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					                                        Unit 1: Middle East

                              Unit Questions:
     1. What are the distinct legacies of Egypt and Mesopotamia? What
                    do these civilizations have in common?
      2. What are the distinct legacies of Judaism and Islam? What do
                       these religions have in common?
          3. How did the Middle East become the way it is today?
      4. How did geography and the Middle Eastern civilizations impact
                                  one another?

All homework is due at the next class unless specified otherwise, even if
you are absent the day it is assigned. If you are absent for a homework
             check, it must be made up within one week.
                                            Wednesday, January 6                  Friday, January 8
                                      Course Expectations (see above     Activity: Early Humans and the
                                           for link)                          Rise of Civilization
                                           Text Distribution                  (PDF version) - you are
                                      Introductory activity                   responsible for printing this
                                      HW: Cover textbook. Register for        information.
                                           the online textbook           Tips for Taking Notes Notes (see
                                                                              above for link)
                                                                         Student Information Sheet
                                                                         HW: Read Ch. 2, Sect 3
                                                                              (Kingdom on the Nile)
       Monday, January 11               Wednesday, January 13                    Friday, January 15
HW Check #1: Ch. 2, Sect. 3                 (Late Start Day)             Egypt timeline activity      , cont.
Activity: Civilization                HW Check #2: Ch. 2, Sect. 4        Discussion of Egypt
Slideshow: The Pyramids               Egypt timeline activity            Video: Out of Egypt
Slideshow: Art of Ancient                                                HW: Read Ch. 2, Sect. 1 (City-
    Egypt                                                                     States of Ancient Sumer)
HW: Read Ch. 2, Sect. 4
    (Egyptian Civilization)
       Monday, January 18                 Wednesday, January 20               Friday, January 22
      MLK Day – no school             HW Check #3: Ch. 2, Sect. 1     HW Check #4: Ch. 2, Sect. 2
                                      Comparison of Egypt &           Discussion and activity:
                                         Mesopotamia                      Hammurabi’s Code
                                      HW: Read Ch. 2, Sect. 2 ONLY
                                         THROUGH P. 40 (Invaders,
                                         Traders and Empire Builders)

       Monday, January 25                 Wednesday, January 27                   Friday, January 29
Activity: The Rise of                 HW Check #5: Ch. 10, Sect. 1       HW Check #6: Ch. 10, Sects. 2 &
    Judaism         (PDF version) -   Video: Islam                           5
    you are responsible for           Discussion of Islam                Islamic & Ottoman Empires
    printing this information.        HW: Read Ch. 10, Sect. 2               (PDF version)
HW: Read Ch. 10, Sect. 1 (The             (Building a Muslim Empire)     Comparison of Judaism & Islam
    Rise of Islam)                        and Ch. 10, Sect. 5 ONLY       HW: Study Middle East Timeline
                                          THROUGH P. 332. (The               for quiz.
                                          Ottoman Empire).
      Monday, February 1                   Wednesday, February 3                Friday, February 5
Quiz: Middle East Timeline                     (Late Start Day)          Test #1: Middle East (Essay)
Discussion of test essay question     Test #1: Middle East (Scantron     Discussion of Test #1 Scantron
The End of the Ottoman                    portion only)                     portion
    Empire      (PDF version)
    HW: Study for Test #1

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