of
  the year.

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• More than 300 kinds of
  birds live in the
• Alligators, crocodiles,
  turtles, snakes, and
  otters live in the park as
• Manatees also live in
  the Everglades
        Everglades National Park, Florida
    Swamp: Low area of land that
    is covered by water at least
    part of the year

    Hurricane: A dangerous storm
    with heavy rains and high
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of the beautiful Everglades
• Florida is in a part of
  the United States call    climate
  the Sun Belt. The Sun
  Belt stretches across
  the country from
  Florida to California.
  States in the Sun Belt
  have a mild climate all
  year long. A mild
  climate means that it
  is usually warm and
  sunny there.
• Florida’s sunny climate makes
  it a popular place to visit.
  People from all over the world
  travel to Florida for vacations.
• People who travel for fun are
  called tourists.
• About 40 million tourists visit
  Florida every year. Some come
  to enjoy the sunshine and
  beach. Others come to visit
  places like Disney World.
        John F. Kennedy Space Center
        at Cape Canaveral, Florida
                                            Home of the space shuttle
                                            Alan Shepard was
                                            launched into space from
                                            Cape Canaveral. He was
                                            the first American in

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Jamestown was the        Jamestown, Virginia:
first permanent
English settlement in
                        England’s First American
America.                        Colony

Most of the settlers
died because of
mosquitoes and
swampy land.

Tobacco helped the
colony make money.

Ancestor: a relative
who lived long ago
      A Coal Mine in Appalachia
• Minerals: Natural substances found in rocks
• Strip mines: Places where minerals are
  scraped from the surface of the ground.
        Bluegrass Music Festival
• It is the traditional music
  of Appalachia. It is
  played on banjos,
  guitars, and fiddles.

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                                bluegrass music
    Musical Memphis, Tennessee
• Memphis is the center of the Mississippi Delta
• Stretches from Kentucky and Arkansas to the
  mouth of the Mississippi River
    Musical Memphis, Tennessee
• The soil is very fertile and good for farming.
  Slaves worked the farms and much of the land
  was used for cotton farming.
• Slave led a hard life and they would sing about
  their sorrows. These songs are known as the

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 The French Quarter in
     New Orleans,
• New Orleans is the largest   Click to
  city in Louisiana            hear a
• It is an important port,     Band
  where ships load and
  unload their goods.
• Birthplace of jazz and
  cajun food.
• Bayou: a stream that flows
  through a swamp.
      Dixieland Jazz
• Dixieland Jazz has brass
  instruments like the
  trumpet and trombone.
• Louis Armstrong is
  probably one of the best
  known trumpet players of
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                             hear a
   The French Quarter in
       New Orleans,
• Louisiana’s nickname is
  the Bayou State
• Cajun food is hot and spicy
• Cajun Music is very           Click to
  popular too.                  hear
              Mississippi River
• The Mississippi river
  effects our
• Delta: a triangle-
  shaped area of land
  at the end of a river.
                Mississippi River

• The
  river flows
  from north
  to the Gulf
  of Mexico.
   An Oil Rig in the
   Gulf of Mexico
• Petroleum: A thick, black,
  oily liquid found
• Petrochemicals:
  Chemicals made from oil,
  used to make plastics and
• Oil spills can be very
  serious to our earth
An Oil Rig in the
Gulf of Mexico
• Maps of oil rigs in
  the Gulf of
   A Cotton Plantation in Natchez,
• Plantation: A
  large farm
• Slaves worked the
  the land, and had
  no rights.

• President
  Abraham Lincoln
  believed slavery
  was wrong.
   Civil War
• More than
  600,000 people
  died in the Civil
• Many plantations
  were burned and
  many lost their
  lives, yet Slavery
  was ended
 Montgomery, Alabama: Birthplace
  of the Civil Rights Movement
• Segregation:
  Separation of people
  because of race.
• Civil Rights Memorial
  honors 40 American
  soldiers who were
  killed during the civil
  rights movement
         Civil Rights Movement
• The civil rights movement began as a struggle
  to end segregation.
• It started in Montgomery in 1955.
• That year, a preacher named Martin Luther
  King, Jr. led a protest against segregation on
  buses, and blacks refused to ride buses until
  they were treated the same as whites.
Dr. Martin Luther
     King Jr.
• Was an important
  American who
  fought with is words
  and ideas against
  segregation. He
  wanted equal rights
  for all people.

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